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Issue 28

Ar-Rum (30:47). Alquds (Jerusalem) will be for Muslims. It will not be for the Jews , and it will not be for the masters of the Jews. Alquds will be the coming capital of the coming Islamic Khilafah state. Allah says “Except those who believe, work righteousness, engage much in the remembrance of Allah, and defend themselves only after they are unjustly attacked. And soon will the unjust assailants know what vicissitudes their affairs will take!” al’Sho’ara (26:227)

Our so called leaders must be overthrown and the Khilafah System implemented - what do we need to do to make this happen?
Friday Talk from Al Aqsa Masjid - Al Quds

The “Islamic” summit in Qatar
What did the rulers of Muslims decide to do in their so called Islamic summit in Qatar? What did they do to support the young boys, who are being killed daily, here in Palestine in their war with stones against the Jews who are supported by the U.S.? Their summit was more likely a recreation period for the rulers. They had decided to form a committee to beg the U.N. and other non-Islamic international forums to stop the killings in Palestine. Can you believe this? 56 rulers had got together to support the intifada in Palestine but were unable to do nothing but to call for the U.N. to interfere to solve the problem for them. Are these 56 rulers powerless? No but they are agents to the imperialist disbelievers. These rulers, in these days, are being visited by William Cohen the Jewish U.S. secretary of defence in order to assure their treason. Have you heard what Ibn Abdul Azeez the Saudi minister called for? He called for breaking ties with every state that transfer her embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. This statement was made as a favour for the coming U.S.president in order to give him excuse not to transfer his embassy at the current moment. Both U.S. candidates had promised to transfer their embassy to Jerusalem due to the Jewish pressure during the current U.S. elections. It became very clear that the rulers in the Muslim Ummah are working against her deen and against her interests. In fact, they are standing in the opposite side along with the enemies of the Muslim Ummah. They are the guardians of the Jewish state. It is time for the Muslim Ummah to stand up against her rulers. Her rulers are seeking decisions from the U.N. instead of seeking decisions from Islam. They obey the U.S. more than they obey Allah. For how long should the Muslim Ummah stay silent? Haven’t you seen how the Jewish rockets are being fired on the bedrooms of armless children. We had seen that on the TV. And yet you hear these rulers saying that peace with the Jews is a strategic decision. what kind of lowness is that? It is time for Muslims to realize that there is no solution to their problems but by the establishment of the Islamic state. Allah is stronger than the U.S. We should work for his deen and Allah will aid us. Allah had promised us victory “ and it was due from Us to aid those who believed.”

A Call for the Islamic armies
Allah will destroy anyone who tries to destroy this place. They attempt to conspire against this Mosque but Allah will make them lose ground. Here is the new Intifada for al-Aqsa to destroy their plans against this Mosque. For how long will the Islamic armies be used only for marching? For how long will they be used to implement the plans of the imperialist infidels? Look how these courageous armless young men are confronting tanks and helicopter gunships. Have you heard how President Mubarrak of Egypt is making fun of the people who call for Jihad against Israel? A journalist asked him in a press conference, “Why don’t you fight Israel to help Muslims in al-Aqsa?”. The president replied, “Go you and your Satellite channel to fight them”. He then invited the Israeli Prime Minister to meet him in Sharm’el’Sheikh but the Israeli ruler refused his invitation. Barak was the one who sent Sharon to alAqsa Mosque to insult its sanctity. All Muslims should stand up and defend al-Aqsa Mosque. How long will this Ummah remain in a condition where only the students are marching in the streets? From the heart of this Mosque I call upon all the Islamic armies, I call upon the armies’ officers and the soldiers to overthrow these corrupt ruling regimes that work as agents to the imperialist disbelievers. There is no way to turn except toward the re-establishment of the Islamic Khilafah State, to overthrow the ruling regimes because they are enemy No.1 for the Muslim Ummah. They are the ones that are preventing the Ummah from moving forward. They are the defenders of the Jewish State and the servants to the Americans. It is time for us to know the facts and to work for the change for the sake of Allah. May Allah protect this Mosque from the plots of the imperialist disbelievers. May Allah help us to re-establish the Islamic State.

Muslim frustration is mounting
A brother spoke to me last week about his frustrations and anger at the ineffectiveness of Muslims, especially in Britain in taking action against the atrocities being carried out in Kossavo. Lately, this brother has been carrying out humanitarian relief work in kossavo. He had difficulty understanding why Islamic groups like Al-Mahjoroun, Hizb ut Tahrir and others are reluctant to send their people to Page 1

kossavo to work to establish an Islamic presence their? Even going as far as to say that Muslims in Britain should go to kossavo to partake in Jihad? He was very emotional and began to raise his voice against everyone and everything. The reader should note that this is not an uncommon response from a sincere Muslim who undoubtedly wants change but has not grasped the political nature of such an action. Firstly, Muslims must end this individual mentality, must stop using their own mind to search for a solution for the Ummah. We must look to Allah(swt) for guidance and to the messenger (saaw) for solutions that work. Secondly, the way to re-establish the Khilafah state is not one that will happen overnight. Even Muhammad(pbuh) couldn’t implement the Islamic state overnight so how can we! It takes time and effort and then the efforts taken will bare their fruits. We find many political groups that have looked into different methods to re-establish a state that implements the Shari’ah but without success. One such example was in December 1991,the FIS political party in Algeria won 86% of votes in the predominantly Muslim state, elections which where democratically supervised by the UN were inches away from taking power when the French government sent in its troops and declared martial law. Then went on to implement a government loyal to Paris. We have seen exactly what happens when you give Muslims the right of self-determination in Algeria.The very next day, a well-respected tabloid newspaper The Guardian quoted that “Undemocratic means was necessary to enforce democracy”! Muslim groups have used every method to appease the international kufir community but without success only to receive humiliation and failure. So for those Muslims who still think that by working by the rules of the Kufir will bring about an Islamic State, a state that will protect the interests of Muslims worldwide – you are gravely mistaken and such thinking will only cause the anger of Allah(swt) on the day of judgement. One of our objective in life is to re-establish the Khilafah State. Upon returning to Allah(swt) every Muslim will be asked about what they had done with regard to this duty. The establishment of the state is the vital issue for Muslims today. With its establishment, the Muslims will have security of their wealth, property and lives. At the moment we have no security and without such a state protecting us (the Khaleefah was a shield behind we were protected worldwide) we are exposed and can be persecuted (kossavo, Kashmir, Palestine, Bosnia, etc.). So what method should Muslims follow to re-establish the state that we so long for? As we have mentioned, it cannot come overnight, every Muslim has a part to play. To be part of the revival they must learn about the hidden pillars of Islam, those pillars that the Muslim leaders such as Mubarak, Gadafi and Fahd don’t want you to know about since it directly affects their interests and deprives Muslims of their Islamic rights. Since the removal of the state in 1924, Muslims worldwide have been indoctrinated through many of the systems employed in our lands, especially the education system supported by misguided coconut Muslims and corrupt scholars, even sheiks that regurgitate that Muslims are required to follow only five pillars. Namely, Namaz, Haj, Fasting, Zakah, and Shahdah. However, completely unaware that Muhammad(saw) did not mention just five, but in-

cluded an important foundation that supported the pillars above, this is Jihad, a system of life that includes the Economic, Social, Political and Judicial systems that embodied a way of life known as ISLAM, when implemented formed the Khilafah (Islamic State). Islam ran the affairs of Muslims in the international arena for more than 1300 years and was a shield for the Muslims throughout the world. Imagine what would happen if the foundations below which support the pillars above where to become weak, the whole structure would collapse. This is indeed what we are seeing today throughout the Muslim Ummah. The Corrupt puppet governments are their to brainwash the Muslim generations to believe in nationalism so that the thought of unity is far from there minds. We see how the Kufir broke the Khilafah State into 56 pathetic countries that are easily manipulated by foreign powers. The border disputes, a legacy of the colonial years is a means by which the Kufir have a card to play to enter the area and carryout their fitna - anytime! Muslim governments have implemented constitutions that provide the people sovereignty equal to Allah(swt) and where secularism is the order of the day. Surely, Muslims can see that the required method must be one that has been shown to be successful in the past. The only successful methodology, is that of Muhammad(saaw). Allah(swt) says, “So judge between them by whatever Allah has revealed and follow not their vain desires, diverting you from the truth that has come to you.” [EMQ 5:42] The method is shown below for your reference: 1. He (saw) formed (the companions). a political group

2. His companions were well cultured and developed in a strong Islamic personality. 3. They interacted forcibly with the society, intellectually and politically to bring down the existing corrupt system through building a strong public awareness and public opinion for Islam. 4. He (saw) approached the heads of tribes and influential people in order that they support him (saw) and his group and to actually transfer power from the existing system to the Islamic system There are three stages that Muslim Groups should engage themselves in and these are listed below: 1. The Cultural Stage 2. Interaction Stage 3. Expanding the Call Muslims must gain knowledge about Usul Ul Fiqh, Shari’ah Law, in-depth Islamic history and Dawa. Much of this can be found at the website address shown below. The sooner Muslims begin to tread the path of revival the better it will be for them, their children, the future for mankind and more importantly on the Day of Judgment. Life is short and time is flying past so quickly. Don’t waste any more of your precious time. Allah(swt) is the all knowing and all seeing of what every person has done in their lives. Nothing can be hidden from HIM and all that you do will be before you on the day of reckoning. May Allah(swt) give us the ability to achieve our ultimate goal and please HIM. If you would like further in-depth information, find out about events happening in your area - visit the Islamic Truth website at

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