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									    Get Comfortable                                         Winter 2007

Information on energy usage, conservation, rates and natural gas safety.

Hot tips for winter
There are many simple things you can do to        7. Control the flow
save energy and money at home – and help the      Use ceiling fans to push warm air down to
environment at the same time. Here are ten        where you need it.
hot tips:
                                                  8. Recycle heat when it’s hot
1. Save money overnight                           Run consecutive loads in your natural gas dryer
Turn your thermostat down                         to take advantage of accumulated heat.
to 20oC during the day and
17oC at night to reduce your                      9. Breathe easy
heating costs. Or install a                       Change or clean furnace filters as
programmable thermostat.                          recommended by the manufacturer during
                                                  heating season.
2. Seal off drafts and leaks
Seal any air leaks around windows, doors and      10. Tune up for peak performance
ceilings with caulking, weatherstripping or       A well-tuned furnace or boiler saves energy and
insulation.                                       money over time.
3. Repair leaky faucets                           For more energy
The smallest drip from a worn washer can          saving tips and ideas,
                    waste up to 720 litres        ask for the complete
                    of water every month.         Hot Tips guide. Call
                    That’s money and precious     1-888-224-2710 or visit
                    resources straight down
                    the drain.

4. Save heat, room by room
Instead of heating the whole house, use your
natural gas fireplace for zone heating. It puts
heat exactly where you need it most.

5. Upgrade your old log set
If you’ve got a gas log set in a masonry            In this issue...
fireplace, consider replacing it with an
efficient, natural gas insert. And be sure to       • Hot tips for winter      • You can’t see, taste or
                                                    • Natural gas — reliable     smell me
look for the EnerChoice logo for the highest
                                                      and reasonable           • Fireplace safety tips
efficiency rating.
                                                    • Get your appliances      • Smell gas? Act fast!
                                                      ready for winter
6. Trap heat inside                                 • Join the Terasen team
                                                                               • Cosy up to EnerChoice
Close the drapes when the sun goes down and
keep the heat in.

Natural gas – reliable and reasonable                                                                   Get your appliances ready for winter
Terasen Gas delivers natural gas to more            We make sure you get a reliable supply of           Regular cleaning, maintenance and inspection            experienced at inspecting and servicing
than 900,000 customers across BC. We don’t          natural gas at a reasonable price. We use           will keep your natural gas appliances working           all types of gas appliances for safe
explore for or produce natural gas. But we are      several strategies to do this:                      safely and reliably. Appliances that are well           operation.
the largest purchaser of natural gas in the                                                             looked after also perform at peak efficiency.         • Our Qualified Dealer network provides
province.                                            • Our extensive pipeline network allows us to
                                                                                                        Here are a few things to keep in mind:                  professional services from independent
                                                       buy gas from various sources – mainly from
Natural gas is a commodity traded on the open          northeastern BC and Alberta.                                                                             heating contractors throughout Vancouver
                                                                                                         • The manual that comes with each
market, like lumber or coffee. Terasen Gas does                                                                                                                 Island and the Sunshine Coast. For more
                                                     • Whenever possible, we lock in the price of          appliance is the best source of
                            not earn a profit                                                                                                                   information about Qualified Dealers in
                                                       gas through the use of contracts.                   maintenance and operating instructions.
                            on the price of the                                                                                                                 your community call
                                                     • We also purchase gas when prices are low          • Preventative maintenance is key. Choose
                            commodity. We                                                                                                                       1-866-442-4456 or
                                                       and put it in storage for use at a later date.      a gas contractor licensed by the BC Safety
                            buy gas on behalf                                                                                                                   check out the
                                                                                                           Authority to inspect and maintain your               full listing at
                            of our customers        The British Columbia Utilities Commission
                                                                                                           natural gas and propane appliances         
                            at the best possible    regulates Terasen Gas. This means the
                            price and pass that     Commission reviews and approves our rates,
                                                                                                         • Make sure the contractor you choose               Look after your gas appliances and they’ll keep
                            price on without        so the rates you pay are fair and competitive.
                                                                                                           employs a certified gasfitter who’s               you warm and comfortable all winter long.
                            mark up.                Visit to learn more about
                                                    natural gas rates.
                                                                                                        You can’t see,                                       Fireplace safety tips
  Join the Terasen team                                                                                 taste or smell me                                    On cold winter nights, it’s nice to cosy up by
                                                                                                                                                             the gas fireplace. Here are two things to keep
  Here at Terasen Gas, you’ll find the                                                                                                                       in mind for the safety of young children:
                                                                                                        Carbon monoxide (CO) is a colourless, odourless
  traditional dark suit is rarely seen – even
                                                                                                        gas. So it’s impossible to see, taste or smell the    1. Keep watch. Supervise young children
  at our head office in Surrey. We’re a
                                                                                                        toxic fumes if they’re in your home.                     carefully when they’re near a fireplace.
  progressive, flexible employer that
  recognizes the importance of work and play.                                                           At low levels of exposure, CO can cause                  The glass insert surrounding a natural
  And when you’re balancing a busy life, it’s                                                           symptoms often mistaken for the flu. These               gas fireplace heats up quickly and takes
  reassuring to know you’ll feel comfortable                                                            can include headaches, nausea, fatigue,                  approximately 45 minutes to cool down.
  at work.                                                                                              dizziness and disorientation. At higher levels,       2. Don’t touch. If you think your toddler may
                                                                                                        CO can be fatal. Yet the risk of CO poisoning            be tempted to touch the glass doors of a
  Consider a career at Terasen Gas. The work                                                                                                                     fireplace, invest in a safety guard. See your
                                                                                                        from natural gas appliances is extremely low.
  is challenging and interesting, and you’ll                                                                                                                     local hearth products retailer for details.
                                                                                                        Most times, poisoning comes from fires and
  enjoy great benefits and a competitive salary.
                                                                                                        car exhaust.                                         For more fireplace safety and maintenance tips,
  We promote from within the company,
  and help employees grow personally and                                                                While carbon monoxide alarms can provide             visit
  professionally.                                                                                       additional peace of mind, the best way to avoid
                                                                                                        CO from your appliances is through regular
  At Terasen Gas, we look for people to fill
  many roles. Some are engineers. Others
  are trades people, administrators and                                                                 If you think carbon monoxide may be present
  field operations staff. The 1,400 British                                                             in your home:
  Columbians we employ work and live
  in communities located throughout the                                                                  • Open all doors and windows.
  province.                                                                                              • Get fresh air immediately.
                                                                                                         • Get medical attention if needed.
  Terasen Gas delivers the natural gas that
                                                                                                         • Turn off any appliance you suspect isn’t
  warms your home, heats your water, and
                                                                                                           working right.
  cooks your dinner. It takes a talented and
  diverse workforce to do it reliably and safely.                                                        • Have a licensed gas contractor inspect your
  If you’re a team player who values honesty,                                                              appliances.
  integrity and respect, we invite you to visit                                                         Find more information about carbon monoxide
  our Careers page at                                                               and natural gas safety tips at

                             Smell gas? Act fast!
                             Natural gas smells bad for a good reason.                                            • Leave the building immediately, leaving the
                             We add a distinctive odour of rotten eggs or                                           door open and any already open windows.
                             sulphur. That way, if there’s ever a gas leak,                                       • Get to a nearby phone and call the
                             you’ll know. If you smell gas or hear the sound                                        Terasen Gas 24-hour Emergency Line at
                             of escaping gas:                                                                       1-800-663-9911, the fire department or 911.
                               • Don’t smoke, light matches, operate                                           We’ll respond quickly and never charge to
                                 electrical switches, use a cell or telephone or                               investigate a gas odour call. Your safety is
                                 create any other source of ignition.                                          always our first priority.

                                Cosy up to EnerChoice
                                If you like to cosy up to a natural gas fireplace on cold winter nights,
                                why not make sure it’s EnerChoice approved?
                                To be sure your new fireplace is energy efficient, first look for a model
                                that has an EnerGuide fireplace efficiency rating. Many natural gas
                                fireplaces are energy efficient. But only the top 25 per cent qualify for
                                the EnerChoice logo.
                                The EnerChoice system helps you identify energy efficiency and heating ability. On a scale of
                                1 to 100, the higher the number, the better the energy efficiency and the more heat you get
                                for your heating dollar. For more information, visit

                             Terasen Gas - an indirect, wholly owned subsidiary of Fortis Inc. - is the common name of Terasen Gas Inc., Terasen Gas (Vancouver Island) Inc., and Terasen
                             Gas (Whistler) Inc. Terasen Gas uses the Terasen Gas name and logo, “Get comfortable.” and “Burn blue. Save green.” under license from Terasen Inc.
Get Comfortable TGVI 11/07

                                                                                                                                        Get comfortable.


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