Fire Escape Ladders

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					Fire Escape Ladders
Q) How many ladders do you have in your range? We currently have one type of ladder but it is supplied in two lengths: 13ft and 25ft . Q) What is the ladder made of? It is made of aluminium with a fire resistant webbing and has a 5 year warranty. Q) What window ledge size does it fit? The depth of the window ledge can be from 9” but no more than 11”. Q) How fire resistant is the ladder? Fire ladders manufactured after January 2000 meet the ASTM F21-02 “ Standard Specification for Portable Escape Ladder for Residential Use”. In the standard, Section 3.1.10 identifies the Heat Deflection Temperature requirement; “All materials that soften or melt by heat used in support components of the ladder including the rungs, rung supports, and hooks shall have a heat deflection measured by Test Method D648 of not less than 150 degrees Celsius at 66 PSI”. Q) How strong is the ladder? Kidde Escape ladders have been tested to 450Kg (204.5lbs) weight holding capacity but it is not advised to have more than one person on the ladder at one time. Q) How many escape ladders should one home have? Kidde recommend one per occupied bedroom. Q) Should I try out the escape ladder? Kidde recommend that all members of the household are familiar with how the ladder attaches to the window ledge but does not recommend that the ladder be fully unfurled

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