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SW 230

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Highest performance creates the best value * SolarWorld modules produce more energy than the competition. Download the independent study. * Solar systems are purchased by the installed watt, so higher energy production typically means you will get the best value from a SolarWorld module. Made in the USA SolarWorld is committed to manufacturing in the United States and makes use of the superior automation technology and employee productivity available here. We’re proud to promote local economies and energy independence. While many products claiming to be “made in the USA” are merely assembled from imported components, SolarWorld makes Sunmodules entirely in the USA from American-made raw materials and components. Industry leader As the largest solar PV manufacturer in the United States since 1977, SolarWorld has the technology and market experience to bring you the best possible PV system. * We are vertically integrated from raw silcon to modules, kits, and systems. * We developed the first grid-connected PV systems in the world. * We were the first to offer UL-listed modules. * We were the first to offer a 25-year warranty. * SolarWorld established the SolarMaterials recycling subsidiary in 2001 and was the first to recycle whole obsolete modules. 100 percent PV SolarWorld is dedicated exclusively to the business of solar energy and combines all stages of the solar photovoltaic (PV) value chain from raw silicon to solar wafers and cells to modules, kits and turn-key solar power plants. SolarWorld is making PV a mainstream energy choice throughout the Americas by continually improving performance while lowering equipment and installation costs for both on and off-grid applications. 30 years of experience After 30 years of experience our systems have proven durability. With the acquisition of Shell Solar’s crystalline business in 2006, SolarWorld brought onboard three decades of solar history in America. Previously known as ARCO Sol

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									Length Width Height Frame Weight

65.94 in (1675 mm) 39.41 in (1001 mm) 1.34 in (34 mm) Aluminum 48.5 lbs (22 kg)

SW 220/230 mono
The Sunmodule from SolarWorld represents one of the best values in the PV industry. The Sunmodule’s tight power tolerance of +/-3% ensures the highest system efficiency without the need for on-site module sorting. The fully automated manufacturing process at SolarWorld’s ISO 9001-2000 factories produces modules with consistently high quality. Choosing the Sunmodule® will ensure high kWh yields for the long term. To guarantee long term yields, Sunmodules are built to last. SolarWorld bonds the tempered glass laminate deep into the aluminum frame with a continuous bead of silicone adhesive. This method guarantees exceptional rigidity for the entire module and prevents the frame from loosening or pulling away from the glass in cases such as the sliding of heavy snow or handling. Tests carried out in accordance with IEC 61215, which applies loads of up to 113 lb/sf (5.4 kN/m2) demonstrate that the module can withstand high loads such as heavy accumulations of snow and ice. The Sunmodule® features a patented, low profile junction box with integrated 25A Schottkey bypass diodes that is completely sealed against corrosion. The ability to rapidly dissipate excess heat allows the diodes and junction box to operate at lower temperatures. The junction box is reliably connected by a solid, welded bond to guarantee lasting functionality and is factory-equipped with high-quality, robust cables and locking connectors. All Sunmodules carry a 25-year performance warranty and can be returned to SolarWorld at their end of life for recycling

SolarWorld. And EveryDay is a SunDay.

SW 220/230 mono
Performance under standard test conditions
Maximum power Open circuit voltage Maximum power point voltage Short circuit current Maximum power point current Pmax Voc Vmpp I sc I mpp SW 220 220 Wp 36.6 V 29.3 V 8.18 A 7.51 A SW 230 230 Wp 36.9 V 29.6 V 8.42 A 7.76 A

Performance at 800 W/m 2, NOCT, AM 1.5
Maximum power Open circuit voltage Maximum power point voltage Short circuit current Maximum power point current Pmax Voc Vmpp I sc I mpp SW 220 157 Wp 33.1 V 26.3 V 6.76 A 5.98 A SW 230 164 Wp 33.4 V 26.6 V 6.96 A 6.18 A

Minor reduction in efficiency under partial load conditions at 25°C: at 220 W/m2, 95% (+/- 3%) of the STC efficiency (1000 W/m2) is achieved.

Component materials
Cells per module Cell type Cell dimensions 60 monocrystalline silicon 6.14 x 6.14 in2 (156 x 156 mm2)

System integration parameters
Maximum system voltage SC II Maximum system voltage USA NEC Maximum series fuse rating Maximum reverse current 1,000 VDC 600 VDC 15 A Do not apply external voltages larger than Voc to the module +/- 3 % IP 65 MC type 4

Thermal characteristics
NOCT TC I sc TC Voc TC P max 46°C 0.042 %/K -0.33 %/K -0.45 %/K

Additional data
Power tolerance Junction box Connector

39.41 (1001)

8.70 (221) 2.62 (66.5) 1.34 (34)

37.80 (960)



0.26 (6.6)


0.35 (9)
3 2 1

65.94 (1675)

43.31 (1100)

37.40 (950)

1 ] Front: tempered glass 2] crystalline solar cells embedded in EVA (ethylene-vinyl-acetate) 3] Rear: Backsheet

11.32 (287.5)


0.35 (9)


0.26 (6.6) *inches (mm)

IEC 61215 Safety class II

SolarWorld AG reserves the right to make specification changes without notice. Sunmodules are manufactured in ISO 9001:2000 certified facilities. . This data sheet complies with the requirements of EN 50380

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