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									                                                                        Annex A

Summary of National Priorities, other Key Partnership
Targets and Policing Plan Regulations Requirements
Where it supports our principle of putting the Surrey public first, we will
demonstrate delivery against national priorities including the Public Service
Agreements and the Home Secretary’s Strategic Policing Priorities for the
Police Service.

We are also committed to supporting targets delivered in partnership through
the Local Area Agreement, the Surrey County Community Safety Agreement
(and County Community Strategy) and the Local Criminal Justice Board.
These priorities and targets are summarised below, together with a table
highlighting where our targets support or contribute to these priorities.

Relevant Public Service Agreements (PSAs)
(See HM Treasury website for more details)
   PSA 14 – Increase the number of children and young people on the path
    to success
   PSA 23 – Making communities safer
   PSA 24 – Deliver a more effective, transparent and responsive Criminal
    Justice System for victims and the public
   PSA 25 – Reduce the harm caused by drugs and alcohol
   PSA 26 – Reduce the risk to the UK and its interests overseas from
    international terrorism.

Summary of the Home Secretary’s Strategic Policing Priorities
(SPPs) for the Police Service
(See the National Community Safety Plan for more details)
   SPP 1 – Reduce crime in line with national PSAs 23 and 25 including
    focusing on more serious violence, serious acquisitive crime, alcohol
    related crime and disorder and anti-social behaviour

March 2008
    SPP 2 – Increase public confidence in and satisfaction with the police
     through an emphasis on the quality of service provided to the public
    SPP 3 – In line with PSA 24, work in partnership to deliver a more
     effective, transparent and responsive Criminal Justice System (CJS) for
     the victims and the public
    SPP 4 – Work jointly to ensure that adequate capability and capacity
     exists across England and Wales to deliver effective policing to tackle
     serious and organised crime and to provide other protective services
    SPP 5 – In respect of counter terrorism and violent extremism in line with
     PSA 26, work with and through local communities as appropriate to disrupt
     terrorists and their operations
    SPP 6 – Both police authorities and forces are required to make the best
     use of resources, with a continuing commitment to achieving significant
     cashable improvements in efficiency and productivity.

Summary of Key Partnership Targets

Policing Plan       Indicator /                           Description
    Reference       Reference

Provisional Local Area Agreement (LAA) Target Areas
(note will not be finalised until 2 June)

LAA 1             NI 5                 Overall satisfaction with local area

LAA 2             NI 7                 Environment for a thriving 3rd sector

LAA 3             NI 21                Dealing with local concerns about anti-social

LAA 4             NI 30                Prolific and Priority Offenders

LAA 5             NI 32                Repeat incidents of domestic violence (in
                                       those    subject    to   Multi    Agency   Risk
                                       Assessment Conference (MARAC))

LAA 6             NI 36                Protection against counter terrorism

LAA 7             NI 41                Perceptions of drunk and rowdy behaviour

LAA 8             NI 111               First time entrants to youth justice system

March 2008
LAA 9         NI 142           Vulnerable people supported to maintain
                               independent living

Surrey County Community Safety Agreement

CSA 1         Objective 1      Reduce more serious violence

CSA 2         Objective 2      Continue to make progress on serious
                               acquisitive crimes through a focus on issue
                               of greatest priority in each locality

CSA 3         Objective 3      Tackle the crime disorder and anti-social
                               behaviour issues of greatest importance in
                               each locality, increasing confidence in local

CSA 4         Objective 4      Reduce re-offending

CSA 5         Objective 5      Early intervention and prevention

Surrey County Community Strategy

CCS 1         NI 110           Young people and positive activity

CCS 2         NI 40            Drug users in treatment

CCS 3         NI 47 / 48       People killed / seriously injured in road traffic

CCS 4         NI 26            Support to victims of serious sexual offences

CCS 5         NI 39            People       presenting     at   Accident   and
                               Emergency with drink related problems

Local Criminal Justice Board

LCJB 1        SPI ?            Offences brought to justice

LCJB 2        SPI ?            Public confidence in the Criminal Justice
                               System (CJS)

LCJB 3        SPI ?            Victim and witness satisfaction with the CJS
                               (from October 08)

LCJB 4        SPI ?            Better       identify     and    explain    race
                               disproportionality in CJS

LCJB 5        SPI ?            Asset recovery

March 2008
 LCJB 6                              Achieve a fixed penalty payment rate of 90
                                     per cent with respect to fines

 LCJB 7                              Execute failure to appear warrants          (FTA)
                                     within specified timescales and reduce the
                                     number of outstanding FTA warrants

 LCJB 8                              Resolve community penalties within given
                                     timescales   and    reduce     the   number    of
                                     outstanding cases

 LCJB 9                              Recall of probationers on license within
                                     specific   timescales    for     standard     and
                                     emergency cases

 LCJB 10                             Achieve and arrest to sentence period of 65
                                     days for persistent young offenders

 LCJB 11                             Reduce re-offending of high risk offenders
                                     and improved partnership working

Local Consultation
The 2008-11 Local Policing Plan has been drawn up taking account of those
priorities for policing identified by Surrey residents. Authority members have
considered the results of the 2007 Neighbourhood Policing Plan survey carried
out by Surrey Police, as well as the results from the Surrey Police Authority
postal, newspaper and online surveys and feedback from the Expo events and
Youth Conference, when setting this year’s targets.            Full details of the
consultation results can be obtained from the Authority’s secretariat.

Policing Plan Regulations – Other Requirements
Many of the requirements of the Policing Plan Regulations (2008) have been
demonstrated in the main body of the Local Policing Plan and in the tables
included within this annex.     More information on those issues we have not
included in our plan is set out overleaf:

 March 2008
     Policing Plan                          Further Information
Action taken or action     A number of bodies make recommendations to the
planned to address the     Force and Authority following inspections and
findings from audit and    audits, including Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of
inspection reports, or     Constabulary and the Audit Commission. These are
following direction from   entered onto the Force Recommendations
the Home Secretary         Database (FRD) which is used to track their
                           progress. Once a recommendation has been
                           satisfactorily dealt with it is discharged from the
                           active database. Live recommendations on the
                           FRD are reviewed quarterly by the Force and the
                           Authority’s Audit Committee.
Information on planned     Surrey Police submitted a three-year efficiency plan
increases in efficiency    to the Home Office in April 2007 for 2007/08 –
and productivity and how 2009/10. Surrey Police has achieved or exceeded
the Force proposes to      the target in each of the eight years up to and
meet any target set for    including 2006/07, and plans to maintain this for the
increased efficiency and   current year and three-year plan. Progress against
productivity               the plan is monitored by the Authority’s Finance
                           and Performance Panel. In addition, both the
                           Authority’s treasurer and the chief constable are
                           required to certify any cashable gains identified.
Information on             Collaborative working between Surrey and other
collaborative working      forces covers a number of areas of business.
between Surrey and
other forces               The Surrey/Sussex collaboration project on
                           protective services developed detailed proposals
                           for an Integrated Special Operations Command,
                           which would integrate all protective services under
                           a single unified command. Following an intensive
                           review of the protective services in both forces,
                           each force's view of the potential operational

March 2008
                           benefits from the integrated command differed and
                           it was agreed that the Command was not

                           However, many benefits have developed from the
                           closer working over the past 18 months and these
                           will not be lost. The two forces will continue to
                           explore opportunities on protective services to
                           improve the services provided to local residents. A
                           wider south east collaboration programme on
                           protective services continues to progress.

                           The Force’s Protective Service Gap Analysis and
                           Action Plan, against which we will be inspected,
                           identify ongoing areas where there are
                           opportunities for collaboration with other forces.

                           Aside from protective services, the Force continues
                           to explore opportunities for collaboration in the
                           delivery of back office services and procurement.
Planned improvements       The Force is developing a Protective Services
in the delivery of         Action Plan. The plan is a restricted document, but
protective services        will be scrutinised by the Authority’s Control of
                           Crime panel.
Out-turn information for   Details will be published on the Authority’s website
Statutory Performance      by 30 June.
Indictors (SPIs)
Equality and Human         Both the Force and the Authority have published
Rights                     equality schemes that are available online or by
                           contacting the Authority’s secretariat. The Authority
                           is working with the Force to ensure compliance with
                           the Human Rights Act and appropriate scrutiny
                           across relevant areas of Force business.

March 2008
    Summary of Local Policing Plan Priorities demonstrating how they support:

        Central Government Public Service Agreements                             Results of local consultation

        Home Secretary’s Strategic Policing Priorities for the Police            Force level Strategic Assessment.

        Other Key Partnership Targets (see above)

Policing Plan Target                                 PSA         SPP         LAA       CSA        CCS      LCJB    Consultation      Force
                                                                                                                    Priorities     Strategic
Increase public confidence in policing              PSA 24      SPP 2        LAA 3    CSA 3               LCJB 2                      
                                                                SPP 3

Increase overall satisfaction with police           PSA 24      SPP 2        LAA 1                        LCJB 3        
                                                                SPP 3

Civil contingency capability and preparedness       PSA 26      SPP 5        LAA 6

Control of Class A drugs supply                     PSA 25      SPP 1                            CCS 2                  

Disrupt / dismantle organised criminal groups       PSA 23      SPP 4                                     LCJB 5                      

Serious violence and serious acquisitive crime      PSA 23      SPP 1                 CSA 1                                          
reduction                                                       SPP 5                 CSA 2

Improve effectiveness of forensic information       PSA 23      SPP 1                 CSA 2               LCJB 1                     

Improve efficiency                                 PSA 24     SPP 6

Stabilise staff turnover                                      SPP 6

    March 2008

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