CM10196 Discrete Mathematics for Computation Learning Log 2 by luckboy


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									CM10196: Discrete Mathematics for Computation Learning Log 2
Set November 19th 2007; hand-in date set by your tutor
Coursework forms 25% of the assessment for this unit. Coursework will consist of your answers to eight problem sheets, plus the “learning log” exercise. Each problem sheet will be marked out of 10, and there will be 20 marks for the learning log. This sheet asks you to prepare the second part of the learning log, and is worth 5 marks.

Learning Log 2: Sets, quantifiers, induction
Continue to complete your learning log for this course, updating it to cover topics 2 and 3: sets and quantifiers, and proof by induction. Your learning log should include: • a breakdown of the key concepts and topics that you have studied in this part of the course • for each topic, a note about your own experience of that material. You might record things like: – was it familiar from previous study? was it brand new to you? – did you find it easy to understand? is it still unclear? – if you started out not understanding something, but it makes sense now, was there a particular piece of insight that helped? If so, recording it here might be useful in the future. – will you need to look at it again before understanding it properly? if so, what do you plan to do? – is it interesting or boring? – do you expect to have done well on the related problem sheet?


• if you have found any useful material in books, on the web, or elsewhere, which is relevant to these topics, you can list them here too. There are no right or wrong answers. The object of this exercise is to encourage you to look at the material again, and be honest with yourself about your learning. The learning log should also become a useful reference for you when the time comes to revise for exams.


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