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					Big Bazaar
Making it BIGGER!!

Scope of the presentation
 International Learning
The Tesco Case study

 Big Bazaar
Current Perspective Brand Platform Possibilities Emerging Route Creatives Taking it forward to promotions Extending it to Private Labels

A Case Study

Fact File
 Founded in 1924 – Sir Jack Cohen  Operates 2,291 stores around the world and employs 2,96,000 people  is the largest grocery e-tailer in the world and achived a profit of £12m in „03.  Tesco personal finance, established in „97, has over 3.4 mn customer accounts and 15 products and services. It achieved profits of £96m in 2003.  Operates in 11 countries outside its domestic base (UK). It is profitable in all but two (Malaysia and Taiwan) and market leader in four.

Tesco‟s Initial Philosophy
 Survived on the philosophy of “Pile it high and sell it cheap”. “The greater the volume of goods, the bigger the discount they could offer” “The more a single company sells of a certain product, the fatter its profits are”  Over focussed therefore on volumes & price

The Beginning of a Problem
 The discounts offered were never enough for the priceconscious buyers  Tesco therefore ended up being seen as a store that fought on price ignoring quality Which translated into the buyers flocking to Tesco for only the very basic grocery purchases People did not believe that they could trust the store to provide them with the more expensive and sophisticated lines  The store was therefore stuck in the middle - not being able to cater to the price conscious buyer (lower class) nor the quality seeker (upper class).

Creating The Solution
 The solution lay in therefore Getting in a consumer focus – and allowing that to be the guiding force for the store Handling quality issues Appealing to the consumers at an emotional level & creating a hook  Tesco decided to use it‟s stuck in the middle status to it‟s advantage – have something for everyone/every need
 “The company has the unique ability to be all things to all people.”  “Its possible to go into a Tesco and budget shop or prepare for an upscale dinner party.”

A Changed Perspective

A Change of Image
 The objectives: To persuade non–shoppers to reconsider Tesco by presenting it as a credible alternative to any other store. Everything they could find at for eg. Sainsbury‟s they could buy at Tesco – and it would be just as good quality. To make people want to shop at Tesco - on an emotional level – they had to be happy to be seen carrying a Tesco bag. Build a more positive identity for the brand.

The Solution – Phase I
 The first campaign - „Quest for Quality‟ (a total of 18 executions), which ran from „90 – „92.  It adopted an unusual (at that time) light–hearted approach.  The ads starred Dudley Moore as a Tesco buyer who searched the world for an elusive flock of French free– range chickens, en route discovering other surprisingly high–quality products at Tesco‟s.  The products showcased were chosen to demonstrate Tesco‟s new–found quality consciousness.  The products showcased were not too exotic – but those that appealed to the aspirant taste buds of the average Brit

The Results
 The key message was understood and people believed that Tesco was improving its quality.  Consumers started believing that Tesco strives to provide the consumer with the best quality and most interesting variety of products.

A step ahead
Taking quality ahead to consumer delight

The Bigger Picture
 Having achieved significant improvements in product and store quality, Tesco embarked on a newer, bigger strategy.  They understood that Shopping is much more than just the final action of purchase- it is the whole process that mattered – and none of their competitors were making any serious attempts to improve the whole experience of shopping.  Tesco capitalised on this by launching 114 new initiatives

The Solution – Phase II
 Focus: Converting the entire chore of shopping into an experience.  The insight: Whilst not everything in life goes perfectly, Tesco does their best to make at least one aspect – doing the shopping – a little easier.  The new line: „Every Little Helps‟ Used across all executions to capture Tesco‟s new consumer–oriented philosophy of always „doing right by the customer‟

The Solution – Phase II
 Created the character- Dotty Turnbull “Dotty” was the archetypal „old bag‟, that consumers could connect with.  The new campaign centered on Dotty who regards each of Tesco‟s initiatives as an opportunity to put the store to the test  The campaign had a total of 25 executions – each focusing on one particular initiative.  In testing the store to the limit, Dotty gives Tesco and, importantly, its staff, an opportunity to shine

Carrying it Forward
 Every Little Helps – became the mantra for the entire store. Being carried forward to: Promotions Product Service A guiding philosophy for mgt & service staff

Every Little Helps Promotions

 The objectives: To communicate value in the offers To be able to stir secondary shoppers. Should not displace 'Dotty' as Tesco's primary advertising property  The solution: Develop a separate campaign. That could borrow the more helpful aspects of the genre (clarity and urgency of the offer - 'Don't miss out on this amazing offer at Tesco„). And at the same time, enhance, rather than feed off, the Tesco brand. An execution that could tonally, sit comfortably with the humour of 'Dotty'. While suggesting quality, rather than desperation.

Promotions The creative idea: Showcase offers so good that they were causing a stir among other products in store. Literally. The products on offer were brought to life – and their pleasure at being reduced was so infectious that it animated other products around it – which couldn't quite believe that such good products were on offer. The executions carried Tesco's red, white and blue livery and the familiar 'Every little helps„ endline - to give a flavour of the campaign

Every Little Helps

Every Little Helps Promotions

The half–price lamb execution features a wooden spatula standing on its shelf, telling another spatula the news that 'there's 50% off a whole leg of lamb this week'. The second spatula doesn't believe him and tells him he'd better check his sources. Overhearing, a lovely bottle of mint sauce pipes up: 'He's right you know. 50% off'

Every Little Helps
At A Product Level
 Launched in house-brand goods differentiated either by price or quality:  The Value brand - lines that form the core part of a shopping trip everyday essentials. Basics that need no enhancement from a brand name or image – those that are bought purely for what they are and what they deliver.Value now has almost 1200 SKUs – including both food & non food items such as film, household goods and even clothing.  The Finest label on the other hand caters more to the upper class & has over 800 products including chilled ready meals, bakery, sandwiches, freshly cut flowers and alcohol such as wine and Scotch whisky  It also launched the Tesco Healthyliving range - which includes more than 400 products that are aimed at making healthy eating "completely effortless”  Has also introduced organic food products to satisfy upper-end shoppers  The company began to accelerate its construction of superstores,to allow for greater selection at lower prices

Every Little Helps
At A Service Level

 Customer orientation drove the entire store.  Service levels were beefed up. Tesco launched “firstclass service” followed by “one in front” becoming the first retailer to offer its customers a service commitment at the checkouts.  Introduced the first customer loyalty card, Club Card. Which offered benefits to regular shoppers whilst helping the company discover more about its customers' needs  New Customer services launched - grocery home shopping ( & Tesco Direct for catalogue shoppers  With the objective of catering to specific consumer needs Tesco developed new store concepts ie. Tesco Metro, Tesco Express & the Tesco Extra store.

Every Little Helps CRM  A card-based loyalty scheme that Tesco launched in

1995.  It took the concept of customer loyalty schemes to a new level – it gave Tesco an opportunity to learn more about its customers.  The short questionnaire that customers filled out when applying for the Clubcard made the link between them and their shopping basket.  It allowed Tesco to direct more personalised offers rather than the blanket mailing offers

Every Little Helps CRM  Tesco now knew which products customers were and

were not buying, where they were spending their time in the store, and where they were not.  Customers received vouchers for items they liked to buy and offers to explore parts of the store that they had not yet seen  Different lifestyle magazines were created for different customers, high-value customers got calls from the manager of the store, valet parking when they came to shop, and other special privileges

Every Little Helps CRM the interest of some customers in the Internet, Noting

Tesco started selling online, delivering products to the customer's door, by refrigerated truck, if necessary.  Through the company made sure that you got the same friendly look and feel that people get in physical stores.  Everything was made easy, customers can buy groceries, books, CDs, furniture, videos, etc as well as arrange personal finance.  Every time there is a transaction, the points mount up. And as the points accumulate, more relevant special offers and privileges are given.

Every Little Helps

 „Every Little Helps‟ has extended itself forward to a promise that it‟s staff live up to.  Employees find the campaign highly enjoyable…a campaign they can be proud of. It highlights how hard their job was & showed how far Tesco will go to please customers.  Staff were particularly pleased with the portrayal of themselves in the ads – real people trying to do their job well, not adland simpletons found in other store ads.  It gave them a sense of worth in relation to Tesco, acknowledged them as being important to Tesco‟s success and has given them responsibility to pursue this.

A Guiding Philosophy For The Staff

Every Little Helps

 The “Save Forests Drive”
The store wrote to celebrities including singers Dido, Annie Lennox and model Helena Christiansen - who all have their birthday on Christmas day - urging them to take their birthday and Christmas cards to their nearest Tesco store for recycling. Recycling bins will be in all 730 Tesco stores across the country between January 6 and February 2.

Covering Social Responsibility

Every Little Helps

Covering Social Responsibility

Saving refugees affected by the war on Afghanistan. Tesco will match whatever is spent in the store and donate the money to the Red Cross to help replace their supplies which were destroyed by the bombing. Tesco will also donate some of our lorries to help transport the humanitarian aid if the government promises to stop the bombing. You can help Tesco achieve this by phoning in at 0207 270 3000 and letting us know you support us.

The Flexibility of the Campaign
 The flexibility of the idea has been used across the board to help communicate service, promotions, quality, range, value for money, social initiatives and Clubcard, while remaining faithful to the core „Every Little Helps‟ philosophy

Tesco Today
 Has reported pre-tax profits of £1.6 billion for the year.  Sales rose by nearly 19 per cent to £33.6 billion.  The store now accounts for one pound of every eight spent in Britain's shops, & is roaring ahead of its rivals

Tesco Today
The Core - “Creating value for customers, to earn their lifetime loyalty.”

The 2 guiding values: No one tries harder for customers:Understand the customers better /Be energetic, be innovative and be first for customers/Use our strengths to deliver unbeatable value to our customers/Look after our people so they can look after our customers Treat people how we like to be treated: There's one team…The Tesco Team/Trust and respect each other/Strive to do our very best/Give support to each other and praise more than criticise/Ask more than tell and share knowledge so that it can be used/Enjoy work, celebrate success and learn from experience

Big Bazaar
Current Perspective

A reality check
 Perceived to be expensive by SEC B As compared to their current shopping options Large store and multi-department format  Perceived as a “Discount” store by SEC A They are comparing us with Shoppers Stop, supermarkets …

What do they have to say…
Experience and feelings

What Consumers Love About The Store
“There is something for my husband, my kid and me” “Superior quality at a reasonable price” kapde bhi reasonable hain…TShirts, trousers itne bhi mehenge nahin hain”
“Itna bada a/c shop, trolleys jisme apna samaan aur chote bacche dono sama jate hain, thakaan to zara bhi nahin hota”

“Khaali haath nahin lautenge!!!”

“Pahle baar dar laga…socha bahut expensive hoga. But reasonable Prices dekhe bahut khushi hui”

“Kya variety hain! Jo kahin bhi na mile idhar zaroor milega”

“Discounts are always on”

“We always get extra bags from Big Bazaar…gives a good impression to be seen with the bag”
All visitors-women

The key drivers
      Variety Image Experience Quality Value for money Promotions

Mapping Key Drivers against SEC
SEC A Value for Money SEC B Image Experience



Unifying approach for Brand Platform?
Value Contributors  Current SEC A presence at our store We need to have an even greater share of their wallet Cannot alienate/ignore Volume Contributors  SEC B  Get more into our fold  Get them to shop more often

The chosen platform has to appeal across SEC A & B

What will cut ice ?
      Variety Image Experience Quality Value for money Promotions

 Attribute generic to all multi-department outlets  Giant – selling on the same plank

What will cut ice ?
      Variety Image Experience Quality Value for Money Promotions

 Not the intended draw for SEC B, though it works  Does not cut ice with SEC A - derive image from stores like Lifestyle, Ebony, Globus etc.

What will cut ice ?
      Variety Image Experience Quality Value for money Promotions

 Appeal high amongst SEC B Introduction to a large store format which is not beyond reach  Is it sustainable over time?  SEC A have already been exposed to such formats Nothing new in it for them  Shopper Stop owns the “Experience” platform

What will cut ice ?
      Variety Image Experience Quality Value for money Promotions  Strong appeal Sense of trust SEC B is ready to overlook the price

Quality an asset

What will cut ice ?
      Variety Image Experience Quality Value for money Promotions

 Seen as reasonable when compared to the quality of goods

Connotes„Value for money‟

What else will cut ice ?
      Variety Image Value for money Experience Quality Promotions  Strong appeal amongst both segments Exciting Opportunity to save Derive better value for money

VFM, Quality & Promotions the key functional areas to leverage for the Brand Platform

Imperative for creation of long term Retail Brand
Differentiation and competitiveness via an emotional appeal Rooted, however, in Big Bazaar‟s discount store role

Laddering it up
The happiness of getting more Emotional

The excitement of getting better value

Better quality/More savings Functional Isse Sasta aur Acha Kahin nahi

Brand Map
Competitive Environment All large format retail outlets, provisional outlets like Apna Bazaars to Sahakari Bhandaar Brand Benefits Functional: Quality products at the best possible (VFM) prices Emotional: The happiness of having got the best deal Substantiators Schemes & offers all year through Various volume based schemes/offers Hygiene Factors Variety/good quality

Brand Personality
Exciting, active, unpredictable, refreshing

“The happiness of getting more”

Differentiator The emotional high of getting a great bargain every time you shop

Brand Identifier The Logo,

Target Consumer :Demographic: Shoppers and aware non-shoppers of Big Bazaar SEC A/B, Women, married 25 - 35 yrs old Psychographics: She‟s a family person who wants to be seen leading a modern life. She‟s a bargain seeker & savings while shopping simultaneously give her a sense of accomplishment, as well as excitement. As a homemaker with finite resources, she‟s forever trying to maximize the value of her pickings in a bid to maximize joys for her family.

Key Insight “It‟s only human to want more” - Shopping ka mazaa tabhi aata hain jab milti hai dher saari cheezein, bahut si variety, woh bhi itne kam daam mein.

The route …
The happiness of getting more….

 Communicates the functional essence of being a “Value Store”  Captures the spirit of shopping ie. Excitement & Happiness  Builds image  Unifying

2 Alternate scenarios
 Leaving – “Isse Sasta aur acha kahin nahi” – Behind  Keeping “Isse Sasta aur acha kahin nahi”

Scenario 1
 Leaving – “Isse Sasta aur acha kahin nahi” – Behind

Toh Kyon na ho Dil Khush

Zyada Khushi. Kam Daam

Isse Sasta aur Acha Kahin nahi

Scenario 2
 Keeping “Isse Sasta aur acha kahin nahi”

Toh Kyon na ho Dil Khush

Isse Sasta aur Acha Kahin nahi


Theme Press ad

In Store Panels

In Store Panels

In Store Panels

In Store Panels

In Store Panels

New Store Launch



In – Store offer posters

In – Store offer posters

In – Store offer posters

In – Store offer posters

Toh Kyon na ho dil khush Big Bazaar ke sang

Extending it to promotions…

School Jao Khushi Khushi
 Discounts on all school requirements like school bags, water bottles & lunchboxes.  Win a pencil case with every purchase worth Rs. 500 & above  Send us your experience of the “Best day that you had in school” – the most humorous one will get a free shopping trip worth Rs 1,000/ Lucky draw – shop for Rs 1,000 & above, drop in your kids name into our drop box – 10 lucky kids will get 30% off on an NIIT course  Shop for Rs 500 & above, drop in your kids painting the best painting will get sponsored for an art course.

Khushi ki barsaat
 “Discounts ki barish” – various discounts across the board  Special discounts on raincoats & umbrellas  Lucky Draw – On purchases worth Rs. 1000 & above – drop in your name into our drop box & you could be one of the 3 families to enjoy the rains in Goa.  Purchase goods worth Rs 500 – complete the slogan – I love the rains in Mumbai becoz… & win you own customized umbrella – get your friends & family photograph screen printed on it.  Steal a deal:  Each object will have their individual price-tags.  The consumer bargains on the MRP with the counter sales girl  The counter sales girl will be given a “lowest bargain” slip for each piece of merchandise.  The consumer who is able to match the best “low bargain” walks away with her goodies.

Happy Father‟s Day
 Get caught shopping with your Dad on Father‟s Day (20th June) & get a 20% discount on your total bill  Shop for Rs 500 & above - submit a picture if your Dad & you – the best pair – wins a complimentary dinner at Copper Chimney  Make purchases worth Rs 300 & above & fill in a line on what your Dad means to you & win tickets to the latest blockbuster movie.

Doston ke saath khushiyon manao
 Come shopping with your friends – “more the merrier” – shopping with one friend entitles you to a 10% discount/ 2 friends – 20% discount etc.on the total bill.  Every walk-in gets a free friendship band  A friend indeed – Make any purchase At Big Bazaar on friendship day & drop in your best friends name - she could win the lucky draw – A Car!!  Special treatment for you & your friend – make purchases worth Rs 500 & get a free massage, tattoos, horoscope etc.

Azaadi ke khushi mein
 Discounts on various categories over that weekend  A booklet of discounts across various eateries & other similar joints  Vote for your favourite freedom fighter – if your choice matches ours – get a coupon that entitles you to higher discounts  Walk in wearing colours of the tri-colour and win a free surprise gift  Fill in a slogan which says why you love India so much – the best entry wins a chance gets their entire shopping bill refunded

Raksha Bandhan
 Demarcate separate areas for gifts (Women‟s categories)  A customer can pick up anything from these demarcated areas as a gift at a discounted rate.

Khushiyan Navratri ki
 Celebrate the figure 9 – get discounts across the board (in multiples of 9) for the 9 days of Navratri.  Buy 9 items of any category & get the 10th one free eg. Buy 9 glasses & the 10th will be free, buy 9 clothing items from Fashion Bazaar & get the 10th one free.  Win passes to Falguni Pathak shows on purchase of Rs. 1000 & above.

Diwali hungama
Open for a longer duration Bumper discounts across the board A free set of 2 diyas on all purchases of Rs 300 & above Tie up with a mithaiwala – for all purchases worth Rs 1000 & above get a 40% discount on all the mithai purchased  Purchase goods worth Rs 500 & above, send us the recipe of your secret mithai & the best judged recipe gets a complete set of Sanjeev Kapoor‟s cook books  Diwali manao abroad – Win a lucky draw on purchases worth Rs 1,000.    

Bring Joy this Christmas
 Discounts across the board  Your special Christmas gift from Big Bazaar – on purchases worth Rs 1000 & above get a special surprise gift  Christmas Card Design Contest: An annual "design next year's Christmas card for us" contest for children. The Winners gets a gift voucher worth Rs 500.  A Christmas party at Big Bazaar Play games like dart etc – where in the figure you touch is equal to the discount that you get on your bill amount. Elves giving out balloons etc to little kids The in store Santa that gives out little tokens on Christmas.

Other In - Store Initiatives

Banto Khushiyan

Banto khushiyan
 Combi deals Buy groceries and provisions worth Rs. 1500 and you get 30% off on your kids clothes (minimum purchase of Rs. 1000) Buy clothes for your kids for Rs. 500 and you get a Kurta and duppata of your choice for 20% less  Family Value: Woman + kid deal (e.g.: Buy SKD worth Rs. 1200/- you get a 50% disc. on kids clothes) Woman + Man deal (e.g.: Buy SKD worth Rs. 1200/you get a 50% disc. on men‟s apparels)

Banto khushiyan
 Happy Hour 1hour a day – where all the offers/discounts get hiked up eg. Buy x & get Rs 10 off would become Rs 15 off  Complete the look Buy a saree get a matching blouse piece bindi at a discount Buy a kurta – get matching earrings free

Banto khushiyan
 Mystery Shopper One person everyday gets tagged the mystery shopper ie either the 100th person to walk through the door or the 1st person wearing all red – this person gets a 50% discount on the total bill.  Exchange Counter– all year round Applicable on clothes/shoes & utensils Get your old stuff & a get price off on the new

Banto khushiyan
 Apke kismat mein hai khushi Scratch card based You get 60 secs to run and pick up all the stuff you can and come back to the billing counter All that you pick up – you keep !

Banto khushiyan
 Win an assured gift: On purchase of worth Rs. 1000/- you can chose any of the ten items listed in the gift list & take it home as a free gift Can also be used to push categories that are not moving eg. Buy 3 trousers from Fashion Bazaar & take home any of the listed gifts  Auctions. Issue play money with all purchases made within a 3 – 6 month period. Customers bid on merchandise with their accumulated faux money.

Banto khushiyan
 Ladies Day  Kiddies Day

Extending it to CRM

Khushiyan hi khushiyan
 A Loyalty point program – where every purchase gets rewarded  The loyalty points collected get converted to a gift voucher every time they reach the 500 mark.  Each gift voucher is accompanied with another complimentary gift voucher worth Rs 100  Tracking of the consumer‟s shopping basket  Personalise offers based on the above  Surprise them on occasions like Birthdays & anniversaries wherein they can avail of special discounts/offers

Khushiyan hi khushiyan
 Form the Big Bazaar Club – based on an analysis of the the more revenue generating customers. Club members will be entitled special privileges like home delivery, previews for various promotions, higher discounts, discount booklet, previews to new products coming in store. Etc.

Khushiyan hi khushiyan
 Shh … Private Sale
 80% of sales comes from 20% of customers. Colorful postcards to your mailing list to announce a private sale just for them. Offer a special discount when they bring in the card. It‟s no mystery that you are one of our favorite customers. Shh … this special private sale is just for YOU.

Banto khushiyan har ek ke sang Social causes

Bato khushiyan har ek ke sang
 Khilone se khushi bate Set up a khilona drop box in your store and then donate it to one of the social firm working for underprivileged children. Send out plenty of press releases to local print and broadcast media. Can help the underprivileged, generate goodwill, and attract floor traffic to your store at the same time.  Purane kapade nayi khushiya Set up a old clothes drop box in your store and then donate it to one of the social firm working for elderly/orphan people.

Bato khushiyan har ek ke sang
 Supporting a charity
 Choose a charity to support. Each time a customer makes a purchase over a specified amount, make a donation to the charity in that customer's name.  Give the customer an ornament with his or her name on it to hang signifying the donation.

Fashion Bazaar
The onslaught of private labels

The Private Labels
Formal – Western – Men –Privilege Club –Knighthood –AFL

–Studio NYX

Casuals –DJ & C –Ruff n Tuff –CTee

Formal – Ethnic – Men –Shatranj

Kids/Pre - teens –Pink and Blue –Haute n Spicy

Western – Women –Shyla

Formals – Western – For Men

Knighthood – Corporate Gear for men
Rule your destiny

The Knighthood man
 He‟s an ambitious, go getter who strives to get to the top in a short span of time (26 – 30 yrs old) - he‟s confident of himself & knows he can make it. He wants to be known as a person who makes the right decisions & is conscious of the statements he makes. He‟s constantly taking care to make sure that he‟s saying the right things, seen at the right places & even wearing the right kind of clothing. He believes in working hard & partying harder.


 A planner free with every 2 Knighthood shirt.  Buy a Knighthood shirt & trouser – get a matching tie free  Buy 2 Knighthood shirts & have our fashion consultant give you free tips on “Dressing to make that impression.  Buy 2 Knighthood shirts & 2 Knighthood trousers & get a chance to complete the look ie get the tie,shoes & sunglasses free. All you have to do is fill in a coupon while purchasing.

Privilege Club – Formal Attire for men
For a chosen few

Privilege Club
 For the man who's arrived in life - he's at a senior mgt post ( 35+yrs old)- he interacts with the top guys & head honchos on a day-to-day basis, but has his feet firmly rooted on the ground. So though he goes for a round of Golf with his boss - he doesn't lose sight of the real life. Appreciates all the finer things life has to offer as much as the simple joys. Since he interacts with this higher strata of society he is more image conscious - he hasn't however forgotten the value of money & would not splurge needlessly.

Privilege Club

    With every 2 shirts get a pair of tie pins free With every 2 shirts get a pair of cuff links free With every 5 shirts purchased get a Parker set free. Lucky Draw: Buy a Privilege Club shirt, drop in your business card & win a year‟s subscription to “Autodrive”  Buy a Privilege Club shirt, drop in your business card & win Golf Accessories.


DJ & C
Sporty Casuals B Kewl

DJ & C
 He is the college dude (16 – 18yrs old) - not one of the loaded stud boys in his flashy cars- but the more downto-earth, friendly kinds. He is the hero of the college canteen, with a decent sized female fan following. Keeps track of the trends - he normally chooses his clothes from the factory outlets and/ or the export surplus stores. Looking good/being with the times is important to him but he doesn‟t splurge on the same. Flashy stuff to him is a total no-no. He doesn‟t show-off or strut his stuff, but chooses to make a silent statement

 Make purchases over Rs1000 & get a funky college bag free  Lucky Dip: Make purchases worth Rs 500 & win passes to the latest rock concert/movies  Drop in a card on “The coolest thing you ever did” – the one that we think is the coolest wins a hamper of DJ & C merchandise.  Discount coupons on Studio NYX for – cross promoting within brands  Special discounts for college kids – show us your college ID & get 20% off on DJ & C apparel  Sponsorship of college jam sessions

Ruff & Tuff
Stylish, rugged fits

TheHe works hard when he has to – but he enjoys all the Ruf n Tuf personality 

free time he gets (22 – 27 yrs old). He‟s playful & loves the outdoors. He likes playing a game a football/cricket on a Sunday morning.

• Discount coupon with every action movie CD • Buy Ruff n Tuff apparel worth Rs 1,000 & get free personalized T shirt with your favourite picture screen printed on it. • Karaoke – Be the best singer in store & get 20% off on Ruff n Tuff jeans • Free leather belt and wallet with purchases above Rs. 2000 • Free checked shirts with purchases above 2500 • Buy 1 get 1 free

C Tee
T – shirts
Speak your mind

C Tee
 In – Store Promotions:
Buy 3 t shirts & get a cap/sunglasses/bags/wallet/CD free Buy 2 T shirts & get a 20% discount On DJ & C apparels The “Back to College/school discount” – 20% off on Ctees in June “The Speak your mind contest” Buy 2 Ctees scribble your message on a form & win a lucky Jackpot (a bike) Buy C Tee worth Rs. 1,000 & get your message (related to a topical issue – Speak your mind) recorded on camera – the best message will be aired on Radio City

 On Ground activities: Maintain a presence (through a stall/through sponsorships) at various college fests like Malhar etc. Distribute leaflets at various college events – showing the new range of Ctees

Studio NYX
Party Gear

Skin for the Party animal

Studio NYX
 Smooth, suave & charismatic... (22 – 28 yrs old) these would be the best words to describe this man. When he enters the room, all heads turn. His mere presence brings the evening alive. He dresses to be noticed. He is a man who knows what he's got and flaunts it. Attention is his poison, and he loves every moment of it. An active night life (social life) brings out the best in him.

 Buy x amt of Studio NYX Apparel & win passes to the opening night at Athenas  Pub Crawl – FB personnel visit various pubs/discos - if your caught wearing Studio NYX apparel – win free jeans from DJ & C  Buy 2 Studio NYX shirts & get 20% off on Ray Ban eyewear  Buy 2 Studio NYX shirts & get a discount on Denim Cologne  Buy x amt of Studio NYX Apparel & win passes to all the latest glamorous events – Femina Miss India contest, Filmfare nite etc  Become a Model with Studio NYX - Buy x amt of Studio NYX Apparel submit your photograph & we‟ll help you be a model – we‟ll submit your photographs to all the model co - ordinators  Buy x amt of Studio NYX Apparel & get a discount on Acting/personality/dance classes

Ethnic wear for men
Fashion that reigns

 Heralding all the blue-blooded men. This is a line for the true royalty. Ethnic formal wear as it was meant to be in the days of old. The outfits that gave the kings & the nawabs the regal air, the self-assured look that they had. Now it could all be yours – that too at an affordable price. Who said then that royalty ran in the blood?

 Buy 2 sherwani‟s win the latest CD of ghazals  Buy x amt of Shatranj apparel & win passes to the Pankaj Udas‟s latest concert  Buy x amt of Shatranj & win a free glass chess board  Buy Shatranj apparel worth Rs. 1,000 & get a shawl/stole free  With every Sherwani purchased get a 20% discount on a kurta  “Mein shayar toh nahin” – drop in the shayari that you have written – the best 20 verses shayari gets 50% off on Shatranj apparel  Presence in Bridal/fashion show.

Everyday wear for women
It‟s a woman‟s world

 For the woman of today who has come out into her own. Unassuming but confident, smart but approachable, easy wear that recognises the woman and the different roles she plays each moment of her day. Recognizing the new woman (25 – 30 yrs old).

 Get accessorized – Buy Shyla apparel worth Rs. 1000 & get 20% off on all accessories.  Free Makeover – Buy any Shyla apparel, drop in your name & you could win a free makeover.  Buy Shyla apparel worth Rs 1500 & get a 30% discount coupon – valid at the nearest Lakme Parlour.  Tie up with Diamond jewelers – a lucky dip that entitles the Shyla customer to a solitare

Pink & Blue
Fun size:Large

Pink & Blue
Remember what you felt like to be a kid, all the freedom, all the fun, all the mischief,... and ooops all the mess. Here's a brand that celebrates what it means to be a kid. Fun clothing that recognises the rough and tumble life of a kid. For kids upto 10yrs old.

 Buy Pink & Blue apparel worth Rs.500 & get your favourite Disney toy free or a Happy Meal at Mc Donalds  Celebrate Disney Day at Fashion Bazaar – have all the Disney toons at the store – have a photographer in store – allow your kids to click pics with their favourite toon  Buy Pink & Blue worth Rs. 1000 submit your kids photograph & make him the Ubharta Sitara of the month – have his photograph plastered in store  Buy Pink & Blue Apparel worth Rs. 500 & get 2 free tickets to the latest children‟s film running.  Buy Pink & Blue Apparel worth Rs. 1000 & win a gift pack of 3 children‟s books.

Haute n Spicy
Clothing for girls
It‟s a gal thing

Haute n Spicy
 The world of the adolescent- a world of journey, discovery of the self and the world. The time when you question beliefs, contradict your parents and agree with whatever your friends say. So what if according to the gang rebellion is a way of life! And the world of the adolescent girl- the hushed whispers, the furtive looks, the crushes, the nudges and the winks. That is a whole new discovery again... ( for girls 10 – 12 yrs old).

 Buy apparel worth Rs 300/- get free funky jewellery & other accessories.  Buy apparel worth Rs 500/- get a free Dairy  Fashion Tips from our in house consultant

AFL – Apparel for less
Focus on the latest technology in clothing - More product focus

 He's the smart cookie in the lot ( 25 - 28yrs old) - he's aware of the happenings in the world. In touch with the times and the trends, he's the man on the move. Gadgets and technology fascinate him. He networks as hard as he works. More often than not, his day begins at 9 am at his office and ends catching up with his mates after work. His clothes have to work equally hard, giving him the suave corporate look when he wants and the playful edge when he desires.

Fashion Bazaar Press

Fashion Bazaar Press

Fashion Bazaar Press

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