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									                            E     Y      E           O      N
                                                                  eoa   A      R      B     O      N       N        E

The          Spirit
                 of                       Aloha
       loha … the easiest part of my Arbonne journey was nam-

A      ing my Region, which holds much meaning. Aloha
       means more than “hello” and “goodbye” … it represents
compassion to love, care and regenerate. All of these components
of Aloha describe my incredible team and upline.

The idea of selling products was not something I ever wanted to
think about after being in the retail world for 10 years. I never had
a desire to go back to working long, tiring hours. I left the retail
environment in order to have a more “normal” life, working
                                                                                                     donna kopepasah
                                                                                           Independent Consultant, Regional Vice President
Monday through Friday in the staffing industry. I thought I loved                           Donna Kopepasah Region; Oklahoma City, OK
what I did; I was able to help others find jobs and assist compa-
nies in finding good employees. I believed that I had found my
niche, making a difference in other people’s lives. Leaving my job          whom I could call for support. I was so excited when I received a
never crossed my mind.                                                      return call from a woman who said, “Hi Donna, this is Cecilia Stoll,
                                                                            Independent Consultant with Arbonne. At that time, I did not
Three-and-a-half years ago, my sister-in-law, Diane, started a              know what a blessing Cecilia would be in my life!
home-based business to help out with tax advantages. Well, that
concept hit our hot button. Tax advantages? Travel? Needless to             I expressed to Cecilia that I “loved” my corporate job, but would be
say, my husband, Brandon and I had an in-depth discussion                   interested in working my Arbonne business in addition to my reg-
about the possibilities of starting a home-based business our-              ular position. It was not until I attended my first NTC in Orlando,
selves. Brandon suggested Arbonne. I called Karlene, my                     almost one year later, that I saw the “big” picture. I was so fired up
Arbonne Consultant who was not actively working the business,               from the trip that I completed first step qualification for District
and she gave me the name of someone successful in Arbonne                   Manager just 10 days after returning from NTC 2000 Orlando.

                                                                            During this time, my stable (or so I thought) job became very unsta-
                                                                            ble, when my company merged with another one. How long would
                                                                            I have my job? At this time, all I could think about was Arbonne. I
                                                                            was living and breathing it! I loved it! I felt that my full time job was
                                                                            getting in the way. By then, I wanted so much to leave my staffing
                                                                            agency job, but that was not an option because we were living pay-

                                                                                                       (LEFT) The 2002 Cruisin’ to Success
                                                                                                       Caribbean Cruise. L-R: Debi and                continued...
                                                                                                       Brad Sorrick, Donna and Brandon,
                                                                                                       Janice and Donus Parker.

                                                                                                       (RIGHT) Donna with her Managers.
                                                                                                       Front L-R: Linda Cordray, Glynda Fry,Tabatha Overstreet,
                                                                                                       Cindy Rodgers and Dana Saunders Back L-R: Michelle
                                                                                                       Gillaspy, Sheri Kraemer, Sherri Clark, Debi Sorrick, Joyce Dalski,
                                                                                                       Donna and Janice Parker.
                                                                                                                   REGIONAL VICE PRESIDENT
          “  To lead yourself, use your head; to lead
          others, use your heart!
check to paycheck. I was willing to do whatever it
took to get to Area so I could quit my job. Several
months seemed like years, and things at my job were
horrible. All I wanted to do was quit!

I attended NTC 2000 Toronto later that year and I was                                                                                       Donna with husband, Brandon and their dog, Lakai.

so motivated once I returned home that nothing could                                                                                    < Donna with President Rita Davenport.

stop me. I left my job one month later. Yes, I was                                                                                          Donna with ENVP Cecilia Stoll.

scared … I did not know what I wanted at that point
in my life but I knew I needed to find another full-
time job, and quick. I felt like a failure and I had a
sense of there being a void in my life. Again, my hus-
                                                                                                                                                          can chalk that up to experi-
band had an idea: Do Arbonne full time. On that day,
                                                                                                                                                          enced learned and earned. I
I chose to take a leap of faith. Was I scared? Of course
                                                                                                                                                          have truly learned that success
I was! I did not have the belief at first, but with the support of
                                                                                                                                                          is a journey, not a destination!
Cecilia and my husband, I persevered.

                                                                                       When I look back and think about my journey to Region, I realize
I became a new Area Manager in January 2001 and things were
                                                                                       that there were so many caring and supportive people not only in
going great! By the summer of that year, I had another test of faith
                                                                                       my SuccessLine, but also my crossline. First, I especially want to say
— I was close to losing my Area already. What was I doing wrong?
                                                                                       thank you to ENVP Cecilia Stoll for her unconditional love. I love
I became so driven to go to the next level of Region that I had lost
                                                                                       her truthfulness and honesty. Cecilia, you are the biggest reason for
my sense of purpose … helping others. It was then that I learned
                                                                                       the Aloha theme I chose. You have shown love and compassion as
to lead yourself, use your head; to lead others, use your heart.
                                                                                       my upline, but more than anything you have been my special friend.
                                                                                       Thanks for helping me before I even had the belief in myself.
So I re-focused on being myself and reading every personal
growth and leadership book I could get. Before I knew it, I started
                                                                                       Brandon, you are my rock and my best friend. I would not be in
building up not only myself, but others, too. I learned that success
                                                                                       Arbonne if it was not for you. Thank you for walking with me every
is something you attract by the person you become. Many of us are
                                                                                       step of the way! Thanks for pushing me at times. To my incredible
not born leaders, but we can all become leaders if we are willing to
                                                                                       team, you are the reason I named us the Aloha team. You have the
do whatever it takes.
                                                                                       compassion, love and caring spirit.

I have always been a hard worker, which is a philosophy my dad
                                                                                       Martha McIntyre and Neta Irwin, thanks for all of your support and
instilled in us and my mom taught us by always showing her giving
                                                                                       for always cheering me on. Thanks to Founder Petter Mørck and
spirit. Sometimes we just get off track and that is okay, because you
                                                                                       Executive Vice President Stian Mørck for your vision and the awe-
                                                                                       some Arbonne opportunity you have given us. President Rita
                                                                                       Davenport, your motivation is so contagious! You make us all want
                                                                                       to succeed. To Sr. VP Product Development & Field Events, Candace
                                                                                       Keefe: Thanks for providing us with your incredible knowledge.
                                                                                       Thanks to the Home Office staff for working so hard for all of us in
                                                                                       the Field. I appreciate your time and patience. A great big thanks to
                                                                                       my Mom and Dad for always believing in me!

                                                                                                                                                                     EYE ON ARBONNE
                                                                                                                                                                        January 2003
      Five Generations. L-R: ENVPs Neta Irwin and Martha McIntyre; Debi Sorrick,

      Donna and ENVP Cecilia Stoll.

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