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Marketing networks and databases to help raise the profile of community based tourism projects

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conservation international/responsibletravel.com



Community Based Tourism: Communities Conservation International / responsibletravel.com

http://www.responsibletravel.com/copy/copy9 01178.htm Conservation International: Communities Policy Planning and Working with Local Partners CI supports national and local governments in formulating and establishing policy frameworks that guide development of the tourism sector, government institutional arrangements, and laws affecting tourism.. http://www.conservation.org/LEARN/ECOTO URISM/Pages/ecotourism.aspx ECPAT - End Child Communities Prostitution Child Pornography and Trafficing for Sexual Purposes ECPAT International works to make a reality of the Stockholm Agenda for Action against the commercial sexual exploitation of children (CSEC) more than 80 groups in over 70 countries All of these groups are independent organisations or coalitions working against the commercial sexual exploitation of children.

http://www.ecpat.net/EI/index.asp Fair Trade in Tourism Network Communities Tourism Concern’s International Fair Trade in Tourism Network aims to strengthen the bargaining position of local destination interest groups, facilitate equitable market access for small stakeholders, raise awareness amongst consumers and influence international trade policy. Tourism Concern, FLO International

http://www.tourismconcern.org.uk/index.php? page=fairtrade-network The Travel Foundation Communities responsible tourism charity. It supports environmental and community programmes designed to help local businesses to work with the travel industry. aims to help the outbound travel industry manage tourism more sustainably. Various initiatives, training and tools available Travel companies, destinations, travel associations, tourism organisations, individuals, universities, gap-year organisations government, tour operators, industry associations, relevant charities and academia First Choice, Thomas Cook, MyTravel, Cosmos, Sunvil, lowcostgroup, Keycamp, Titan Tours, Frantic Tours, Hidden Greece and Beat the Brochure

http://www.thetravelfoundation.org.uk/who_w e_are.asp

Tour Operators Initiative supply chain guide


Guide to Integrating sustainability into the tour operators’ supply chain http://www.toinitiative.org/index.php?id=53 Assists countries around the world in building a sustainable and carbon neutral tourism destinations. Stage 1. Strategies for Sustainable and Carbon Neutral Tourism Stage 2. Measurement and Management Stage 3. Change and Communication Travelmole, PA consulting Group, meeting and events management Partner, Green hotel certification, Evaluate communicate evolve, Wallace partners, Cooperative Research Centre (CRC) of Australia http://www.greenglobeint.com/operations/sust ainability/

Green Globe international: Communities Three Stage Sustainability and Carbon Neutrality Plan

UNEP: Sustainable tourism Communities planning in coastal zones coastal

The project aims to develop and implement on a UNEP pilot scale a methodological framework for sustainable tourism planning in coastal zones. The methodological framework is based on the principles of the Integrated Coastal Zone Management framework, the Tourism Carrying Capacity concept and the Strategic Planning approach.

http://www.unep.fr/scp/tourism/activities/proje cts/ http://www.unep.fr/scp/tourism/activities/proje cts/pdf/FS_ICZM.pdf

Communities UNWTO: Demonstrating coastal and Capturing Best Practices and Technologies for the Reduction of Landsourced Impacts Resulting from Coastal Tourism

The objective of the Project is to mitigate the negative impacts of tourism on the coastal and marine environment in Sub-Saharan Africa, as well as using the opportunity to support nature conservation, as identified by the African Process, through promoting the development of sustainable tourism policies and strategies and the implementation of pilot demonstration projects in a number of countries that participated in the African Process.

Global Environmental Facility, United Nations Environment Programme, United Nations Industrial Development Organization This project involves the following countries, and it is coordinated through the Ministries of Environment and Tourism: Kenya, Mozambique, Seychelles, Tanzania, Gambia, Ghana, Nigeria, Senegal and Cameroon

http://www.unwto.org/sdt/project/en/projects_ popup.php?id=1359 UNWTO Indicators of sustainability for tourism destinations Communities indicators tourism officials and professionals UNWTO has been promoting the use of sustainable tourism indicators since the early 1990s, as essential instruments for policymaking, planning and management processes at destinations. The Guidebook on Indicators of Sustainable Development for Tourism Destinations, published in 2004, is the most comprehensive resource on this topic, the result of an extensive study on indicator initiatives worldwide, involving 62 experts from more than 20 countries. http://www.unwto.org/sdt/fields/en/policy.php? op=2&subop=1 Tourism Concern: Supporting Sustainable Tourism in Mexico Communities Mexico a pilot project to promote better understanding of the social, cultural and economic impacts of tourism amongst community-based tourism enterprises in Mexico. The aim is to ensure that local communities nurture and protect their social, cultural and economic resources while benefiting from sustainable tourism Tourism Concern, in conjunction with Mexican NGO Sectur and the UK’s Foreign Commonwealth Office,in partnership with the Puerta Verde Ecotourism Network and RECT

http://www.tourismconcern.org.uk/index.php? page=mexico Policies and Tools for Sustainable Tourism - A Guide for Policy makers (UNWTO/UNEP, 2005) Communities policy This Guidebook is a basic reference and provides a blueprint for governments to formulate and implement sustainable tourism policies. http://www.unwto.org/sdt/fields/en/policy.php? op=2&subop=1

Overseas Development Institute (ODI)

Communities poverty

Since its inception in 1999, ODI's research programme on tourism has aimed to answer two fundamental questions: How does tourism affect the poor? How can tourism development be influenced to increase net benefits to the poor? Various reviews and papers published

http://www.odi.org.uk/tourism/ Sustainable Tourism – Communities Eliminating Poverty (ST-EP) poverty UNWTO, governments, NGOs, bilateral and multi-lateral organisations, businesses and the local communities. launched ST-EP Initiative at the World Summit on Sustainable Development (Johannesburg, 2002). initiative focuses on enhancing the Organization’s longstanding work to encourage sustainable tourism – social, economic and ecological – with activities that specifically alleviate poverty, delivering development and jobs to people living on less than a dollar a day. UNWTO, Governments of the Republic of Korea, Italy, Macao S.A.R. China, and the Netherlands Development Organisation SNV

http://www.unwto.org/step/index.php Tour Operators Network for Communities Poverty Alleviation at poverty Destinations (TONPAD) In April 2006, a number of Tour Operators from the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Great Britain, Austria, Italy decided to establish a small network of specialist tour operators in Europe with the aim to share experiences and to inform each other about interesting small-scale sustainable tourism products at destinations in countries that suffer from poverty conditions. Green Travel Market, Tour operators -The Adventure Company (UK), Imaginative traveller (UK), Go Differently (UK), World Tourism Organisation, SNV (Netherlands), GTZ (Laos), FH Eberswalde University, ECEAT Projects – Green Travel Market (Netherlands)

http://www.greentravelmarket.info/default.asp ?site=background&menu=st_tourop&main=/p ortal/st_tourop.htm * REMO General Store * World Nomads * Travel Insurance Direct (Australia) * Travel Insurance Direct (NZ) http://www.footprintsnetwork.org/

Footprints Network

Communities / philanthropy

The footprints network is an alliance of ecommerce businesses and their customers who fund community projects from many tiny donations collected with every online transaction.

World Travel and Tourism Council: Climate Change Commitments


forum for business leaders in the Travel & Tourism industry

forum for the Chairmen, Presidents and CEOs of y - climate change commitments one hundred of the world's foremost Travel & http://www.wttc.org/bin/pdf/original_pdf_file/c Tourism companies. limate_change_final.pdf Membership list: http://www.wttc.org/eng/Members/Membership_List / http://www.wttc.org/

World Economic Forum: Environment towards a low carbon travel and tourism sector

The World Economic Forum, through its Industry WEF, UNEP, ICAO, UNFCCC and industry Partnership Programme for the Aviation,Travel & Tourism industry, is engaging all key stakeholders in a collaborative dialogue to address the barriers to implementing some promising new cross-industry partnerships for carbon abatement that have been identified by the community. The Forum will continue this dialogue throughout the course of 2009–10. A long term strategy which sets out the collective approach of UK aviation to 'tackling the challenge of ensuring a sustainable future for our industry' through a series of eight goals and 34 commitments, relating to the economic, environmental and social aspects of aviation. UK’s leading airlines, airports, aerospace A series of eight goals and 34 commitments, manufacturers and air navigation service providers. relating to the economic, environmental and List of signatories includes BA, Monarch, Virgin, social aspects of aviation Easyjet, TUI, Thomas cook - full list http://www.sustainableaviation.co.uk/pages/default/ about-us.html

http://www.weforum.org/pdf/ip/att/ClimateCha ngeReportCopenhagen.pdf

Sustainable Aviation

Environment Aviation

www.sustainableaviation.co.uk International Air Transport Association: fuel efficiency goal Environment Aviation IATA expects airlines to reduce their fuel IATA represents some 230 airlines comprising 93% In 2007, IATA updated its fuel efficiency goal consumption per revenue tonne kilometre (RTK) of scheduled international air traffic by at least 25% by 2020, compared to 2005 levels.

http://www.iata.org/index.htm Advisory Council for Aeronautical Research in Europe (ACARE) ACARE Emissions Targets Environment Aviation Aim is to develop and maintain a Strategic Research Agenda (SRA) for aeronautics in Europe. Representation from the EU Member States, the Commission and stakeholders, including manufacturing industry, airlines, airports, service providers, regulators, the research establishments and academia. 2020 targets: • Reduce CO2 by 50% per passenger kilometre (assuming kerosene remains the main fuel in use) • Airframe contribution: 20 to 25% • Engine contribution: 15 to 20% (of SFC decrease) • ATM contribution: 5 to 10% • Reduce perceived noise to one half of current average levels • Reduce NOx emissions by 80% • Reduce other emissions: soot, CO, UHC, SOx, particulates, etc. • Minimize the industry impact on the global environment, including substantial progress toward ‘Green-MMD’ (Manufacturing, Maintenance and Disposal). Goals, leading concepts, solutions and technology enablers were derived from these objectives. http://www.acare4europe.com/

Green Key

Environment awards

TheGreenKey® is an international eco label for tourism facilities: hotels, youth hostels, conference- and holiday centres, campsites, holidayhouses, leisure facilities and restaurants. To obtain TheGreenKey the company has to fullfil a long list of environmental requirements. These requirements are contained in a number of criteria. Besides pure environmental demands, the criteria inclide demands on policy and actionplans.

http://www.green-key.org/ Blue Flag Environment awards / Communities The Blue Flag is a voluntary eco-label awarded The Blue Flag Programme is owned and run by the to over 3200 beaches and marinas in 37 independent non-profit organisation Foundation for countries across Europe, South Africa, Morocco, Environmental Education (FEE). Tunisia, New Zealand, Canada and the Caribbean. The Blue Flag works towards sustainable development at beaches/marinas through strict criteria dealing with water quality, environmental education and information, environmental management, and safety and other services. The Blue Flag Programme includes environmental education and information for the public, decision makers and tourism operators.

http://www.blueflag.org/ Davos Declaration Environment - the Second International Conference on Climate climate change Change and Tourism, in Davos, Switzerland, from 1 to 3 October 2007. The aim of responding in a timely and balanced way to climate change imperatives in the tourism sector. UN World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), jointly with the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and the World Meteorological Organization (WMO), with the support of the World Economic Forum (WEF) and the Swiss Government, 450 participants from over 80 countries and 22 international organizations, private sector organizations and companies, research institutions, NGOs and the media, The tourism sector committed itself to take a long-term strategic position on these issues, starting now, and to do this as a contribution to the UN Secretary-General's global roadmap for the Climate Change Conference in Bali, at the end of this year. We leave Davos more optimistic about our future on the common agreement to build upon quadruple bottom line sustainability of economic, social, environmental and climate responsiveness." http://www.unwto.org/pdf/pr071046.pdf ABTA: Reduce my footprint Environment industry The travel industry climate programme, designed to mitigate the effects of travel on climate change. It provides you with a way to understand the impacts we all have, and to calculate the emissions created by your travel plans. You can contribute toward offsetting these carbon emissions through a variety of projects. ABTA, The Travel Association, The Converging World, Forum for the Future, AITO, The Association of Independent Tour Operators, Manchester Metropolitan University, Centre for Aviation Technology and Environment, FTO, Federation of Tour Operators, Sunvil Ltd, Carbon Offsets Ltd, TICOS, Travel Foundation


UK Chamber of Shipping

Environment Shipping

Developing a proposal for a Market Based Instrument (Carbon Trading) to reduce carbon emissions from ships for IMO (this work is now dovetailed with SEaT) www.british-shipping.org Marine Environmental Issues Committee work to identify and interpret marine issues/legislation and bring them to a wider audience within the industry (similarly the UK CofS National Maritime Occupational Health and Safety Committee) www.british-shipping.org

UK Chamber of Shipping -

Environment Shipping


Environment Shipping Environment Shipping

Passenger Shipping Association - SSHEW (Safety, Security, Health, Environment and Welfare)

Ship Emissions and Trading; an industry funded organisation looking at reducing emissions from shipping SSHEW (Safety, Security, Health, Environment and Welfare) Committee work in the same way as the Chamber Committees to broaden understanding and carry out research when necessary. Ship owners and operators fund and carry scientific data recorders for salinity, pH, temperature, bacterial growth etc for a number of academic and research bodies in order that global climate change can be monitored and climate change models more accurately constructed.


www.the-psa.co.uk Ferry Box' Environment Shipping

http://www.ferrybox.org/ Cruise Line Industry Association Environment Shipping adopted a set of minimum Environmental Standards that it encourages its members to adopt (in effect these standards reach over 80% of the global cruise industry and in most cases are exceeded) a partnership with the cruise line industry that focuses on reducing the environment footprint of cruise ships and promoting ways that the cruise lines and their passengers, crew and business partners can help conserve biodiversity in the areas that the ships visit http://www.celb.org/xp/CELB/programs/travelleisure Sustainable Investment and Finance Finance in Tourism (SIFT) Network World Tourism Organisation Finance - Tourism Satelline Accounts The SIFT network is an investment network meant to mainstream sustainability into tourism development investments and financing The overall mission of the UNWTO Department of Statistics and Tourism Satellite Account (TSA) is to foster the development of national Systems of Tourism Statistics (STS), the international comparability of tourism statistics and the macroeconomic analysis of tourism. http://www.unwto.org/statistics/index.htm UNEP


Ocean Conservation and Tourism Alliance: Conservation International

Environment shipping


‘Clean Sky’ Joint Technology Initiative (European Comission)


Brings together European R&D stakeholders to develop ‘green’ air vehicle design, engines and systems aimed at minimising the environmental impact of future air transport systems.

Civil Aviation Navigation Infrastructure Services Organisation: goals for improving aviation sustainability (CANSO)

The global voice of the companies that provide CANSO members air traffic control. It represents the interests of the Air Navigation Service Providers (ANSPs) worldwide.

Reduce CO2 by 50% per passenger kilometre Reduce perceived noise to one half of current average levels Reduce NOx emissions by 80% Minimise negative industrial impact during manufacture, maintenance, overhaul, repair http://www.cleansky.eu/index.php?arbo_id=8 and disposal 3&set_language=en Our key goal is for ATM to increase airspace efficiency to 96% by 2050 The Environment Master Plan sets out detailed milestones, deliverables, and accountabilities in delivering CANSO's Imagine 2010 goals in Environment. It was last updated February 2009. http://www.canso.org/cms/showpage.aspx?id =52

International Civil Aviation Organisation


The International Civil Aviation Organization, a UN Specialized Agency, is the global forum for civil aviation.ICAO works to achieve its vision of safe, secure and sustainable development of civil aviation through cooperation amongst its member States.

Green Hotel Certification


Third party certification. The seal is an independent recognition of sustainability efforts. Environmental and cultural levels as well as Corporate Social Responsibilities are benchmarked against worldwide principles.

Most of this work is undertaken through the ICAO Yes - ICAO Assembly adopted Resolution Council's Committee on Aviation Environmental A36-22 Protection (CAEP), which consists of Members and Observers from States, intergovernmental and non- In 2004, ICAO adopted three major governmental organizations representing aviation environmental goals, to: industry and environmental interests. 1) limit or reduce the number of people affected by significant aircraft noise; 2)limit or reduce the impact of aviation emissions on local air quality; and 3)limit or reduce the impact of aviation greenhouse gas emissions on the global http://www.icao.org/ climate. Green Globe International, Inc. , United Nations Green Globe is committed to better World Tourism Organization, World Travel & environments, more responsible business Tourism Council (WTTC), Barbados Hotel & practices and contribution to climate care — Tourism Association, CAST -Caribbean Alliance for all critical principles for the 21st century. Sustainable Tourism, CHTA -Caribbean Hotel & Tourism Association, http://www.greenglobeint.com/ Santa Monica Convention & Visitors Bureau, Sustainable Worksgreen globe international, Cappa & Graham, Inc., New World Travel, Vacation Express, Energy Management Solutions, Inc., NativeEnergy, Nu Barbados: Bio-cleaning solutions, Innu-Science: Biotechnological Cleaning Products, Green Lodging News


ITP: Environmental Management for Hotels


manual provides hotels and other related businesses with the knowledge and means to develop practical solutions to 'green' their operations. The manual focuses on key areas such as energy management, water conservation, waste management, purchasing and supply chains, food safety and environmental health

International Tourism Partnership

http://www.tourismpartnership.org/Publication s/EMH.html

Sustainable Tourism EcoCertification Program sustainable travel international

Infrastructure eco label

Since 2002, Sustainable Travel International has sustainable travel international, travel and tourism been developing an eco-certification program for providers travel and tourism providers who incorporate financially viable, environmentally and socially responsible business practices into their operations. Nine of the most respected and longstanding national tourism eco-labels have allied to establish a European Association known as the Voluntary Initiative for Sustainability in Tourism or VISIT. An initiative for the promotion of eco-labels and sustainable tourism development. VISIT has a dual meaning. As an invitation to consumers, "Your VISIT makes the difference - the choice is yours!" and as an invitation to tourism providers to use VISIT as platform for "Voluntary Initiatives for Sustainability in Tourism". The current network of members is comprised of a wide range of business types, including accommodation providers, visitor attractions, corporate offices and others.



Infrastructure eco label

www.yourvisit.info http://www.visit21.net/ Green Tourism Business Scheme (GTBS) Infrastructureeco label UK and Scotland Shetland Environmental Agency Ltd (SEA Ltd) , Since 1998, the Green Tourism Business The green tourism business scheme, Green travel Scheme eco-label has offered bronze, silver and and tourism providers gold awards to travel and tourism providers who fulfill the most important criteria in all of its environmental categories. Part of VISIT EUROPE Global Sustainable Tourism Infrastrucuture Criteria a coalition of 32 organizations working together to foster increased understanding of sustainable tourism practices and the adoption of universal sustainable tourism principles. The Partnership, which was initiated by Rainforest Alliance, the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), the United Nations Foundation, and the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) http://www.sustainabletourismcriteria.org/ www.green-business.co.uk



an internationally recognised award scheme for created by Federations of Tour Operators and parthotels and other tourist businesses partners who funded by the European Union attain high standards of environmental management. Customers can now begin to look for the Travelife Bronze, Silver and Gold Award logos in holiday, hotel and tourist service brochures and websites. http://www.fto.co.uk/resources/latestnews/index.php?newsID=55&b=519

Infrastruture Sustainable Tourism Stewardship Council (STSC)

The Sustainable Tourism Stewardship Council (STSC) is a proposed global accreditation body for sustainable tourism and ecotourism certification programs.

a coalition of tourism industry associations, nonprofit civil society organizations (NGOs) and government agencies effort is led by a steering committee that includes the United Nations Environment Program, the Centre for Ecotourism and Sustainable Development, The International Ecotourism Society, and Rainforest Alliance http://www.unwto.org/sdt/fields/en/global.php# 8

International Task Force on International Sustainable Tourism Development (ITF-STD)

The Marrakech Process is a global multistakeholder process to promote sustainable consumption and production (SCP) and to work towards a ‘Global Framework for Action on SCP’, the so-called 10-Year Framework of Programmes on SCP. Involved with sustainable development and tourism across the board. Sustainable development of Tourism: - Policy guidelines of tourism - Destination specific activities - Cultural, social and ethical aspects - Poverty reduction - Global Initiatives The Awards recognise individuals, companies and organisations in the travel industry that are making a significant commitment to the culture and economies of local communities and are providing a positive contribution to biodiversity conservation.

UNEP and UN-DESA are the leading agencies of this global process, with an active participation of national governments, development agencies, private sector, civil society and other stakeholders. http://www.unwto.org/sdt/fields/en/global.php# 8 Y - Davos Declaration http://www.unwto.org/pdf/pr071046.pdf the millenium development goals Mission Statement and key objectives: http://www.unwto.org/sdt/mission/en/mission. php http://www.unwto.org/index.php

World Tourism Organisation International

Virgin holidays responsible tourism awards


collaboration between online travel directory responsibletravel.com, who founded and organise the Awards, UK media partners The Daily Telegraph, Geographical Magazine and BBC World News, and World Travel Market

http://www.responsibletourismawards.com/ Tourism for Tomorrow Awards People The Tourism for Tomorrow Awards are presented world travel and tourism council, Travelport, annually to organisations pioneering responsible conservation foundation tourism management and helping to improve the livelihoods of communities in host destinations through sustainable tourism development. Available awards in: Destination stewardship, Conservation, community benefit, global tourism business. www.tourismfortomorrow.com

UNEP's tourism and environment programme: Raising Awareness on Climate Change and Tourism


Initative to raise awareness on the topic of climate change among the tourism industry and the consumers to facilitate the adaptation to the existing effects of climate change and to anticipate and mitigate future impacts

UNEP http://www.unep.fr/scp/tourism/activities/proje cts/ http://www.unep.fr/scp/tourism/activities/proje cts/pdf/FS_Tourism_Awareness.pdf

Green Passport


UNEP initiative to accelerate a global shift towards sustainable consumption and production. The Campaign builds on the need to improve the tourism sector's efforts to communicate with tourists on sustainable tourism through campaigns on sustainability issues. Website with information for travellers The project aims at providing capacity building for the accommodation sector to improve the environmental performance of Small and Medium sized enterprises. UNEP

http://www.unep.fr/scp/tourism/activities/proje cts/ http://www.unep.fr/greenpassport/

UNEP: Capacity building for People environmental management of small and medium enterprises in the accommodations sector'

http://www.unep.fr/scp/tourism/activities/proje cts/ http://www.unep.fr/scp/tourism/activities/proje cts/pdf/FS_etool.pdf

Defra green light workshops People Helping tourism companies to manage green marketing claims within the rules. A programme of free workshops to help marketers and their agencies create risk-free communications and to gather insights into how Government can better support marketers’ efforts to promote fairly (Tourism workshop: May 12th 2009) a European network of experts and organisations in Tourism, Environment and regional development, who are seeking to promote good practice in the field of sustainable Tourism.

http://www.defra.gov.uk/news/2009/090505c. htm International Friends of Nature, ETC European Travel Commission, EUFED - European Union Federation of Youth Hostel Associations, Ramboll Management Brussels, Tourisme, Transports, Territoires, Environnement Conseil (TEC), Centre for the Study of Small Tourism and Hospitality Firms, TTC The Tourism Company...amongst others http://www.ecotrans.org/2007/html/projects.ht ml

European Network for People Sustainable Tourism network Development - ECOTRANS

green travel market: sustainable tourism international

People products

Green Travel Market offers outbound tour Tour operators operators comprehensive, reliable and up-to-date information on sustainable tourism products that are currently available on the global marketplace. To ensure quality and sustainability, all of the products in our marketplace have been screened based on our quality and sustainability criteria. http://www.greentravelmarket.info/

Tourism Concern's Ethical Tour Operators' Group

People - SME's A package of activities designed to facilitate dialogue, provide essential information and skills to support operators in the challenge of running a socially responsible tourism business.

Adventure Alternative, Baobab Travel, Cazenove & Lloyd, Different Travel Company, Dragoman, Expert Africa, Exodus, Explore Worldwide, Gane & Marshall, Hands Up Holidays, Into Africa, Livingstone Tanzania Trust, Nepal Trekking, Oasis Overland, Rainbow Tours, Saddle Skedaddle Simply Tanzania, Tribes Travel, Wilderness Journeys. http://www.tourismconcern.org.uk/index.php? page=ethical-tour-operators-group

Make Travel Greener

People Training UNEP: Sowing the Seeds of People Change: An Environmental training, hotels and Sustainable Tourism Teaching Pack for the Hospitality Industry

A quick and easy guide to sustainable tourism for Travel Foundation and ABTA all travel staff UNEP at supporting hospitality education centers develop and expand their environmental and sustainable tourism curricula. It is also intended to help future and present hospitality professionals in understanding the challenges posed by the hospitality industry and to provide them with the knowledge and practical tools to develop in-house training programmes to support environmental initiatives in their hotels.


http://www.unep.fr/scp/tourism/activities/proje cts/ http://www.unep.fr/scp/tourism/activities/proje cts/pdf/FS_Seeds.pdf

UNEP: Promoting Natural and Cultural Heritage as assets for Sustainable Tourism Development

People / communities

The project aims at sharing innovative experiences involving companies and capacity building (local, regional and national level) for promoting the natural and cultural heritage as assets for sustainable tourism development.

UNEP http://www.unep.fr/scp/tourism/activities/proje cts/ http://www.unep.fr/scp/tourism/activities/proje cts/pdf/FS_America.pdf The Group comprises individuals from international bodies, member state governments, regional and local authorities, the tourism industry, professional bodies, environmental organisations, trade unions and research and educational bodies http://www.unwto.org/sdt/fields/en/global.php# 8

Tourism Sustainability Group (TSG)

Sustainable The TSG was set up by the European tourism network Commission in the end of the 2004 in order to provide input to the sustainability of European tourism.

Tour operators’ initiative for Sustainable The Initiative is as Association registered in sustainable tourism tourism network Switzerland. It is voluntary, non-profit, and open development (toi) to all tour operators, regardless of their size and geographical location. With this Initiative, tour operators are moving towards sustainable tourism by committing themselves to the concepts of sustainable development as the core of their business activity and to work together through common activities to promote and disseminate methods and practices compatible with sustainable development.

UNWTO/UNEP/UNESCO/WWF/CELB Statement of commitment: Accor (France) Atlas Voyages (Morocco) http://www.toinitiative.org/index.php?id=11 Aurinkomatkat-Suntours (Finland) Discovery Initiatives (UK) Dynamic Tours (Morocco) FreeWay dventures (Brazil) Hotelplan (Switzerland) KEL 12 (Italy) Kuoni Travel Holding Ltd. REWE-Touristik (Germany) Sahara Tours International Morocco) Settemari (Italy) Studiosus (Germany) TLB Destinations (Lebanon) Transat A.T. Inc. Travel Walji’s PVT (Pakistan) TUI Travel PLC Viaggi del Ventaglio (Italy)


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