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Work From Home Assembly - Legitimate or not?


Have you ever seen an ad that says that companies are looking for people to work from home building products? We discover the truth behind home assembly scams, and show you what the truth is behind these offers. Find out whether they are a total scam , partial truth , or wholehearted opportunity.

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									Work From Home Assembly – Is It Legit?
By Brandon Schlichter CEO of 1337 Ventures Inc and creator of the "No Scam Newsletter" Recently, there's been renewed interest in companies, and offers that deal with assembling products at home - also known as home product assembly. Home product assembly at one time was very popular in the US , particularly in the 1970s, when many companies were looking for people to produce metal products as well as woodworking products at home, and then sell back to them. Additionally, there were also a few companies that were actually looking for people to be part of their company workforce , and use people at home as cheap labor. In the late 90s, and most notably since the internet revolution , there have been many ads telling people that they can assemble products at home, and make a reasonable income as well. Some companies are stating even that you can bring in over a thousand dollars a week by assembling easy to do products. However , these home assembly ads forget to mention quite a few things in their rush to get you to buy their informational packages. In fact, most companies are asking that you pay a fee to get what amounts to a list of groups/companies that can then supply you with materials to build your own products, then sell them yourself. One instance of a company I recently discovered was a bracelet making system. In this case, you sent off $15 or $25 to receive a "Starter's Packet" which for the most part was a price list from an affiliate company, that you could buy items off of to make your own bracelets, you then had to sell these bracelets at flea markets or on ebay. The profit potential was there, however for most people, it was immensely more involved, as it wasn't just about making a bracelet , it was about making them, marketing them and then selling them. Another type of assembly opportunity that we came across had to do with woodworking & metalwork. In both of these cases , the company asking you to pay shipping for a catalog was actually a tool manufacturer who was looking to move their inventory. They highlighted what kind of products could be made with their tools, and the potential markup on their products. In this case , it was more legitimate than the bracelet company, as they did not require a up front fee for information. This in our minds was better, but still not clear on what was involved from the starting.
Work From Home Assembly

So , in the end , these work from home assembly ads were somewhat far from the truth. In addition to this, we also noticed that in the case of woodworking and welding/metal work , the skills involved were far beyond the relm of what the normal individual might be able to deal with. So, you may ask yourself, are there really opportunities out there that would allow the freedom from someone to work from home? Absolutely, however they're not always apparent, and require investigating. Subscribe to our email list, and get free updates and information on home based business opportunities that actually work. We provide information about products, and review them in a neutral manner. Click Here to sign up to our FREE newsletter!

Work From Home Assembly

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