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Affiliate Marketing Website-Are You Missing These 4 Trends? By Tim Stokes

? As the affiliate marketing business model continues to mature there are certain trends beginning to emerge. One of these centers around how to use your affiliate marketing website. In this article let's talk about 4 trends you should be aware of when it comes to using your website to make more money as an affiliate marketer. 1. As a general rule using the affiliate marketing website given to you exclusively is a bad idea. When you think about this logically why would you want to promote something that thousands of other people have the exact same thing of? Many people choose to do this because they do not know how to build a website of their own, or what alternatives are available to them. However, the trend today is on getting away from replicated affiliate marketing websites and utilizing other tools to promote affiliate marketing products with. 2. Blogging is an extremely popular way to build an affiliate marketing website today. As a matter of fact, static websites are being replaced with interactive blogs almost every second of the day somewhere in the world. Many bloggers choose to monetize their blog with affiliate products because of how easy it is to do. With a blog you can sell many different affiliate marketing products in multiple ways including blog articles, videos, RSS feed e-mails, podcasts, email marketing, and much more. 3. For people who want to focus on a specific program or product, reviews sites are becoming very popular. This is a fantastic way to warm up a visitor to your product before passing them through to your sales page. A review page allows you the opportunity to give an honest assessment of your product including both the negative and positive aspects of it. People appreciate this more than they do reading a hard core sales letter initially. 4. Another thing successful affiliate marketers are doing is promoting a landing page by capturing contact information before sending the visitor through to their review page. This landing page allows you to build an opt in email list for future follow up. You can warm your prospects up with relationship
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building before sending them through to your affiliate marketing website. In summary, these are four trends as it relates to building an affiliate marketing website. You will need to determine which way is best for you, but these are how the successful affiliate marketers are doing it right now.

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How To Cash In On Internet Marketing And Affiliate Marketing Trends By Charles Boustany

One thing that all successful businesses do regardless of their industry is watch the trends that are going on around them. Affiliate marketing and Internet marketing are two excellent business models you can use to make money today. However, you need to be aware of these two trends because both of these are very fast changing industries. Let's talk about a couple ways you can cash in on Internet marketing and affiliate marketing trends today. 1. First of all blogging is extremely popular today. If you do not have a blog as an Internet marketer you are probably losing business to your competitors. One of the best ways to make money on your blog is to add affiliate marketing programs to it. For example if you use as your blogging platform you can quickly join the Google Adsense program and make money as an affiliate for them. Other ways you can monetize your blog with affiliate marketing programs include placing banners across the top, down the side bar, or at the bottom of each page. You can also hyperlink specific keywords back to your affiliate marketing sales pages right within the blog posts themselves. 2. The other trend that we want to talk about right now is social networking. You can definitely cash in on this and make a lot of money in your Internet marketing business if you know how to do it properly. One of the first things you want to do is join a social network that is active in the niche that your business is in. For example, if you have an Internet marketing business, you will want to join and keep all of your followers updated on what is going on within your business on a daily basis. You can also join other social networks such as Facebook, Direct Matches, My Space, and so on. These are excellent places where you can hang out and meet people with common interests similar to yours. As you get to know these people, they become excellent candidates to join your Internet marketing business, or to buy affiliate marketing products from you. One thing about trends is if you hang around long enough they are certain to change. Right now we are confident that there is nothing more popular than social networking and blogging. If you learn how to combine these two into marketing your business you can definitely cash in as an affiliate marketer on your Internet marketing efforts.

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