Industri Kecil Dalam Struktur Pasar Persaingan Monopolistik Studi

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					Industri Kecil Dalam Struktur Pasar Persaingan Monopolistik: Studi Kasus
                               Di Jakarta

                                       Tiktik Sartika Partomo
                               Fakultas Ekonomi, Universitas Trisakti


The role of small-scale industries (55ls) is very important in economic development and growth in
Indonesia. The establishments of 551 are 1,,488,891 units. The SSls employ 6.,652,,188 persons.
They have to operate in the monopolistically competitive industries. The measure of market
concentration where size is the percentage of total industry of sales only 1.1 %. The empirical
studied stated that the main problem was marketing, and follow by the other problems such as:
financial; education" training and competition.
The result this research reports that the raw material value and the total of unit business influence
product value of SSls significantly and positively: Using a sample of 231 units of 551 in Jakarta" a
two-factor model for 551 market orientation was developed. The findings are that customer
retention" return on sales and sales growth are related significant positively to 551's market

Kev Word:     The monopolistically competitive industries. small-scale industries.