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Compact Reflow-Soldering System


Compact Reflow-Soldering System

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									      Manual Screen / Stencil Printer
           Simple and Accurate

Adjustable                                    Versatile
X.Y and Rotation – locking screw              For framed screens or stencils as well as
adjustments. Height above table also easily   unframed stencils when used together with
adjustable at the hinge end and by            Stencil Frame (as shown).
repositionable stops at front.

Robust                                        Convenient
Strong stainless steel and aluminium          Printing Frame supported by Gas Spring.
construction. Rubber Squeegee – ideal for     Supplied complete with Mounting Plate,
first time users.                             Squeegee and Palette Knife.

Production Equipment & Consumables for the Electronics Industry
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                All you need for Precison Results

Printing Solder Paste unto
Printed Circuit Boards prior to
placing Surface Mount
Components is an efficient and
widely used practice.
Even when small batch sizes are
involved, the easy setting up of
the printer ensures that full
advantage can be taken of this
quick and accurate method of
Solder Paste application.
For one offs, or just a few
boards, the cost of a screen or       A series of round
stencil may be uneconomical.          holes at the top and bottom
For such applications ‘instant’       of stencils is used to locate and                                  530.13
stencils can be used. Made from       tension them in the frame. Very
                                                                                                 Stencil Frame
0.25mm thick polyester film the       small and stencils up to 360 x
pad pattern can be produced by        440 mm can be accommodated
drilling through a spare PCB or       by the movable cross bars of the
1:1 photocopy. Choosing               frame.
different drill sizes results in      The easiest way to have the
different dot sizes of solder paste   location holes produced in metal
being deposited.                      stencils is by the stencil
Whether using metal or polyester      manufacturers. For converting
stencils the expense of having        existing stencils or making them        Technical Details 530.03
each one mounted in an                in house the Hole Punch                 Printer
individual frame can be avoided       530.13.1 can be useful.                 Length:             735 mm
by using the Stencil Frame                                                    Width:              551 mm
530.13.                               Locating Printed Curcuit Boards         Height:             160 mm
                                      is best done by locating pins let       Weight:              10 kg
                                      into a sub mounting plate. Such         Max Frame Size: 630x430x30mm
                                      a plate is included in the printer      Suitable for pad pitch spacings of
                                      kit. Mounting plates can be             0.5 mm.
 Hole Punch                           attached to the adjustable
 530.13.1                             machine table by 2 to 4 small           Technical Details 530.13
                                      pieces of thin double sided tape,       Stencil Frame
                                      thus allowing for repositioning or      Length:            630 mm
                                      replacement.                            Width:             430 mm
                                                                              Height:             30 mm
                                      One way of making fine                  Weight:             5 kg
                                      alignment of a PCB to the
                                      sccreen or stencil is to tape a
                                      sheet of clear plastic foil (such as    Technical Details 530.13.1
                                      a document wallet) over the PCB         Hole Punch
                                      and across the outer frame of the       Suitable for metal or polyester
                                      printer. The first print deposit will   stencils.
                                      then be on the foil, allowing
                                      precise adjustment of the table
                                      under the stationary print image        Technical Details 530.13-E01
                                      without having to clean Solder          Polyester Stencils
                                      Paste off the PCB.                      Pack of 4 0.25mm thick Polyester
                                                                              sheets 360 x 440 mm.

             For laboratory use and low volume production
                                                     530.03 Screen and Stencil Printer
        Benz Ltd, Tel 0845 1700 123, Fax 0845 3900 123, email,

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