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I.        Course Description:

     The title of this course is History of the Americas. Understand this is not a U.S. History course.
The course is a comparative course which integrates the histories of Canada, Latin America, and the
United States. The focus is on understanding the social, political, religious, economic, cultural and
military aspects of the societies involved.

II      Course Objectives:
     The goal of the course is to achieve an awareness and understanding of the countries in the Western
Hemisphere. The student will be exposed to common experiences in the Americas through comparative
analysis of cultural, political, social, and economic issues. In an effort to encourage international
awareness and understanding by promoting the achievement of people living in diverse places and
 different times, the course will focus on the following topics:
    1. The Rise and Rule of Single Party States
    2. Causes, Practices and Effects of War
    3. Nationalist and Independence Movements
    4. The State and Its Relationship with Religion and Minorities
    5. Cold War

III.     Course Outline:

Weeks 1-4       Review of Jr. Year Curriculum
                Stalin and Stalinism 1926-1939
                Rise and Rule of Single Party States in Europe
                Cold War 1960-1979
                Vietnam Project
                Fall of the Soviet Union and end of the Cold War

Week 2 ***** Historical Investigation (Rough Draft Due)
Week 3******Vietnam Project Due

Weeks 5         Intro to History of the Americas
                Ancient America
                Native Americans/ Indigenous Peoples
                Incan, Aztec, Mayan Civilizations

Weeks 6          Meeting of Two Worlds
                 French in North America
                 Columbus and the Indies
                 Hispanic Background
Weeks 7-8     Relationship between Natives and Europeans
              Colonial Life
              Canada (French)
              Brazil (Portuguese)
              Encomiendo System

Week 8****** First Quarter Exam

Weeks 9-10    Role of the Church in the Americas

Weeks 11-13 Independence Movements in Latin America
             The Age of Caudillos
             The Conquest of 1760
             Dictators and Revolutions

Week 14***** Historical Investigation Due (Final Draft)

Week 14-15    Review of American Revolution through Civil War

Weeks 16-18 Mexican Revolution and Aftermath
            Dictatorship of Porfirio Diaz

Week 19****Semester Review and Exam

Weeks 20-22 Argentina, Brazil, Peru and Chile ---Case Studies
            Peron, Allende, Vargas

Week 22***** Group Projects assigned

Weeks 23      Feminism in Latin America
              Eva Peron
              Important women in Latin America

Week 24       Cuba- Jose Martin
              Revisit Castro and the Cuban Revolution

Week 25-27    Central America
               “Bitter Fruit” - Guatemala

Weeks 28-29   Nicaragua, El Salvador, Panama

Weeks 30*****Internal Assessment Presentations

Weeks 31-33 Review for IB Exams and Final Exam
Weeks 35-38 Current Economic Status of American Countries/Emerging Nations
            Canada, Brazil, Mexico and Nafta

Week 38*****Final Exam

   IV.   Text and Materials:

         Bennett, Paul W . and Cornelius J. Jaenen Emerging Identities : Selected Problems and
         Interpretations in Canadian History

         Haynes, Keith and Benjamin Keen An History of Latin America 6th Edition

         Keen, Benjamin. Latin American Civilization

         Skidmore, Thomas and Peter H Smith Modern Latin America 4th Edition

         Hanke, Lewis and Jane M. Rausch People and Issues in Latin American History

         Additional texts, film, materials as needed for topics

   V.    Student Expectations: The most important job you have as a student is to
         keep up with your reading and participate in class. Attendance is not an
         option nor should it even be necessary to mention. You will be in class. The
         IB curriculum is ambitious and accomplishable. It is difficult to catch up once
         you have fallen behind. The class is student centered so be prepared since
         your classmates rely on your participation. Parent conferences will be called
         if you are having difficulty with these expectations.

   VI.   Grading and Evaluation:

         In addition to reading assignments, students will be graded on group and
         individual projects, oral and visual presentations, papers, in-class essays and
         the Internal Assessment – Historical Investigation. Your grade will be
         determined on your assignments, assessments and attendance on a scale
         similar to the past. Essays will be based on similar structure and questions
         from past IB examinations.

         The grading scale will be as follows:
         A – 93-100
         B - 87-92
         C – 80-86
         D – 75-79
         F – 74 and below
This is your last year of IB. Make the most of it. If you need to contact me
feel free to confer any time after 9th period or email me at mlszwaj@

I have read and understand all that is expected of me.

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