Supervisor-Employee Weekly Review

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                                            Direct Reports Weekly Review
                                                (also known as the one-on-one)

The company is growing quickly. We are all driving towards a successful project. New
decisions and directives crop up every day. Many of these impact your area of responsibility and
your deliverables. My job is to communicate these to you, make sure your efforts are well
coordinated with everyone else’s efforts, help you achieve your objectives, and remove any
obstacles that may be in the way of you getting the job done.

Beginning [Date], and continuing each week at this time, I will be having one-on-one meetings
with all direct reports. These meetings should only last 15 minutes, but we will allot 30 minutes
each in the event there is more to discuss. The schedule is as follows:

Day                                              Time                                              Employee

The AGENDA each week is as follows:

1. Communicate New Decisions/Developments

2. Review Quarterly Goals & Objectives

3. Review Current Deliverables & Priorities

4. Review Resources, i.e., budgets, personnel

5. Discuss Open Issues/Challenges

I encourage you to conduct one-on-one meetings with your direct reports each week as well.
Please let me know if you have any questions.

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