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Affiliate Success


									Presented by Daniel Toriola
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Affiliate Success By Tim Stokes

One of the keys to obtaining affiliate success is to set up multiple streams of income. There are several reasons for taking this approach. The top reason is the more services or streams you have to offer the more potential you have to succeed in making your online business venture succeed. If you only concentrate on one service you are really depriving yourself and your potential customers of thousands of dollars of potential income and invaluable services you can offer to others. There are hundreds of affiliate programs out there. Do some research and check out the business forums to see what may be of interest to you. The most difficult part of getting your online business going is getting your website noticed. There are several ways of doing this and I recommend doing a lot of research before committing your hard earned money towards something that just will not work. Some of the most popular methods are buying leads, setting up an account with a traffic exchange, posting blogs and posting original written articles. All of these will get your website noticed but the most successful method I have found is by posting blogs and articles. You can write your own blogs and post it on your website or have a service post it for you. This gets your voice and opinions posted on the web and will also get your website noticed. Posting articles is probably the greatest advertising tool that you can use. By writing an article of 500 words or more in an area of expertise you are comfortable with, you can get the search engines to stand up and take notice of what you have to offer. Once you write your article or have a professional write it for you, just have one or better yet several of the hundreds of article directories post it. You will then start seeing your article posted on the web. Just make sure you have a resource box at the end of your article directing any potential client to your website. If you're like me, time is definitely one of my greatest enemies. This is where automation comes into play. Using an automated system to answer and send out e-mails to your customers and potential customers is definitely a great way to save time. If you have a customer that is on the edge of committing to your venture but hasn't taken the leap yet, an auto responder can be used to send a series of follow up messages with more information that may be helpful in getting this customer to take part in the services you offer. This alone is a huge time saver.

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Presented by Daniel Toriola
The last bit of advice I can offer is to keep doing research. Read what people have to say and what is making their affiliate venture successful. A great web tool is the online business forums. Check out the marketing section and see what is making some a success and some not so successful. I wish you good luck and great success with your new affiliate business.

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Presented by Daniel Toriola
Are You Happy Being an Affiliate? By David McKenzie

Are You Happy Being an Affiliate? by David McKenzie

The success of affiliates has a lot to do with their happiness. Ask any affiliate that has made decent money with affiliate programs whether they enjoy what they are doing and they will all answer YES'. You need to enjoy what you are doing to do well at it. Sounds simple right? However many online entrepreneurs could think of nothing worse than re-selling someone else's product. That would be like working for a competitor! They want to develop their own products and sell them exclusively. These people will not be happy being an affiliate. They need to do their own thing. Before starting out as an affiliate you need to be happy BEING an affiliate otherwise it is unlikely you will succeed. If you are thinking about affiliate programs but are a little unsure then ask yourself the following questions before you start out. 1. Are you happy to re-sell somebody's product? 2. Are you willing to accept a commission for each sale rather than the full sale itself? Most of the time your commissions will be 50% and below. 3. Are you happy being told what marketing materials you should use by the affiliate program manager? 4. Are you happy to wait up to a month or more to receive your check? 5. Are you happy to compete with many other affiliates re-selling the same product? If you can answer yes to these questions then you can be happy being an affiliate. Happy affiliates make the most money. Make sure you are happy being an affiliate as your chances of success will dramatically improve.

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Presented by Daniel Toriola

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