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					LITERATURE REVIEW LOG Capital Project for Re-provision of Inpatient Facilities in Lancashire
Document Title A Best Practice Model for Modern Mental Health Inpatient Services A Better Future in Mind Accomodation for people with Mental Illness: Volume 1 Acute Units Accreditation for Acute Mental Health Services Published By Lancashire Partnership Board Mental Health Services in the North West NHS North West Health Buliding Note 35 Royal College of Psychiatrists and Others Date 2004 2008 2006 2006 2000 2004 2004 2007 2006 1996 2008 2006 2005 2009 2002 2007 2004 2004 2004 2004 2008 2008

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Acute Adult Inpatient Units Staffing Levels – Benchmarking Exercise in Relation to Nurse Staffing Levels Surrey/Hampshire Borders NHS Trust Acute Care 2004 - A national survey of adult psychiatric wards in England Acute Inpatient Mental Health Care – Education Training and Continuing Professional Development for All Acute Inpatient mental health service review. Final assessment framework. Acute Inpatient Psychiatry - The right time for a new specialty Agreement for the Appointment of Clerks of works for construction projects in the National Health Service An Introduction to Public Procurement Sainsbury Centre for Mental Health NIMHE Healthcare Commission Luiz Dratcu - Psychiatric Bulletin NHS Estates Office of Government Commerce


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Avoidable Deaths Five Year Report of the National Confidential Inquiry into Suicide and Homicide by People with mental illness University of Manchester A new model of triage in an aged person mental health service. Australasian Psychiatry Vol. 13 No. 1 March 2005 Brief on Saving Carbon - Improving Health Briefing 16 – An Executive Briefing on Adult Acute Inpatient Care for people with Mental Health Problems Carer/Service User Survey Cases for Change – (Hospital Services) Cases for Change – (Policy Context) Cases for Change – Emerging Areas of Service Provision Childrens Bill ( HL) Cognitive Remediation Therapy produces moderate improvements in working memory in people with schizophrenia evidence based mental health 11: 18.2008 Competitive Dialogue in Practice Kuruvilla G. Macdonald. G 2005 Lancashire Care NHS Foundation Trust Sainsbury Centre for Mental Health Lancashire Care NHS trust NIMHE NIMHE NIMHE Authority of the House of Lords Sartory G Susie Smith Consultant Bevan Brittan LLP

CEO bulletin 802/2/09

HL BILL 35 53/3


Competitive Dialogue Procedure: OGC Guidence on the Competitive Dialogue Procedure in the new procurement Regulations Competitive dialogue: A Business Perspecitive Competitive dialogue: The Public Sector perspective 'Getting deals done' Contract Procedure Rules: Version 1 (Revised 2007) Core document, National service framework for Children, Young people & maternity services Creating Capable Teams Approach Crisis Resolution and Home Treatment – A Practical guide Delivering the Government’s Mental Health Policies, Services, Staffing and Costs – Delivering Quality and Value: Focus on acute admissions in adult mental health Development of Australias first psychiatric emergency centre Directive 2004/18/EC of the European parliament and of the council EU procurement Guidence: Introduction to the EU Procurement Rules - Updated EU procurement Thresholds Everybody's business - Integrated mental health services for older adults - a service development guide Executive Summary- National service framework for Children, Young people & maternity services From Values to Action – The Chief Nursing Officer’s Review of Mental Health Nursing Full Business Case for re-shaping Health Services:Workforce Planning Guidance Statement on Fidelity and Best Practice for Crisis Services Guide to the agreement for the appointment of architects, surveyors & engineers for commisions in the National Health Service Guide to the agreement for the appointment of projects managers for commissions for construction project in the National Health Service Hamilton R Gordon. P Naji S 2002. Service innovation. The first year of a brief psychiatric screening clinic. Health Building Notice 35 (HBN 35) Helping People through Mental Health Crisis – the Role of Crisis Resolution and Home Treatment Services How to Cost a Hospital ( Nhs Estates) Informed Gender Practice – Mental Health Acute Care that works for Women Integrated Business Plan (Revised) Keeping the Faith - Spirituality and recovery from mental health problems Laying the Foundations for better Acute Mental Health Care – Local Development Framework: Statement of Community Involvement

Office of Government Commerce James Fothergill- Head of Policy, Public Services James Ballingall- Partnerships UK Head of Legal Blackpool Council Department of Health Department of Health Sainsbury Centre for Mental Health Sainsbury Centre for Mental Health NHS Institute for Innovation and Improvement Rowena Frank, Lisa Fawcett and Bret Emerson EU Procuement Directive Office of Government Commerce EU Procuement Directive CSIP Department of Health Department of Health Southern Derbyshire Acute Hospitals NHS Trust Department of Health/CSIP NHS Estates NHS Estates


2008 2004 2004 2007 2006 2007 2005 2004 2006 2008 2004/18/EC 2004/17/EC MHPIG 1 978-1-870480-7-27 40493

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Mental Health Policy Implementation Build – National Minimum Standards for General Adult Services in Psychiatric Intensive Care Units (PICU) Department of Health 2002 Mental Health Policy Implementation Guide – Adult Acute Inpatient Care Provision Department of Health (2002)


Mental Health: New Ways of Working for Everyone Mental health triage towards a model for nursing practice. Journal of psychiatric and mental health nursing Modern Standards and Service Models Mental Health National Service Frameworks Morale is high in acute inpatient psychiatry More than Just Staffing Numbers – A workbook for Acute Care Workforce Redesign and Development More than the sum of all the Parts – Improving the Whole System with Crisis Resolution and Home Treatment National Institute for Mental Health - New ways of working for applied psychologists National Suicide Prevention Strategy for England NHS Estates (1999) Not just bricks and mortar. Council Report CR62.. Nurse Staffing Levels in Acute Mental Health Wards in North West England – A Benchmarking Exercise Nurse Staffing, bed numbers and cost of acute psychiatric patient in care

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Occupational therapy defined as a complex intervention. Creek J (2003) Onwards and Upwards – Sustaining Service Improvement in Acute Care Outline Plan of Work Patient Option Meetings - Survey - LCFT Patient satisfaction with pyschiatric services provided by Melbourne Tertiary Hospital Emergency Department - M Summers/B Happell Part 1 – the Acute Client Part 2 – treatment and Care in the Community Plan to Triage patients from Emergency Psychiatric Services Privacy and Dignity – The Elimination of Mixed Sex Accommodation Procure 21: The Porcure 21 Guide Promoting and creating built or natural environments that encourage and support physical activity Proposals for the Modernisation of Adult Mental Health Services in Worcestershire Psychiatric intensive care units, a design for living Qinmac- Quality Improvement network for Mulit-agency CAMHS Records Management - Nhs Code of Practice Part 2 Redesigning inpatient mental health, responding to complex challenges

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HHc 24 Hour Care Report NHS Institute for Innovation and Improvement NHS NICE public health guidelines Worcestershir MH Partnership NHS Trust Psychiatric Bulletin Royal College of Psychiatrists Department of Health HSJ

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Re-Focussing the Care Programme Approach Runaway Patients Mental Health Practice Vol 7 No. 1 Safety, Privacy and Dignity in Mental Health Units

Department of Health Bowers L et al NHS Executive

2008 2003 1999 15982 1p 14k HD: Hospital Development; Vol 36 Issue 1

Seclusion: Factors to consider when designing and using a seclusion suite in a mental health hospital. Single Assessment Process - MH for Older Adults Standards for Adult Mental Health Services Standards of Places of Safety Under Section 136 of the Mental Health Act (1983) Standing Financial Instructions

Curan / Adnett / Zigmond South London & Maudsley NHS Trust Health Advisory Service HAS Royal College of Psychiatrists CR61 Lancashire Care NHS trust


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The psychiatric intensive care unit - A prospective survey of patient demographics and outcomes at Seven English PICU's Journal of Psychiatric Intensive Care The Search for Acute Solutions – Improving the Quality of Care in Acute Psychiatric Wards T The Ten Essential Shared Capabilities for Mental Health Practice Transforming Mental Health Care – Assertive Outreach and Crisis Resolution in Practice Training in Cognitive behavioural interventions on acute psychiatric inpatient wards The Sainsbury Centre NIMHE Sainsbury Centre for Mental Health Journal of psychiatric and mental health nursing

Training and disseminating family interventions for schizophrenia: developing family intervention skills with multidisciplinary groups The association for Family Therapy and Systemic Practice Triage in mental health - a new model for inpatient psychiatry. Psychiatric bulletin UK low secure units in the spotlight Workforce Design and Development - Best Practice Guidance Inglis G Baggaley M. 2005 Journal of Psychiatric Intensive Care Department of Health


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