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									                              What happens in the event of an
                                      Our children’s team has been trained to

                                                                                     Answers to
                              handle most emergency situations. In case of a
                              fire or other building emergency our team is
                              prepared to take the proper precautions to
                              ensure that your child is in the safest place
                              possible. Many staff members are also trained
                              in CPR and first aide.                                      your
                              What if my child needs me during
                              the service?
                                      When you sign your child in for the
                              morning, all children birth through 3 as well as
                              guest children through 1st grade and children
                              with allergies will receive a safe and secure
                              #ID This number will be on their nametag as
                              well as your parent security tag. If your child
            Our mission is:   needs your care during the service we will
                              post your number on the boxes located on
           Working hand in    both sides of the sanctuary.

       hand with families,
   staff, and congregation
                                If you have any other
    by loving All children,    questions, please let our
    and empowering each       team know and we will be
   family to KNOW Jesus,          happy to help you!
GROW in His grace and GO                                                         Information for
           share His love.
                                                                                 Parents &
 Every child is a                       3300 East Beltline Ave. NE
 gift of God!
Where do I                                                                                                          How do I know that my child is
register my child?                                                                                                  safe and secure?
 Baby Booth:                                                                                                               The Sunshine kids team is made up
                                                                                                                    of dedicated staff and volunteers who are
 If you have a children birth through two                                                                           committed to nurturing your children both
 years, please register them for our Early                                                                          physically and spiritually in a safe and fun
 Childhood Ministry at the                                                                                          atmosphere. We will do everything possible
 Baby Booth located in front of our                              When will my child                                 to ensure that your child is safe and
 nursery area. Your child will receive a
 guest nametag and safe and secure #ID.
                                                                 receive a permanent nametag?                       secure and loved with a Christ like heart!
                                                                        When your family decides that you           Parent Security nametags: E a c h p a r e n t
 Kidfo Booth:                                                    would like to attend Sunshine on a regular
                                                                                                                    of a child age birth through 1st grade will
 If you have a children 3 years through 5th                      basis, we ask that you fill out one registration
                                                                 form for each child birth through 2 at the Baby    receive a security nametag upon
 grade please register them for our                                                                                 registration. Only a parent or guardian in
                                                                 Booth and one registration form for your
 preschool and elementary education at                                                                              possession of this security tag will be
                                                                 children ages 3 through 5th grade at the KIdfo
 the Kidfo Booth located left of the main                                                                           allowed to pick up their child.
                                                                 Booth. Each child will then be placed in an
 doors. Your child will
                                                                 age-appropriate class and will receive a
 receive a guest nametag                                         permanent nametag.                                 Screening: E a c h t e a m m e m b e r w o r k i n g
 with a red lanyard                                                              Children ages 3 through 5th        with children must first fill out a ministry
 which we ask that                                                                 grade will be asked to take      application and have a background check
 you turn in at the                                                                    their nametag home and       completed prior to service.
 end of class.                                                                         return with it each week.
                                                                                       There is a $3 charge if a    Potty Patrol: I n o u r E a r l y C h i l d h o o d
                                                                                       nametag needs to be          Ministry, only adult team members are
                                                                                       replaced.                    allowed to change the diaper of a young
                                                                                                                    child and two people must always be
                                                                                                                    present when taking a child to the
                                                                                        Please let the
                                                                                                                    bathroom. For children ages 3 through 1st
                                                                                         registration team
                                                                                           member know if your      grade we have a team of adults who have
                                                                                             child has allergies.   been thoroughly screened to assist your
                                                                                                                    child in the bathroom.
                                                                                            They will receive a
                                                                                              yellow nametag        Security Cameras: T o e n s u r e t h e s a f e t y
                                                                                              alerting our team
                                                                                                                    of our youngest children, we have security
                                                                                              to the specific
                                                                                                     allergy.       cameras installed in all of our nurseries.
                                                                                                                    Parents as well as the team supervisor can
 Will my child receive a snack?                                                                                     monitor these at anytime.

           Each child birth through age 3 will receive an age
                                                                                                                    Allergies: U p o n r e g i s t r a t i o n , y o u r c h i l d
 appropriate snack. If your child needs a bottle or a special snack due to                                          will receive a yellow name tag if they have
 allergies, please let a team member know of your child’s need.                                                     an allergy. The team is notified and aware
                                                                                                                    of the situation. If your child requires a
          Please make every effort to have your child fed prior to church                                           special snack, please prepare one and
 as team members are not allowed to offer foods other than our approved snacks                                      make the team aware of your child’s need.
 and drinks during the service.
                                                                                                                    More FAQ’s on back panel

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