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					Electronic Engineering
  Final Year Project
Final Year Project Presentation

Title: Trailer Reverse Control System

   Author: Marco Law (Chun Ip)
   Supervisor: Dr. Martin Glavin

   Project Overview
   Approach
   Project Outcome
   Conclusion
             Project Overview

     When a driver is caught in a situation where
reversing is the only option to get out of a dead-
end or a tight corner, especially with a trailer
attached to the vehicle, it is quite a difficult task,
even to some experienced drivers.
                 Project Overview


It is defined as the condition when a vehicle towing a
trailer, it gets to such an acute angle that causing it to
bend or fold up and it can no longer be manoeuvred in
                  Project Overview

   Objective of the project:

In order to prevent “jack-knife”, this project used
equations to describe the motion and the orientation of
the trailer and the vehicle which then implentmented to
Matlab, where a number of input parameters were plotted
in a graph, predicting and displaying the positions of the
vehicle and the trailer when reversed in a distance.
        Key input of parameters of the
   Current angle between the
    vehicle and trailer
   Steering angle (fi1)
   Angle between the wheel of
    trailer and the X-axis (fi2)
   Length of trailer's towbar
   Length of the trailer (L)
   Length from the front wheel
    to the vehicle's towbar (M)

The system was developed by using the equations which
describe the behaviour of the vehicle and the trailer.
The differential equations describing its movement:
x1 = V*cos (fi1)
y1 = V*sin (fi1)
fi1' = w

The position and orientation of the trailer:
V*cos(fi1 – fi2)*cos(fi2)+M*w*sin (fi1-fi2)*cos(fi2)
V*cos(fi1 – fi2)*sin(fi2)+M*w*sin (fi1-fi2)*sin(fi2)

fi2' = 1/ L+l1 ( V*sin (fi1-fi2) + M*w*cos (fi1 – fi2)

Assuming the vehicle is travelling at a constant speed of
0.05m/s (V), the radius of the wheel is 2.5cm and the
angular velocity (w) of the vehicle is then calculated –
angular velocity = 2 rads/sec
                Project Outcome

When the calculated values were put in the equations,
the results of the plots were unexpected, the position of
the trailer seemed to be uncorrected.

The position of the vehicle (x1,y1) and the towbar
(x2,y2) appeared correct but the rear axle of the trailer
(x3,y3) was shifted to one side of the plot.
Project Outcome

When the input parameters were inserted into the
differential equations, the results and the plots in matlab
generated in such a way that the position of the trailer
were not quite expected to be, although a number of
approaches were taking towards the problem, however,
the solution to the problem is remain undefined.