Title Use of Air Waybill as In-Bond by rcr14802


									7580                 Federal Register / Vol. 61, No. 40 / Wednesday, February 28, 1996 / Notices

  Current Actions: There are no changes        minimize the burden including the use          submission. The information collection
to the information collection. This            of automated collection techniques or          activity involved with this program is
submission is being submitted to extend        the use of other forms of information          conducted pursuant to the mandate
the expiration date.                           technology, as well as other relevant          given to the United States Information
  Type of Review: Extension (without           aspects of the information collection.         Agency (USIA) under the terms and
change).                                       The comments that are submitted will           conditions of the Mutual Educational
  Affected Public: Business or other for-      be summarized and included in the              and Cultural Exchange Act of 1961,
profit institutions.                           Customs request for Office of                  Public Law 87–256. USIA is requesting
  Estimated Number of Respondents:             Management and Budget (OMB)                    approval for a revision and three-year
880.                                           approval. All comments will become a           extension of an information collection
  Estimated Time Per Respondent: 3.5           matter of public record. In this               entitled ‘‘Exchange Visitor Program
hours.                                         document Customs is soliciting                 Application’’ (IAP–37), and ‘‘Update of
  Estimated Total Annual Burden                comments concerning the following              Information on Exchange Visitor
Hours: 3080.                                   information collection:                        Program Sponsor’’ (IAP–87), under
  Estimated Annualized Cost to the                Title: Use of Air Waybill as In-Bond        OMB control number 3116–0210 which
Public: $37,500.                               Document.                                      expires March 31, 1995. To allow for the
  Dated: February 16, 1996.                       OMB Number: 1515–0186.                      comment period, USIA will request a
V. Carol Barr,                                    Form Number: CF 7512.                       90-day extension for this information
Leader, Printing and Records Services Group.      Abstract: This information collection       collection. Estimated burden hours per
                                               is used by Customs to identify the             response is 60 minutes for the IAP–37
[FR Doc. 96–4293 Filed 2–27–96; 8:45 am]
                                               delivering carrier, whether or not it is       and 20 minutes for the IAP–87.
                                               the initial bonded carrier, to surrender       Respondents will be required to respond
                                               the in-bond document and serve notice          only one time.
Proposed Collection; Comment                   of its arrival. The use of this document       DATES: Comments are due on or before
Request; Use of Air Waybill as In-bond         facilitates the movement of cargo and          April 29, 1996.
Document                                       the delivery of in-bond freight.               COPIES: Copies of the Request for
                                                  Current Actions: There are no changes       Clearance (OMB 83–I), supporting
      Customs Service, Treasury.
AGENCY:                                        to the information collection. This            statement, and other documents that
      Notice and request for
ACTION:                                        submission is being submitted to extend        will be submitted to OMB for approval
comments.                                      the expiration date.                           may be obtained from the USIA
                                                  Type of Review: Extension (without          Clearance Officer. Comments should be
SUMMARY: The Department of the                 change).                                       submitted to the Office of Information
Treasury, as part of its continuing effort        Affected Public: Business or other for-     and Regulatory Affairs of OMB,
to reduce paperwork and respondent             profit institutions.                           Attention: Desk Officer for USIA, and
burden, Customs invites the general               Estimated Number of Respondents:            also to the USIA Clearance Officer.
public and other Federal agencies to           31,200.
                                                                                              FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT:
comment on an information collection              Estimated Time Per Respondent: 2            Agency Clearance Officer, Ms. Jeannette
requirement concerning the Use of Air          minutes.                                       Giovetti, United States Information
Waybill as In-Bond Document. This                 Estimated Total Annual Burden
                                                                                              Agency, M/ADD, 301 Fourth Street,
request for comment is being made              Hours: 1030.
                                                                                              S.W., Washington, D.C. 20547,
pursuant to the Paperwork Reduction               Estimated Annualized Cost to the
                                                                                              telephone (202) 619–4408; and OMB
Act of 1995 (Public Law 104–13; 44             Public: $10,300.
                                                 Dated: February 16, 1996.                    review: Mr. Jefferson Hill, Office of
U.S.C. 3506(c)(2)(A)).
                                                                                              Information and Regulatory Affairs,
DATES: Written comments should be              V. Carol Barr,
                                                                                              Office of Management and Budget, New
received on or before April 29, 1996, to       Leader, Printing and Records Services Group.
                                                                                              Executive Office Building, Docket
be assured of consideration.                   [FR Doc. 96–4290 Filed 2–27–96; 8:45 am]       Library, Room 1002, NEOB,
ADDRESS: Direct all written comments to        BILLING CODE 4820–02–P                         Washington, D.C. 20503, Telephone
U.S. Customs Service, Printing and                                                            (202) 395–3176.
Records Services Group, Room 6216,                                                            SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: Public
1301 Constitution Ave. NW.,                    UNITED STATES INFORMATION                      reporting burden for this collection of
Washington, DC 20229.                          AGENCY                                         information (Paper Work Reduction
FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT:                                                              Project: OMB No. 3116–0210) is
Requests for additional information or         Proposed Collection; Comment                   estimated to average 60 minutes per
copies of the form(s) and instructions         Request                                        response for the IAP–37 and 20 minutes
should be directed to U.S. Customs             AGENCY:  United States Information             for the IAP–87, including the time for
Service, Attn.: Norman Waits, Room             Agency.                                        reviewing instructions, searching
6216, 1301 Constitution Avenue NW.,                                                           existing data sources, gathering and
                                               ACTION: Proposed collection; Comment
Washington, DC 20229, Tel. (202) 927–                                                         maintaining the data needed, and
1551.                                                                                         completing and reviewing the collection
SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: Customs             SUMMARY:  Under the provisions of the          of information. As part of its continuing
invites the general public and other           Paperwork Reduction Act of 1995 (44            effort to reduce the paperwork burden,
Federal agencies to comment on                 U.S.C. Chapter 35), federal agencies are       USIA invites the general public and
proposed and/or continuing information         required to submit proposed or                 other Federal agencies to comment on
collections pursuant to the Paperwork          established reporting and recordkeeping        the proposed information collection as
Reduction Act of 1995 (Public Law 104–         requirements to OMB for review and             required by the Paperwork Reduction
13; 44 U.S.C. 3506(c)(2)(A)). The              approval, and to publish a notice in the       Act of 1995, Public Law 104–13.
comments should address the accuracy           Federal Register notifying the public          Comments are requested concerning (a)
of the burden estimates and ways to            that the Agency will make such a               whether the proposed collection of

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