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                                                                                                               SMALL BUSINESS
                                                                                                                 WEEK 2010

      The SBA’s
 Family-Owned Small
                                        2010 SBA FAMILY-OWNED SMALL BUSINESS
 Business of the Year                                    YEAR
        Award                      Nominee’s Name:
 honors family-owned-
and-operated businesses            Name of Business:
with more than a 15 year           Title/Position:
history that have passed
ownership & operations             Business Address:
  from one generation              Home Address:
       to another.
                                   Telephone: (Business)                              (Fax)                       (Home)
Eligibility & Nominations:         E-mail address:                                                      NAICS Code:
 Nominee must be a majority
  owner and 2) operate or bear
  principal responsibility for
  operating the family owned       Sponsor’s Name:
  small business.
 Family members who jointly       Business/Organization:
  own and operate a small
  business may be nominated as     Address:
  a “team.”
                                   Telephone:                         (Fax)                      E-mail:
 SBA’s size standards apply in
  the determination of the
  eligibility of a business.       Give a brief one-paragraph description of the nominee’s business:

 All information must be on the
  official form and not exceed
  four pages - no attachments
  will be accepted.

 The nomination forms must be
  signed by nominator(s) and all
                                   Give a concise statement clearly describing why the nominated individual should be recognized with
 A Consent for Disclosure and
  SBA Release form will also be    this SBA Small Business Award:
  required for all nominees.

   2010 SBA
 Small Business
           are due
  Nov. 16, 2009
     Please deliver to:

 Hawaii District Office
  300 Ala Moana, #2-235
    Honolulu, HI 96850

For more information, contact
       Jane Sawyer                 Date and Type of SBA Assistance:
 ( or           Please note SBA Assistance is not required for a nominee to be eligible for this SBA Award Category.
 808-541-2990, ext. 205)
                                             Nominations will be evaluated by the following criteria:

I.   Evidence of success as measured by sales and profits. Please include gross revenues for the past three years:

                                          2006                            2007                              2008

     (Profit and loss statements and balance sheets for the past three years will be required from the State winner.)

                                                             2006                           2007                   2008
                             Total Assets
                             Total Liabilities
                             Net Worth


II. Increased employment opportunities for family members and non-family members for the nominee’s business.

2010 SBA Small Business Awards – Hawaii District              SBA Family Onwed Small Business of the Year                 Page 2 of 4
III. Demonstrated potential necessary for long-term business success and economic growth.

IV. Voluntary efforts to strengthen family-owned businesses within the community.

2010 SBA Small Business Awards – Hawaii District   SBA Family Onwed Small Business of the Year   Page 3 of 4
                                                          Additional Information

The prestigious Small Business Awards honor the outstanding small business men and women who demonstrate excellence and
achievement. All nominees and nominees’ businesses must comply with state and federal regulations regarding labor, immigration, civil
rights, taxation, and other applicable regulations. Any financial information provided as required for the nomination will be held in strict
confidence by the selection committee and SBA.

By submitting the completed nomination form, the nominee certifies that, to the best of his/her knowledge, the information
provided is correct and the business has complied with regulations, as stated above.

Please note that SBA will accept only one nomination per person or business entity per year. Nominations in multiple categories
will also not be considered. If a duplicate nomination is received, the nomination submitted to HDO at the earliest time will be eligible for
the award. SBA winners who were honored in this category prior to the 2005 awards (more than five years ago) may be nominated
if they continue to meet all criteria for eligibility for the award.

A Family Owned Small Business of the Year will be selected from qualified candidates for the counties of Hawaii, Maui, Kauai, and the City &
County of Honolulu. From the top candidates, a State winner will be named. The State of Hawaii winner will be considered for the Regional
title along with other winners representing Nevada, California, Arizona and Guam and will be required to submit an expanded package by
January 2010 for that competition. The Region IX winner will then compete at the National level.

Three headshots/portrait-type photographs and 15-18 colored photo images of the winner, their business operation, and at least one
photo with/of their nominator will be required for publicity and the State Luncheon presentation. The photos may be in hard copy or
digital format. These items will be due in the District Office in early February 2010.

      Sponsor Signature(s):

      __________________________Date___________                        _______________________Date____________
      Sponsor                                                          Sponsor

      Nominee Signature(s):

      __________________________Date___________                        _______________________Date____________
      Nominee                                                          Nominee

      __________________________Date___________                        _______________________Date____________
      Nominee                                                          Nominee

  Received at SBA District Office on ______________ by ___________________.                            For internal use only:
                                          (Date)              (Staff)

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