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Scaffold brochure Update 0703

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Scaffold brochure Update 0703

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The Branch Network
SGB have branches throughout the UK, providing you with the range of SGB products for hire and sale. As well as stocks held locally for fast availability, SGB can call on its national network to provide stock for larger or specialist requirements. We offer many options in order to tailor a solution as closely as possible to the application needs. Our experienced Sales teams and branch staff are able to assist you with additional information or help that you require.

Quality Service
Our manufacturing plant is ISO9002 certificated and our product range meets or exceeds relevant British Standards. Our hire equipment is carefully inspected and scrutinised on a regular basis to ensure that it works well first time and every time. Our internal procedures are based on BSI quality systems and there is continual monitoring of our Branch customer service.

We have an in-house safety team who have wide experience of the many different aspects of this business. In addition, we have product specialists who are experts in their field, and are involved in safety committees and the British Standards process. This is your reassurance of the safety support behind our business services.

Safety Guides
We have Safety Guides for most of our products and our sales teams and branch staff can help you with safety surveys or further information.


Specialist Services

Taskforce is a Hire and Installation service to compliment the range of SGB products. This professional service of skilled and experienced teams of scaffolders and operatives can erect and dismantle a wide variety of products with the objective of boosting productivity, minimising costs and reducing the safety worries associated with construction and events related applications. Taskforce is available through the branch network.

SGB Training Services
SGB Training Services’ offer a variety of courses relevant to the construction industry. The trainers have had many years first hand experience in Scaffolding operations and are committed to providing high standards of service to meet client requirements. A variety of scaffolding courses (both Tube and Fit and System scaffolds), Safety Harness Training as well as Inspection, PASMA and IPAF courses are available. For more detailed information on these courses please phone SGB Training Services on 01403 220000.

International Business
Based from a Head Office in the UK, our International business operates through agents and distributors throughout the world promoting the Scaffolding, Formwork and Falsework range of Products. For international enquiries, please phone 01403 220000.

Please see inside back cover for information on placing an order through your local branch

Scaffolding Equipment
For over eighty years the SGB name has been synonymous with scaffolding, and has always been at the heart of all major developments in the access market, having been the innovator of tubular steel scaffolding. SGB can supply a wide range of large and small volumes of tube, scaffold boards (BS and MSG) and scaffold fittings, both pressed and drop forged. We usually design products to our own rigorous specification, but we also offer selected proprietary products to our own quality standards. This approach ensures the essential element of choice. SGB pioneered the introduction of traditional scaffolding and is still the UK’s largest supplier. Traditional scaffolding can be used in a wide range of applications on both large and small scales. The wide range of accessories makes the range easily adaptable.
SAFETY COMPLIANCE/ INFORMATION • Complies with: Tube BS1139 Section 1.1 Scaffold Boards BS2482 Fittings BS1139 Section 2.1/2.2 • Safe Working Loads will vary between 0.75kN and 3kN per square metre depending on the configuration of the scaffold. Please contact your local branch for further information. • Under new Guidance from the NASC, endorsed by the H&SE, all scaffold erectors must wear a harness whilst erecting, dismantling and working on scaffolding over 4 metres platform height. All methods of erection/ dismantling scaffolding and the use of Safety harnesses should be in conjunction with SG4 Guidance Notes issued by the NASC. SGB can supply you with a suitable harness. Please contact your local branch.

• • • • • Largest supplier of scaffolding in the UK with a large stock holding Full compliance with British Standards High quality specification Wide range available heavy duty and light duty requirements Full range of accessories available

Scaffold Tube and Boards

Pressed Fittings

Drop Forged Fittings

APPLICATIONS New Building Building Refurbishment Building Extensions House building Sign Installation Civil Engineering

Ancillary Components


ASSOCIATED PRODUCTS SGB Cuplok Scaffold Systems Rubbish Chutes Steel Trestles Pole Ladders Steel Ladders Safety Guides Available Wear Safety Helmet Wear Safety Harness Wear gloves Wear protective footwear Truck More than one person required for assembly

ASSOCIATED LITERATURE Scaffold Tube, Fittings and Ladder Beam Safety Guide Anchor and Tie Safety Guide Scaffold Decking Safety Guide SGB Rental and Sales Product and Services Catalogue


If you would like a visit, personalised estimate or product and services information please telephone SGB on

08705 288 388


Scaffold Tube and Boards
SGB supply Aluminium, Galvanised and Black Scaffold tube for hire or sale. All tube purchased by SGB conform to BS1139 Section 1.1

Scaffold Boards
Scaffold Boards are a natural resource and are not a factory production item like many of our products. This means that careful visual inspection is important, as they perform a vital safety function in providing a secure working platform. The requirement for eliminating sub standard boards is still maintained in spite of the high competitive nature of most scaffold board transactions. SGB supply ‘Superboards’, with a support frequency of 1.5m (5ft) or Stress Graded Boards with a support frequency of 1.2m (4ft). Every type of board has it’s own specification.

Properties of Steel Tube
Nominal outside diameter Wall Thickness Sectional Area Moment of Inertia Elastic Modulus Radius of Gyration 48.3mm 4.00mm 5.57cm2 13.8cm4 5.7cm3 1.51cm

Code: Range of Lengths Weight(kg/m) Black Tube 001101 0.3m -6.3m (1ft -21ft) 4.46 Galvanised Tube 001201 0.3m -6.3m (1ft -21ft) 4.66 Aluminium Tube 001301 0.3m -6.3m (1ft -21ft) 1.67

Weight(kg/ft) 1.36 1.42 0.51

Steel Putlogs
For putlog scaffolds we also supply large quantities of steel putlogs with flattened blade ends which avoid the need for separate end fittings.

Conform to BS2482
Code: 001400 Range of Lengths Weight(kg/m) 0.3m - 3.9m (1-13ft) 4.46 Weight(kg/ft) 1.36

Machine Stress Graded
Code: Length Steel Putlogs 002358 1.5m (5ft) Galvanised Putlogs 002501 1.5m (5ft) Weight(kg/m) 6.8 6.8 Weight(kg/ft) 5.32 5.32 Code: 001400 Range of Lengths Weight(kg/m) 1.5m - 3.9m (5-13ft) 4.46 Weight(kg/ft) 1.36

For international enquires please telephone


01403 200 000

Pressed Fittings
SGB Pressed Fittings are manufactured by a modern rapid production system. The materials employed are principally alloy steels to BS1449, and fittings have been tested and conform to the requirements of BS1139 Section 2.1 (EN74) 1991. The fittings are treated to resist corrosion having a complete zinc coating with chromate passivation to BS1706.

Joint Pin
Provides end to end connection of scaffold tubes. Operates by being inserted internally and expands to apply grip against the inner walls of the tubes. The fittings are designed only for compression joints, and should not be used where tension can be developed in the tubes.
Code: 006400 Weight(kg) 0.85 S.W.L.(kN) None in Tension

Double Coupler
Double Couplers connect two scaffold tubes at right angles. These are critical components in the scaffold structure and must be load bearing to resist both slip and distortion. The design is based on a strong one piece body with flaps and T-bolts that can be removed for maintenance or replacement.
Code: 006100 Weight(kg) 0.91 S.W.L.(kN) 6.25

Putlog End
Used to convert a scaffold tube into a putlog, making the maximum use of short lengths of tube.

Swivel Coupler
Swivel Couplers connect two scaffold tubes at any angle to provide a ledger brace, façade, or similar bracing. These are also key components in the structure and must be load bearing. The body is firmly riveted to permit rotation but still ensures the minimum of further movement, for maximum rigidity. Again, the T-bolts can be removed for maintenance.
Code: 006200 Weight(kg) 1.02 S.W.L.(kN) 6.25

Code: 004600

Weight(kg) 0.57

Wrapover Putlog Coupler (MK3)
Connects putlog or transom tubes to ledger tubes for the support of scaffold boards, The one piece body has been carefully designed and press-formed to provide the maximum resistance to movement and a long working life. It is not required to be a load bearing coupler.
Code: 006700 Weight(kg) 0.77 S.W.L.(kN) 0.6

Sleeve Coupler
Sleeve Couplers join two scaffold tubes externally end to end. A steel divider located centrally ensures equal insertion of each tube. They can be employed where tension joints are required and therefore are particularly useful for long bracing and ledger tubes.
Code: 006000 Weight(kg) 1.13 S.W.L.(kN) 3.1 (Tension)

Adjustable Stair Tread Couplers
Used for the construction of temporary stairways by connecting together scaffold tubes and timbers (often scaffold boards) with angles ranging from 28˚ to 90˚. These units can be used either left of right handed.
Code: 006600 Weight(kg) 1.57

Pressed Putlog Coupler
Connects putlog and transom tubes to ledger tubes in the same way as the conventional fitting, but incorporates two flaps to give a flush top surface to the tube. It is not a load bearing coupler
Code: 006300 Weight(kg) 0.65 S.W.L.(kN) 0.63

Stair Tread Unit Complete
Code: 008900 Weight(kg) 7.45


If you would like a visit, personalised estimate or product and services information please telephone SGB on

08705 288 388


Drop Forged Fittings
SGB have been supplying drop forged fittings for many years, and they have proved to be highly popular in producing the important combination of strength and robustness. Our double couplers in particular include the strongest fitting of its kind available, and our products are specified for the most onerous applications, (e.g. Civil Engineering) where the most reliable and robust products are required. All fittings are produced to meet relevant and/or British Standard requirements.

DH Putlog or Brace Coupler
Designed to secure putlogs and transoms to ledgers. This is a particularly strong design and is capable of taking much higher loadings than normal putlog couplers, making it suitable for ledger bracing.
Weight(kg) S.W.L.(kN)




Double Couplers
Connects two scaffold tubes at right angles. These are important load bearing components, and the drop forged fittings provide the maximum strength. We provide a heavy duty (MK 3A) version which exceeds all British Standard requirements, and a medium duty version for maximum economy which complies with the standard.
Code: Heavy Duty (Mk 3A) 004900 Medium 015100 Weight(kg) 1.25 1.20 S.W.L.(kN) 12.5 6.25 Code:

Wrapover Putlog Coupler
To complement the use of dropforged double couplers a putlog coupler is also supplied. This is used to fasten putlogs and transoms to ledgers. The flap is manufactured from a high quality steel drop-forging.
Weight(kg) S.W.L.(kN)




Drop Forged Joint Pin
Used to connect two scaffold tubes end to end. Fitted internally it expands to apply grip against the walls of the tubes. Not suitable for joints where tension can be developed in the tubes.

Swivel Couplers
The function of the swivel coupler is to connect two scaffold tubes at any angle for ledger, façade or similar bracing. These are important structural components and must be load-bearing. We provide alternative models to compliment the double couplers
Code: Heavy Duty 004800 Medium 015200 Weight(kg) 1.60 1.60 S.W.L.(kN) 6.25 6.25






None in Tension



Netting: SGB can provide debris netting or Monarflex sheeting to protect against personnel or tools falling from scaffolds.

Ancillary Components
Supaties (Wall Ties)
The ‘E’ type Supatie has been designed to replace conventional ring ties, as it provides a firm tie which resists both compression forces and horizontal loads which can arise from scaffold movements, hoists etc. The fitting is compatible with conventional wall anchors, and it is fastened without the need for additional fitting restraint, unlike ring ties. The Standard Supatie will secure any tube at right angles to the face of a building, saving a number of fittings compared with conventional methods. It does not depend upon accurate drilling as it has a unique cam action which offers the flexibility to connect to the tube up to 63mm (21/2”)

Fixed Finial
Connects a scaffold tube at right angles directly to the end of another tube with no projection. Ideal for guardrails, crowd restraint barriers etc.
Code: 003601 Weight(kg) 0.81

Supatie ‘E’ Type

Swivel Finial
Connects a scaffold tube at any angle 15-90˚. Ideal for guardrails on staircases.

Supatie Standard Code: Supatie ‘E’ Type 009001 Code: Supatie Standard 009002 Weight(kg) 1.1 Weight(kg) 1.1 S.W.L.(kN) 6.25 S.W.L.(kN) 6.25

Code: 003602

Weight(kg) 0.73

Ladder Clamp Coupler
This is a unique safety product that enables a ladder to be firmly fastened by the stiles to horizontal scaffold tubes. Used in pairs
Code: 006900 Weight(kg) 0.44

Reveal Pin
Inserted into the end of a scaffold tube and adjusted to form a rigid horizontal or vertical member in any aperture such as a window reveal, to which the scaffold structure can be tied.

Guardboard (Toeboard) Clip
Used to fix a toeboard securely to a scaffold standard. It has two holes for nailing if required, and can be used to ‘stack’ toeboards.
Code: 008400 Weight(kg) 0.23

Code: 004500

Weight(kg) 0.74

Gin Wheel
A sturdy free running gin wheel incorporating a 51mm diameter drop forged swivel ring which completely encircles the tube, ensuring maximum safety. The 254mm pressed steel wheel has a selflubricating bearing and is suitable for rope of up to a 19mm diameter. A test certificate is issued for each gin wheel with manufacture. Sisal Fall Rope is available - see accessories
Code: 305500 Weight(kg) 4.88 S.W.L.(kN) 50 (Max. recommended
operating load)

Band and Plate Coupler
The original load bearing coupler for connecting two scaffold tubes at right angles with one fastening - still widely used by many scaffolders. This is the only 90˚ coupler that can also be used for connecting two load bearing scaffold tubes in parallel.

Code: Band 003100 Plate 003200 S.W.L.(kN): 6.25

Weight(kg) 1.4 0.6


If you would like a visit, personalised estimate or product and services information please telephone SGB on

08705 288 388


Ancillary Components
Base Plate
A 150mm x 150mm steel plate providing a full bearing surface for load distribution from standards. It has a 50mm high integral spigot and two fixing holes for use on sole plates. Standard and economy versions available.
Code: Standard 004300 Economy 005000 Weight(kg) 1.11 1.11

Roofing Coupler
Designed for securing corrugated sheets to scaffold tube without the need for holes
Code: 017600 Weight(kg) 1.41

Ladder Beams
These are fully welded components in modular lengths which provide clear unobstructed access through the scaffold. The chords are at 300mm centres and are of standard scaffold tube dimension to accept standard fittings.
Code: 558111 558116 558121 Length 3.4m (11ft) 4.9m (16ft) 6.4m (21ft) Weight(kg) 39.92 58.06 76.20

Gravlock Girders Couplers
There is often a requirement to fasten scaffold tubes to girders and other steel sections which demands a specialised fitting with a high degree of versatility. The Gravlock Girder Coupler has been specifically designed for attachment to either horizontal or vertical flanges, and will accommodate up to 43mm (13/4”). In erection, the Gravlock Coupler is highly effective, as it enables the fitting to be bolted to the girder first, leaving both hands free to present and secure the tube. As the tube is not compressed against the girder it is not distorted by the fastening process. Gravlock Couplers must be used in pairs.

Unit Beams
Where long spans are required for temporary roofs etc, deep trussed unit beams are used, as they have the capacity to span significant widths and still carry a high wind and snow loading. They come in two lengths, and can be bolted end to end using nuts and bolts which are supplied. Depth is 0.6m.
Code: 009208 009212 Length 2.4m (8ft) 3.6m (12ft) Weight(kg) 30.0 43.06

Code: 007890

Weight(kg) 1.38

S.W.L.(kN) 30 per pair

(load at right angles to flange. Other applications refer to your local branch)

SGB Girder Couplers
Highly economical fitting for fastening scaffold tube to girders with a single bolt fastening. It is fast to assemble and will accommodate flanges up to 70mm in depth. Suitable for loads at right angles to flanges only. Must be used in pairs.

Castor Wheel
Can be used with any 48.4mm outside diameter tube and with many system scaffolds. Fitted with wheel brakes that cannot be accidentally released. Wheels can be firmly secured to the tube to prevent displacement.
Code: Steel 548900 Rubber 549000 Length 5.7 5.7 Weight(kg) 726 272

Code: 005700

Weight(kg) 1.38

S.W.L.(kN) 12.5 per pair

(load at right angles to flange only)



Remember: We can provide a safe and competitive installation service for these products. Ask about our Taskforce Hire and Installation service.

08705 288 388

Scaffold Pallets
Open sided or closed mesh for easy storage of tubes, beams, props, fittings etc. Painted finish. Galvanised finish is available on request

Code: Open Sided 016000

Size(mm) 765 x 813

Code: Closed Mesh 016100

Size(mm) 1003 x 851

Fixed Leg Adjustable Steel Trestles
Firm working platform for maintenance or low-level building work. Use in conjunction with scaffold boards. Each trestle accepts four scaffold boards in width. Trestle units are spaced according to the support requirements of the boards but platform stagings can be used as an alternative, to offer the maximum span between trestles. Conforms to BS1139: Part 4: 1982

Code: 007614 007624 007634

Weight(kg) 14.15 17.02 21.15

Sign Board Frames
Company name panels can be quickly and securely fastened to scaffolds with the use of sign board frames. Galvanised finish.
Code: 001636 001630 Size(m) 0.9 x 0.6 0.75 x 0.5

Wire Lashings
Galvanised steel wire lashings, provided for securing equipment and materials, are of 6mm diameter steel wire with a galvanised eye at one end and a ferrule at the other. Should not be used for lifting purposes.
Code: 005608 005615 Length (m) 2.4 4.5

Sisal Fall Ropes
Used in conjunction with Gin wheels. It is of 18mm diameter, passed over one single wheel and should have a stopper knot tied near the ends so that it cannot run through the gin wheel. A rope used for lifting purposes should not be employed for other general duties on site.
Code: 305372 Length 220m (720ft)


SGB can advise you on the most suitable structures for your application. Please call one of our Sales team at your local branch.

08705 288 388


Weather Protection
We supply a selection of weather protection products for the scaffold structure and for site materials. Ask your local branch for further details.

Galvanised Steel Ladders
Heavy duty, long life steel ladders. Non-combustible, warp and twist free.
Code: 050003 050004 050005 050006 050007 Length (m) 3 4 5 6 7

Cotton Duck Tarpaulins available in 5.5 x 3.6m and 5.5 x 7.2m Polyethylene Tarpaulins available in 5.5 x 3.6m

Available in 2.0 x 48m and 2.0 x 45m (Fire proof).

Debris Netting
Manufactured from high density polyethylene. Tear resistant, rot proof and weather resistant. Guards against wind blown and falling debris and provides a degree of protection against the elements. Available in 2m or 3m x 50m.

Pole Ladders
Reinforced Ladders, tied every rung
Code: 304244 306244 308244 310244 Length (m) 4 6 8 10

A range of Scaffold tools are available to suit most common scaffold fittings. Stocks are held at your local branch. • Scaffold Belt • Single Frog • Double Frog • Level Holder • Tape Holder • Spirit Level • Podger • Box Spanner (12mm) • Box Spanner (11mm)



Scaffolding can be used in a variety of ways at events for support structures, flag poles and cable protection. Talk to our Events team.

08705 288 388

The Branch Network

Placing an order
Phone or visit your local branch to place your order. Experienced staff will be able to help you with any enquiries you have. If you require a site visit, we can arrange this for you with your local Sales Representative.

Call and collect or delivery
You can pick up your equipment from your local branch, or the one closest to where you are working. It’s worth telephoning first, so we can prepare your order for collection, or we will deliver direct to your site. Delivery costs are not included in our prices and rates will vary with distance and amount of equipment being delivered.

Returning equipment
Equipment hired from any SGB Branch can be returned to any other SGB Branch convenient for you – so if your work takes you away from your local area, your equipment can travel with you.

How to contact us 08705 288 388
is our national telephone number linking you to your local branch or organisation to deal with your enquiry. Just follow the simple prompts on the line.

Opening Hours
Our branches are open from 8am – 5pm. Most of our branches have extended opening hours, many opening at 7.30am. Please check with your local branch.

00 44 (0) 1403 200 000
Payment methods
Cash or cheques (supported by a valid bankers card) Credit cards – the following are accepted is our international telephone number for all application enquires outside of the UK
is our national e-mail number. Just e-mail your details, including contact phone number and a short message on the information you require and your local branch will contact you.

Customers who do not have an SGB Account will be required to leave a deposit for any equipment hire.

Credit accounts
You may open a credit account through your local branch. You will need to fill in an application form which will then be processed for you through the branch. VAT and transport costs are not included in hire or sale rates and will be added to your quotation. Minimum order value is £10.00 Terms and Conditions: A full copy of our trading terms and conditions for hire and sale are available on request from any of our branches.
is our web page address. Use this to access information about SGB and our products.

We look forward to welcoming you to your local SGB Branch 08705 288 388


SGB Group Limited Harsco House, Regent Park, 229 Kingston Road, Leatherhead, Surrey KT22 7SG Tel: 01372 381300 Fax: 01372 381399 Web:

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