Grassland Food Web by gfi17626

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									                               Grassland Food Web
The following organisms are found in a grassland: mouse, mushroom, snake, clover,
prairie dog, grasshopper, hawk, dandelion, and grass.

In this relationship the clover, dandelion, and grass are all consumed by the grasshopper
who is eaten by the prairie dog or mouse. The mouse eats both the grasshoppers and grass
and is eaten by the snake and hawk. The prairie dog eats grass, and grasshoppers and is
eaten by the snake and hawk. The hawk eats the mouse, prairie dog and snake. The snake
eats the prairie dog, and mouse and is eaten by the hawk. The mushroom is a decomposer
and will not be eaten as an energy source.

1. Using the information above, draw a food web. Don’t forget to draw the sun as an
energy source. You must make sure your arrows show the flow of energy from the
energy source to the organism using the energy. (10 points)


2. What are the producers?

3. Identify the herbivore(s), omnivore(s) and carnivore(s).

4. What are the first order consumers?

5. What are the second order consumers?

6. What do the arrows represent?

7. Which organisms are omnivores and why?

8. Which organism is a second order consumer and why?

9. Which organism can be a first or second order consumer and why?

10. What would happen to this food web if the grasshopper population emigrated or died?

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