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Speaker Name:         Professor Alan Dyson

Alan Dyson is Professor of Education in the University of Manchester where he co-directs
the Centre for Equity in Education and leads work on education in urban contexts

His research interests are in the relationship between social and educational inclusion
and, particularly, on the relationship between education and other areas of public policy
in urban contexts. He has undertaken a good deal of funded research sponsored by the
Economic and Social Research Council, the Joseph Rowntree Foundation, government
departments, local authorities and other public bodies. Recent studies include the
national evaluation of full-service extended schools, a study of school governing bodies in
disadvantaged areas and involvement in a review of the research evidence on the
relationship between poverty and education. He has been a member of the government’s
ministerial working group on Special Educational Needs, and of the National Education
Research Forum, as well as working with a range of government and government agency
task groups. Recent publications include Schools and Area Regeneration (Bristol, The
Policy Press), Housing and Schooling (York, YPS) and School, Family, Community
(Leicester, Youth Work Press). He led the production of the Open File on Inclusive
Education for UNESCO.

Alan Dyson has worked in universities since 1988. Prior to that, he spent 13 years as a
teacher, mainly in urban comprehensive schools.

August 2008.