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									Prevention                                          Mission Statement
Prevention is the key to controlling           The Pat Walker Health Center,
both the onset of cystitis and its          University Health Services provides
severity.                                     professional and comprehensive
    • Urinate frequently.                     medical care, mental health care,
    • Always drink plenty of fluids to          health education, and health
        flush out the bladder and keep      promotion for a diverse community
        the urine dilute. Avoid alcohol,   of students, faculty, and staff. We, the
       caffeine, spices, and carbonated    University Health Services Staff of the
       drinks.                               Pat Walker Health Center, have a
   •   Keep the vaginal and anal area
       clean. Wipe front to back. Use
                                              commitment to physical, mental,
                                               spiritual, social, and emotional                    Urinary Tract
                                               health, the highest standards of
       mild soap and rinse well.
       Avoid using perfumed
                                           quality, and appreciation of the value
                                             of each individual. Through these
       products, deodorant soaps,
       chemicals and/or bubble
                                           endeavors we support the educational
                                           mission of the University of Arkansas                     (Cystitis)
       baths. Wear cotton underwear          and the growth of each individual.
       only and avoid tight fitted
   •   Practice good hygiene around
                                           Pat Walker Health Center
       sexual activity. Use adequate         University Health Services
       lubrication during intercourse
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       and always urinate before and
                                                  Fayetteville, AR 72701
       after sexual activity. This helps
       wash out any bacteria from the                (479) 575-4451
       urethra.                                    TTY (479) 575-4124

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What is Cystitis?                            • Cystitis must be properly diagnosed. A
    For most women, cystitis is a               urinalysis is necessary for proper
minor infection of the urinary system           diagnosis.
curable with antibiotics, but it can be      • If the urinalysis indicates an infection,
both painful and frightening.                   you will be given a prescription of
                                                antibiotics. It is important that you
What Are the Symptoms?                          take all the pills prescribed for you.
  • Frequent, urgent need to                    Otherwise, some bacteria may remain
      urinate even when there is                and start another infection. If you are
      little urine in the bladder.              experiencing a lot of urinary pain a       What Else Can Cause Recurring
  • Burning and pain when                       urinary analgesic, Pyridium, may be        Cystitis?
      urinating.                                prescribed to relieve the burning pain.    Chlamydia or gonorrhea, both
  • Blood in the urine.                         This medication will turn your urine       sexually transmissible bacterium, are
  • Pain and pressure in the                    an orange color.                           believed to cause a large percentage
      pubic area.                            • You may be asked to return for a            of recurring cystitis. Chlamydia and
                                                repeat urinalysis and/or a urine culture   gonorrhea infection may result in
Why Do Women Get Cystitis?                      after you finish your medication to        typical cystitis type symptoms. The
   Sexual activity often precipitates           make sure the infection is gone.           diagnosis of chlamydia and
cystitis. Intercourse can irritate the       • If you have recurrent symptoms, a           gonorrhea is more difficult and the
urethra and contribute to the                   culture may be done to determine           usual drugs for cystitis are not
transmission of bacteria from the               which drug will kill the bacteria. This    effective. If cystitis symptoms
anal area to the bladder. Bacteria also         is important if you have frequent          continue it may become necessary to
can enter the urethra without                   infection, because the bacteria may        be tested for chlamydia and
preceding sexual activity.                      become resistant to some drugs most        gonorrhea.
                                                often prescribed. Be sure to tell your
                                                health provider if you have had urinary    What Are the Complications?
                                                tract infections before.                   A kidney infection is the greatest
                                             • If you continue to suffer from cystitis     complication of cystitis. The bacteria
                                                                                           may travel from the bladder, up the
                                                despite treatment and your best
                                                                                           ureters into the kidneys. In addition to
                                                preventative measures, you may have a      the cystitis symptoms you will have
                                                problem with body structure or a           fever, pain in the back and sides,
                                                defect in your body’s immune system.       nausea, and sometimes vomiting.
                                                An examination with an urologist (a        Kidney infections are very serious, so
                                                physician who specializes in problems      seek medical attention right away.
                                                of the kidneys and bladder) may be

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