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					Generic Risk Assessment for the Looney Ladder at Wicksteed Park
General Safety Instructions
• • • All Participants of the rides do so at their own risk. All moving rides are controlled by Company Staff whose instructions must be adhered to. The free play area is used under the instructions of the party’s Adult in Charge

Safety Instructions Shown at Ride (This ride is not included in the Wicksteed Ticket System.)
- Always follow instructions of the staff - People restricted from physical Activity on Looney Ladder:- Pregnancy, Back Problems, Fractures, Dizzy Spells, Under influence of Alcohol and/or Drugs, - Remove glasses, take loose articles out of pockets, - No smoking on the ride.

Significant Hazards and Identification of Risk Waiting your turn

Control Measures Include any relevant sources of Guidance Remain in an orderly queue in 2’s behind the gate.

Residual Risk Rating Low

Getting onto the ladder

Do so only on instructions of the member of staff. No jumping, diving or laying on ladder. Do not clench tongue between teeth. If time permits remount ladder and try again. Once finished leave area taking care not to impede the other ladder user. Ride is safety checked at the start of each day and at periods throughout the day. This ride is always supervised by trained Licenced Staff Signed For WicksteedRide


On the ladder


Getting Off


Ride Safety Dated

Low -

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