SUMMARY OF THE MINUTES
                                            CITY OF BROOKLYN PARK
                                HUMAN RELATIONS COMMISSION
                                            Date of Meeting: May 19, 2005
                                      City Hall Facility – Brooklyn Township Room
                                                 Time Began: 7:05 pm
                                               Time Adjourned: 9:05 pm

                               Meeting Attendance—Commissioners
                                      Present                                         Present
         Member           District   Yes    No          Member            District   Yes    No
                                      X          Saeng Kue                West        x
Wilfred Harris            At Large
Hawa Diggs                             X                                              x
Vice-Chair                At- large               Myrnell Brusegaard      At-Large
                          At-Large            x                                       x
Patrick Hoth                                      Emmanul Okidegbe        Central

                                              x   Terry Parks             East        x
John Granger              At-Large
Denise Rene                                       Mike Trepanier
Wollenburg                Liaison      x          Council Liaison         Liaison     x
City Staff Liaison

                                      OFFICAL MINUTES

Guests:          Police Chief Setter and Michael Birchard

    1.           Meeting was called to order by Chair Harris at 7:05 pm.
    2.           Moved by Commissioner Brusegaard and 2nd by Commissioner Parks to approve
                 the agenda. Motion Passed.
    3.           Moved by Commissioner Brusegaard and 2nd by Commissioner Kue to accept
                 April 21 minutes. Motion Passed.
    4.           Discussion with Chief Setter on the Hennepin County Joint Community Action
                 Law Enforcement Project.

                 The Human Relations Commission welcomed Chief Setter in is dual role this
                 week as Police Chief and acting City Manager. Chief Setter thanked the
                 commission for the opportunity to work with them and listen to them.
They have been working on developing relationships with the Liberian
community for the past six or seven years, but some of the projects take money,
which has not been invested by the city.
Brooklyn Park has 35% people of color in our community, and some of the
largest Southeast Asian populations in the state and metro area.

Education Issues for Police Officers and the Community Range
• Simple traffic violations- what do you do?
• Relationship Discussion
• Curfews
• Child & Domestic Abuse
• Code Enforcement

It is important to have a dialog to discuss and work through different
interpretations of these issues, instead of escalating the issue.

County Commissioner Peter McLaughlin came to a city council meeting and
discussed that so much of the resources are going to Minneapolis and southern
part of the county. The city will receive $400,000 next year from the county to
pilot this project.

The Components of the Project are:
• Training for Police Officers on diversity issues
• Avoiding conflicts on the front end.
• Community Training Issues
• Community Liaison Officers

The challenge to the HR Commission is to increase cultural awareness issues in
Brooklyn Park.

Commissioner Brusegaard asked for clarification that there would be one officer
in Brooklyn Park and one in Brooklyn Center.
Chief Setter clarified these officers would be county employees it is a pilot for 18
months to 2 years, but are looking for a long term county initiative.

Commissioners supported the initiative County has more resources, Office of
Multicultual Services.

Group saw that these trainings could be easily modeled and made available for
city employees in general. Give the city workers the tools they need to work with
diverse members of our community.

Discussion on education of groups on expectations for traffic, home maintenance,
parities, etc.
Discussion on Welcome Center aspects.
               Commissioners thanked Chief Setter for his time, and effort in this project.

   5.        Announcements
          A.    Chair Harris- presentation on cultural center, not asking for money but
                assistance. Some sites were not big enough, but city staff was very helpful in
                looking at potential sites.
          B.    Councilmember Trepanier- City council is willing to go off site, if the Human
                Relations commission would like to set up a location and a date.
                There has been a lot of discussion – what are our next steps? Can we have
                two or three trainings, and repeat those presentations. ( police enforcement,
                home care, etc.)
                Target the leaders of the community to find out what issues we should be
                discussion and offering trainings on.

          C.      Staff Liaison Wollenburg- Just Tater Daze Updates.

          D.      Commissioners-

                      Commissioner Brusegaard invited members to Ceap’s Event on June 2nd.

   6.        Old Business
          A.    Youth on Commissions- it has gone to the city council for review, youth will
                be non voting liaisons at this time.
          B.    Work Plan will be tabled until next meeting.
          C.    Tater Daze update-
                    There will be shuttle buses, passed out changes.
   7.        New Business
             Commissioner Parks brought up letter about church and parking issues. He was
             concerned that we did not know that people had parked in a fire lane. Some
             concerns about having as much information as possible before we act on issues.
             Commissioner Kue stated that people park there on a regular basis.
             Commissioners still felt that it would have been easier to go in and discuss the
             matter with the people.

      Motion to Adjourn by Vice Chair Diggs 2nd by Commissioner Parks at 9:05 pm
Motion passed.

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