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					Using PVA in the winter
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Mother of Mary, forget the fact that it’s bloody freezing, this winter you could have bigger problems: your PVA products might not be melting. Panic not, Damo’s on hand: a four-seasons version for you all and all the extra tricks for extra bites. Bahamas!
OH, PLEASE MELT With winter upon us and the water temperatures dropping, it’s not just trying to keep warm and out of the wind that become of major importance - it’s making sure that your rigs and presentations are spot on, so that during any short feeding spells any chances are maximised. PVA is now so common and available from nearly every tackle shop, with nearly every manufacturer seeming to have their own version of the Funnel Web System. The problems associated with some PVA meshes and tapes are that they simply don’t melt quickly enough. In tests some of our competitors products were taking nearly 10 minutes to melt in summer water temperatures, let alone sub zero, Polar bear conditions. NO LADDER - PLEASE We had for a number of years the most popular PVA refills for both the large Funnel Web and its smaller counterpart, the Boilie Funnel Web. With Nick Helleur’s invention of the Dynamite Stick Method, the Boilie Web System seemed to find its way in to just about everyone’s tackle bag. The only problems we have had with the old style PVA mesh is that some anglers seemed to struggle with laddering it, so after resisting change for as long as we could, an Anti-Ladder version was sourced. To give you an idea, there is far more material used in the weaving process to get these Anti-Ladder properties. This new PVA mesh is bomb proof and even the roughest hands of the toughest ‘pikey’ would
be able to easily use it without any problems with it laddering. Most anglers using the ‘Dynamite Method’ were incorporating the tinned Meat and Marine Groundbait into their stick mixes, which was fine when using the original PVA, but because of the high oil content, this caused problems with the Anti-Ladder meshes. The increased thread content in these new PVA refills causes problems when angler’s previously making sticks prior to going with the original mesh and now doing the same with the Anti-Ladder with very oily mixes. Obviously oil repels water and if the Dynamite Sticks are made up and left to really soak up the oil, the PVA can sometimes almost become ‘waterproofed’ and take a very long time to dissolve.

THE BIRTH So with these problems in mind, we set about developing a new AntiLadder refill that had the same properties and melt times as the original mesh, but could also be used with live baits such as maggots and the tiny pellets that have now become very popular. Most importantly it needed to be cold water friendly; nobody wants to reel in a stick that’s been out in the lake for a few hours! This new product has now been released and is now known as the 4 SEASON MICROMESH. The older Anti-Ladder refill with its 3mm hexagonal weave has been relabelled 3 SEASON. With all of them having the ‘seasonal use’ logos on them so there is no confusion.

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Using PVA in the winter
s Just a couple of point ght help. If you that mi want to use fishy groundbaits with the standard Anti-Ladder then try ‘cutting’ the Meat and Marine with another dry groundbait ck such as the Amino Bla mite Baits at: (Dyna

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s If you feel that it need d attraction some adde then add ‘canning’ oil s from tinned fish as thi much thinner than the is bottles of salmon type m oil that is available fro Other tackle shops. er liquids such as the Tig m Dynamite Nut stuff fro t added to the Tiger Nu makes a Method Mix brilliant mix. The se important thing is the ids don’t affect the liqu PVA adversely.

MOVING ON... Away from the Funnel Webs, a lot of PVA tapes and strings suffer with shrinkage. If you make up a threebait stringer and make sure that there is a gap between the boilies, you’ll see that when the PVA reacts with the water it shrinks, pulling the baits together. This is fine in the summer, as the warmer water will dissolve the PVA rapidly, but in the winter this can spell disaster. The boilies can end up sealed together so any rigs you may have attached a stringer to or tied back the Hair to prevent a tangle may well still be connected when you wind in the following morning - not good. Generally the biggest problems are with the braided type string; even those with low amounts of strands. A few minutes spent testing the product in the edge can save you winding in that stringer that you cast out the night before. If you’re using this type, just make sure the gaps are wide enough between the baits on the stringer so that when the string shrinks, there is still a gap left. This is ok when fishing ‘short’, but for ‘wanging’ ‘em out, these long stringers aren’t really the way forward. ... NOW MOVING ON TO SOMETHING NEW With this in mind I sourced some new PVA tape. A solid type and 10mms wide. This is absolutely perfect for stringers and tying the Hairs back, or the tops of solid PVA bags. The ‘Kwik Melt’ is encased on a spool with the plastic flanges. This allows the tape to pull off, yet stop any damp or moisture in the air from damaging it.

Rather than tying the stringer on with a knot on to the hook, I always form a loop and pull the baits on to the loop using a ‘stringer needle’. With just a loop protruding from the top of the boilie simply drop the loop over the point of the hook. By just pulling the boilie up towards the hook and reducing the size of the loop you will secure the stringer without the use of knot. The PVA will melt rapidly with no residue left on the hook. HOLD IT BACK Both Danny and I use the tape to tie back the Hair to the shank of the hook on each and every cast, just to




Do loads of chin wagging on the bank? We do. And it rocks. And no doubt you all do. So here’s our Johnnnnnny with a monthly dose to get you talking - even more! Oh, hello! I have no idea how the editors persuaded me to write in this issue of CARPology. I can only assume Rob and Joe’s sartorial elegance and overall goodbloke-ishness got the better of me. They should never have introduced me to December’s Fitty of the Month! Anyway, if I am allowed, I would like to contribute to CARPology on a regular basis. As my old mate Dave Woods affectionately says: I hope you will join me for a ‘Chin-Wag’ from time to time. QUOTE OF THE MONTH Trawling back in the memory banks... for some reason the words of Albert Romp seem to spring to mind when he so succinctly put it to me at the start of a session in the 1980’s: ‘Don’t forget mate, we’ve seen it all before’. This has to be my quote of the month: “Its all been done before”. Albert Romp commenting in a discussion between Bob Baker, Albert and John Baker about rigs and presentation at Savay Lake in the summer of 1985. This was more than relevant since some sad person or person’s had stolen one of Albert’s secret rigs. Incidentally, that was 19 years ago - Albert, do you remember?! (I think it was Bob that nicked the rig. I’ve been meaning to tell you for ages!).

make sure that it doesn’t tangle around the hook. You can bet that the one time it tangles, you lose a fish because the rig hasn’t worked effectively. Just ask Darrell Peck about the fish he lost on the Car Park Lake! If you use the Kwik-Melt, just simply Overhand Knot it around the shank and Hair and pull really tight. As soon as water gets to it, it’ll dissolve instantly and because you’ve pulled it tight, as the tape melts it’ll breakaway before melting fully, leaving the rig just as it should be! NOT A ‘NUGGET’ Finally, a little trick Regan put me on

too. Whilst fishing amongst weed and using the Solar Nuggets, he’d found that sometimes the nugget would detach from the hook on entry and be left floating on the surface, or on the odd occasion come off on the cast. So his little idea was to put three or four bits in a Boilie Funnel Web tube and pack them down nice and tight using the Kompressa. What you have is a little nugget package that you can either hook on through the PVA mesh or bury the hook in to if you need to whack it in the weed. A bit too clever for his own good that Regan! Till next time, adios amigos.

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