Blockbuster Global Exchange Of Stock Options Personalized Statement - BLOCKBUSTER INC - 11-9-2004

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Blockbuster Global Exchange of Stock Options Personalized Statement

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Anytown Street TX 75201


This statement shows the number of outstanding Blockbuster Inc. stock options you are eligible to exchange in return for cash. You should also review the booklet contained on the CD in this package as well as the Offer to Exchange for detailed information about this exchange offer.

Please review this statement carefully. If you believe any of the information is incorrect or if you have questions, please contact EquiServe at 1-800-726-7438 or email to . To contact EquiServe, you must first dial your Blockbuster IVR International Access Code if calling from outside the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico or the Virgin Islands. The international access codes for other countries are Argentina (0-800-555-4288 or 0-800-222-1288), Australia (1-800-881-011 or 1-800-551-155), Chile (800-225-288), Denmark (8001-0010), Ireland (1-800-550-000), Italy (800-172-444), Mexico (01-800-288-2872), Spain (900-9900-11), Taiwan (0080-10288-0), Uruguay (000-410) and UK (0500-89-0011 or 0800-013-011). Contact your local Human Resources representative if you need more information on country codes. You may also find information on the EquiServe exchange web site at

Your Stock Option Account Information
   Amount of Cash Number of Outstanding Stock Exercise Price Grant Date                          US$XX.XX    US$XX.XX    US$XX.XX    US$XX.XX    Cash Payment Options Eligible for Exchange Per Option                     You Will Receive if You Choose to Exchange                    





If you choose to exchange your options for cash, you must exchange all of your eligible options subject to the terms and conditions set forth in the Offer to Exchange . You cannot exchange only a portion. To make your election, please refer to the Election Form included with this package. You have three ways to record your election, so review this information carefully before proceeding.

The benefits shown in this statement are provided to help you make your decision whether to exchange outstanding stock options granted under the Blockbuster Inc. 1999 Long-Term Management Incentive Plan for cash. This is a one-time offer. If you accept this exchange offer, you will not be able to revoke it after the exchange period expires.

By necessity, the benefits shown in this statement are prepared from Blockbuster Inc. records based on information in our files and are subject to corrections. It does not reflect any change in the condition of your employment after this statement was prepared.

Efforts have been made to ensure the accuracy of the information contained in this statement. However, if there is a conflict or a difference between what is shown here regarding Your Stock Option Account Information and the information contained in your option agreement(s), the information contained in your option agreement(s) (as adjusted to reflect the recent payment by Blockbuster Inc. of the special dividend) will govern.