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Anti-Climbing Equipment Climbing Ladders Climbing Rungs


Anti-Climbing Equipment Climbing Ladders Climbing Rungs

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									Climbing & Safety 7.1

Climbing Ladders
• Climbing ladders with or without caging can be manufactured & supplied to suit any application. Ladders to B.S. standards with fixings to ‘bolt on’ climbing rungs are all available & made to the customers requirements. • *Uncaged ladder over 2.5m must be fitted with fall arrest device. • Access Ladders to BS4211:1994 • Standard lengths 3m - 6m • Bolt on ladder feet. • Cage hoops square or round. Climbing Ladders
Part No. 4/ALBS/30 4/ALBS/38 4/ALBS/30/SH 4/ALBS/38/SH 4/ALBS/30/RH 4/ALBS/38/RH Description Un-caged* Un caged* Caged Square Hoop Caged Square Hoop Caged Round Hoop Caged Round Hoop Class A B A B A B Width 300 380 300 380 300 380

Climbing Rungs
• Mild Steel – Galvanised to BS ENISO 1461:1999 • 16mm dia step 160mm long. Bolt on Climbing Rungs
Part No. 4/CRC/060 4/CRC/076 4/CRC/088 4/CRC/114 4/CRC/139 4/CRC/168 4/CRC/193 4/CRC/219 Tube Dia 60.3 76.1 88.9 114.3 139.7 168.3 193.7 219.1

Wooden Pole Climbing Rungs
Part No. 3/CRWP/100 Description Rung

Anti-Climbing Equipment
• Just as climbing equipment is important to the installer or rigger. Anti-climbing is important as a deterrent to unauthorised personnel. Various measures can be made from simple barbed wire to a full anti -climbing frame which would fit around the complete base of a structure. For full information please contact our Sales team.

Ladder Anti-Climb Door
• Hinged • Lockable • Please quote size of ladder.

Ladder Anti-Climb Plate
Bolt on Anti-Climb Spike Assembly
Part No. 4/ACR/048 4/ACR/060 4/ACR/076 4/ACR/088 4/ACR/114 4/ACR/139 4/ACR/168 4/ACR/193 4/ACR/219 Description Assembly for Assembly for Assembly for Assembly for Assembly for Assembly for Assembly for Assembly for Assembly for 48.3 Tube c/w bolts 60.3 Tube c/w bolts 76.1 Tube c/w bolts 88.9 Tube c/w bolts 114.3 Tube c/w bolts 139.7 Tube c/w bolts 168.3 Tube c/w bolts 193.7 Tube c/w bolts 219.1 Tube c/w bolts

• Lockable • Does not impede feeders • Please quote size of ladder.

Bolt on Anti-Climb Spike

• Made to fit all sizes of circular and angle legs. • Please quote leg size.

Anti-Climb Paint - See page 8.1

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