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									       Frequently asked questions
        about Mesa Police Animal                                      8. Is there a limit on the number of dogs and cats I can have?           14. What should I do if I suspect animal abuse?
                Control                                                         No, there are no number restrictions for dogs or                     Call the Mesa Police non-emergency number (480-644-
                                                                      cats. There can not be violations pertaining to noise, cleanli-          2211) with the information. An Animal Control Officer will
                                                                      ness, animals at large, operating a business, etc.                       investigate and take appropriate action.
                                                                                                                                               15. What if I see an animal locked in a hot car?
1.   Can my dog run loose?                                            9. How do I make a complaint about a barking dog?             You need         This is an extremely dangerous situation for the animal
                                                                         to get the exact address for the problem dog and call the Mesa
                                                                         Police non-emergency number (480-644-2211). The dog owner
                                                                                                                                               as the inside temperature can exceed 120 degrees in a very
    No, it is unlawful to allow your dog to run loose. All dogs                                                                                short time. Get as much information about the vehicle,
                                                                         will be contacted by mail, making them aware of the problem and
must be leashed and kept under control when not properly                 offering solutions. If the problem continues and you want some-       specific location, condition of the animal, etc., and call the
contained. It is also unsafe for the dog as it could get hit by a        thing else done, you will not be able to remain anonymous. On a       Mesa Police non-emergency number (480-644-2211).
car, lost or stolen, or get in a fight with another dog. Violators       noise disturbance, you are the victim, not the officer and not the
                                                                         city. As the victim, you would need to be wiling to testify in        16. What should be done if someone gets bitten by an
may receive a notice, written warning, or citation which is a            court. To aid in successful prosecution, the victim must provide      animal?
class one misdemeanor with a maximum $2500 fine, 6 months                documentation. We suggest at least a week’s worth of documen-               Bite reports are required by law for all dogs, cats, and
in jail, or both. (see MCC 6-4-7, Dog at Large)                          tation showing specific dates, times, and duration of the distur-
                                                                                                                                               mammals such as ferrets, cows, horses, skunks, bats, etc. due
                                                                         bances, to show that the barking is an on-going and offensive
2.   Can my cat run loose?                                               problem. If you as the victim are willing to testify in court, have   to the concern for rabies, a fatal disease. Bite reports are
                                                                         specific documentation, and want prosecution, a citation can be       not necessary for rodent or rabbit bites. A report will be
    There are no laws regarding cats. They are allowed to roam           issued.
                                                                                                                                               taken and the animal is quarantined. If the animal is properly
but be aware they may face dangers if allowed to run free. They                                                                                vaccinated for rabies, a home quarantine will most likely be
                                                                         10. What should I do if I find a snake?
may get taken by a coyote, hit by a car, be poisoned either in-                                                                                allowed. If the animal is not properly vaccinated for rabies, it
                                                                             Keep animals and everyone away from
tentionally or unintentionally, be trapped, or be exposed to                                                                                   will need to be quarantined at either the County Shelter or a
                                                                         it as it may be poisonous. Call Mesa Police
harmful diseases such as feline leukemia, feline immunodefi-                                                                                   veterinarian, at the owner’s expense. At the end of the
                                                                         (480-644-2211) and an Animal Control
ciency, or rabies. The life expectancy of an indoor cat is three                                                                               quarantine period, the health of the animal and victim will be
                                                                         Officer will come out and remove the snake. If possible,
times that of an outdoor cat.                                                                                                                  checked. It is recommended that you consult your doctor
                                                                         native snakes are released in a more suitable location.
3. How many horses can I have?                                                                                                                 as animal bites often cause severe infection due to bacteria.
                                                                         11. Are chickens allowed in Mesa? How about roosters?                 17. Should my dog be licensed?
   You must first have one acre of land in order to have live-                                                                                       Yes, all dogs in Maricopa are to be properly vaccinated
                                                                              You may have up to 10 chickens on the first one-half
stock. With one acre, you would be able to have 2 head. For                                                                                    for rabies and licensed. The vaccination may be good for
                                                                         acre or less provided any enclosure is at least 40’ from any
each additional head, .5 acre is required. (see                                                                                                one or three years but the license must be renewed every
                                                                         neighboring residence, any coop is at least 75’ from any
MCC 6-4-20B)                                                                                                                                   year through Maricopa County Animal Care and Control.
                                                                         other residence, it is kept sanitary, and they are not al-
4. What is “livestock”?                                                  lowed to run loose or create a noise disturbance. A                   (see MCC 6-4-3A)
                                                                         rooster is also allowed as long as it does not violate any of         18. What should I do if I lose my dog or cat?
    Animals such as horses, cows, sheep, goats, pigs, donkeys,           the above regulations. (see MCC 6-4-20A, C, D, and                          Go to the shelter at 2630 W 8th St., Mesa, and see if it
and mules are livestock. Mesa also considers buffalo, llamas, and        E)                                                                    has been impounded by either Mesa Police Animal Control
large flightless birds such as emus, ostriches, rheas, and casso-        12. Where do animals go that are impounded?                           or taken there by another citizen. You will be responsible
waries as livestock.                                                           All animals impounded by Mesa Police Animal Con-                for any fees that may occur. It is important that your dog be
5. Can I have a pig in Mesa?                                             trol are taken to the Maricopa County Animal Care and                 licensed so if it is taken to the shelter, they have a way to
                                                                         Control shelter at 2630 W 8th St., Mesa. Occasionally an              contact you. It is also good to microchip your
    No, pigs, hogs, or shoats are not allowed in city limits.            animal is severely injured so the officer may take it to an           animals.
However, real pot-bellied pigs that are kept as pets are allowed         emergency veterinarian. You should call the Mesa Animal               19. How do I adopt a pet?
as long as there are no complaints regarding smell, unsanitary           Control office to check if it went to a vet.                                Many wonderful animals are available for adoption at
premises, flies, noise, running loose, etc. (see MCC 6-4-20H)                                                                                  the County Shelter, 2630 W 8th St., Mesa. Bring one home
6. Can I ride my horse in the street?                                    13. What do we do about dead animals?                                 today!
                                                                               The city contracts with an independent contractor to
   Yes, a horse is considered a method of transportation and             pickup dead animals found on the street. Residents whose                City of Mesa
should be ridden in the street or on designated trails. All traffic                                                                              Mesa Police Department
                                                                         pet dies can also request a pickup at no charge. The ani-               Animal Control
laws must be obeyed.                                                     mal must be bagged or boxed, placed at the curb, and                    130 N Robson
                                                                                                                                                 Mesa, AZ 85201
7.   What if my neighbor doesn’t clean up after his dogs?                weigh less than 150 pounds. This service is provided from
                                                                         6:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. daily.                                                                        Office Phone: 480-644-2268
   A person must clean up animal feces and not allow their
property to be offensive to sight or smell. Call 480-644-2211 to                                                                                                        To Get an Officer: 480-644-2211
report violations. (see MCC 6-4-28)                                                                                                                                                     Fax: 480-644-4994
                                                                                                                                                                       Email: diane.brady@cityofmesa.org

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