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									Exercise : Tenses Put the verbs in parentheses into the correct tense : the simple present, the continous, the present perfect or the present perfect continous 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. He (not go) to work on Saturday. He usually (go) to work from Monday to Saturday. What time Nam often (watch) TV ? He often (watch) it at 7 pm. Miss White (not learn) Chinese for 3 months. Now, she really (want) to study. Where he (go) now ? He (go) to the zoo with his father. What children (do) while their parents are planting trees in the garden ? Oh, well ! They (play) games with their friends. 6. Lan’s father (work) for the chemical factory for 3 years now. 7. How long your sister (teach) Chinese in her university? Well, she (teach) there since last February. 8. She usually (watch) TV in her free time. Now, she doesn’t. She (wash) her clothes. 9. He (study) Russian for 2 years and does not even know the alphabet yet. 10. We (argue) about this problem for 2 hours now. Perhaps we stop now. 11.He (not stop) smoking since he arrived. 12. He (sleep) since 10 o’clock. It’s time he woke up. 13. You (mind) if I ask you a difficult question? No,I (be) ready to answer your questions. 14. We (hope) for a rise in salary for many months but we (not dare) to ask for it yet. 15. I only (hear) from him twice since he went away. 16. I (teach) hundreds of students but I never (meet) such a hopeless class like this. 17. He (speak) to his girlfriend for an hour now. I except he will soon be finishing. 18. The plane that you (look) at now just (take) off for Paris. 19. Look at the crowd. I (wonder) what they (look) for. 20. What she (do) to her car at present? I (think) she (polish) it. 21. How long they (be) married? They (be) married since 1990. 22. You (understand) what the professor (say) now? No, I (not understand) him at all. 23. Jim never (do) any work in the garden, he always (do) on his car. 24. I (bathe). That’s why my hair is all wet. 25. What your brother (do) in his free time? Well, he usually (go) swimming with his friends. 26. It (rain) for 3 hours and the ground is too wet to play on, so the match (be) postponed. 27. Who (own) this umbrella? I (not know). Everybody (use) it but nobody (know) who (own) it. 28. What she (have) for dinner? She usually (eat) soup, fish and (drink) a glass of beer. 29. Look! The children (play) kites in the field. 30. She won’t go out as it (rain) and she (not have) an umbrella. 31. My wife (not stop) talking once since we got married. 32. I (be) an admirer of the US since I was a boy. 33. Where she (go) on holiday now? Well, she (stay) at home and (do) a lot of things for her family. 34. Mary and Tom (learn) Vietnamese for 3 months now. 35. Miss Mararette (go) shopping every Saturday but today she (go) to the market to buy some clothes for her mother. 36. This afternoon Nancy (type) a letter, but now she (watch) a horror movie. 37. Every day, my father (wash) his car, then (go) to work at 7 am and (arrive) home from work at 5.30 pm. 38. Mr Hung (not get up) early this morning because he (be) tired last night. 39. Where they (go) now? Well, I don’t know. It seems that they (arrive) on the beach to enjoy the cool wind from the sea. 40. How often she (do) her exercise? Well, she (do) it every morning. 41. Mrs Linda (spend) a lot of time collecting many stamps so far. 42. Who (teach) him biology? Well, Mrs Hong is. She (teach) him for one year. 43. She (do) her English exercises while her sister (translate) the documents into French. 44. Her sister (watch) the film for 2 hours but she does not want to stop it. 45. They (plant) trees in the garden while their friends (dig) the ground. 46. The writers (finish) their first works since the publishers invited them to collaborate. 47.What time your brother (go) to bed? He usually (go) to bed at 10 pm but tonight he (go) at 11 pm. 48. How long your mother (sew) her warm clothes? Maybe for 4 months. 49. My teacher (compose) my English songs for several years, and now he (be) abroad. 50. Lan and I (try) to finish our search paper right now because we (write) it for 2 years.

Put the verbs in parentheses into the correct tense : the simple present, the present continous, the simple past, the past continous, the present perfect or the present perfect continous. 51. What Binh (do) when the telephone (ring) ? 52. Who (teach) you English last year? Mrs Hong did. She (teach) us for 3 years now. 53. What time does Hoa usually get up? Well, she usually (get up) at 6 o’clock but today she (get up) at 7 o’clock. 54. The children (look) forward to this holiday for many months. 55. Binh and Tom (make) friends with each other since last April. 56. They (build) this brigde for 6 years now. 57. Your sister (go) swimming at weekends? Yes,of course. She (love) it for many years. 58. How long he (be) in his university? He (teach) Russian for 5 years now. 59. We (not write) to each other for ages because our work always (keep) us very busy. 60. The children were frightened because it (get) dark. 61. Who you (talk) to on the phone as I came in? 62. Two men (fight) at a street corner and a policeman (try) to stop them. 63. How long he (be) out of work now. He just (start) a new job. 64. You (meet) your teacher at the lecture yesterday? No, I didn’t. I (not meet) him for many weeks. 65. I (not see) your aunt recently because I (be) on business in Hanoi last month. 66. How long you (know) your new assistant? I (know) him for 3 years. 67. She (work) for her company for 10 years and never once (be) late. 68. He just (pick) pounds of strawberries! He (grow) strawberries for many years but he never (have) such a good crop before. 69. I (buy) a new car last year, but I (not sell) my old car yet. 70. She (not write) to me for a long time. Yesterday, I (write) to her again. 71. The children (sleep) for 3 hours. It’s time they (wake) up. 72. She can not go out because it (rain) all day. Now, she (stay) at home to watch TV. 73. When we (come) to see him, he (write) a report for his director. 74. They (play) football since 6 o’clock this morning. They only just (stop). 75. When you (begin) school? I (begin) school when I (be) seven. 76. It is the first time Mary (offer) me a beautiful present on my birthday, which (make) me very happy. 77. My father (play) chess with his next door neighbour ever since my family (come) to live here 5 years ago. 78. You ever (be) to England? No,I (spend) last April and May in France. 79. I (write) to the edition board 2 weeks ago but they (not answer) yet. 80.Linda (make) a dress for herself at the moment. She (make) all her own clothes for the last 2 years 81. You (do) your homework when the bell (ring) ? 82. Mr Cuong (practise) the guitar from an hour but he doesn’t want to stop it. 83. Miss Linh (not do) her Maths last night because she felt very depresses. 84. We finally (decide) to choose the best place to go on holiday. 85. They (discuss) some important issues when the director (enter) their room. 86. We know that she (live) in Hanoi for 10 years now. 87. Who (offer) you a special gift on your last birthday? Oh! My aunt did. 88. He rarely (say) about the problem but 2 days ago he (say) it to his classmate. 89. Miss Minh said she (write) some letters to her friends then. 90. What Binh (do) if he were punished by his teacher? 91. Mrs Dorothy (stop) smoking 15 years ago but yesterday she told me she (like) it again. 92. It is the first time they (organize) their wedding anniversary. 93. How long the students (play) football? Well, for 2 hours. 94. We (make) friends for 5 years but we (not write) to each other up to now. 95. If she had a good chance, she (visit) the Cham museum and she (introduce) it to her friends. 96. They (build) this school since the villagers (move) to another place. 97. The students (not hand in) their research papers to me yet. 98. We (play) chess for a moment, suddenly the theif broke into the house. 99. She (expect) a baby. Her husband will be very happy to see his first child. 100. What you (do) at 7 o’clock last night? We (prepare) a lot of things for our final examinations.

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