FAQ ON ELECTORAL MATTERS

Q. Who can vote?

Ans. All citizens of India who are 18 years of age as on 1st January of the
year for which the electoral roll is prepared (for the present Special
Revision’08 programme it is 1.1.2008) are entitled to be registered as a voter
in the constituency where he or she ordinarily resides. Only persons who are
of unsound mind and have been declared so by a competent court or
disqualified due to ‘Corrupt Practices’ or offences relating to elections are
not entitled to be registered in the electoral rolls.

Q. What is a Constituency?

Ans. Parliamentary Constituency is a geographic area demarcated by the
Delimitation Commission of India for the purpose of elections to the House
of the People. Voters of each Parliamentary Constituency return one MP to
the Lok Sabha. There are 42 Parliamentary Constituencies in West Bengal.

Assembly Constituency is a geographic area demarcated by the Delimitation
Commission of India for the purpose of elections to the Legislative
Assembly of a State. Voters of each Assembly Constituency return one
MLA to the State Legislative Assembly. There are 294 Assembly
Constituencies in West Bengal.

Q. Who is the ERO/AERO?

Ans. The electoral roll for each assembly constituency is prepared and
revised by the Electoral Registration Officer (ERO). Normally, Sub-
divisional Officer or Deputy Magistrate is nominated by Election
Commission of India for this post after consultation with the State

To assist the Electoral Registration Officer Commission also appoints one or
more persons as Assistant Electoral Registration Officer (AERO). The
AEROs are competent to perform all the functions of the EROs subject to
the control of EROs.
   Q. What is an electoral roll?

Ans. An electoral roll is a list of all eligible citizens who are entitled to cast
their vote in an election. The electoral rolls are prepared Assembly
Constituency wise. An electoral roll for any Assembly Constituency is sub-
divided into parts. Normally, one part will correspond with one polling
booth. Each part consists of avg. 1000 electors.

Q. Where can I see the Electoral Roll?

Ans. Part-wise Electoral Roll is available for public inspection at Polling
Booth during the period of Special Revision’08, i.e., 31.7.2008 to 7.8.2008.

Q. Wherefrom I get electoral roll related information?

Ans. During Special Revision- From Polling Booth.

In other times – From BDO Office, SDO Office or DM Office.

Electoral Registration Officer who is the authority in regard to preparation
and publication of Electoral Roll normally sits in DM Office or SDO Office.

Q. How to register in the Electoral Roll?

Ans. Right now there is a scope to enroll your name under Special
Revision’08 programme. Applications will be received at Polling Stations
from 31.7.2008 to 7.8.2008 (except holidays).
          Q. Is there any prescribed application formats? What
          Supportive documents are to be attached with the application

Purpose of filing application    Form for      Supporting documents to be attached
For first time enrollment in the Form 6        •   Proof of date of birth like copy of birth
electoral roll                                     certificate, School Board Examination certificate/
                                                   Admit Card, Passport, PAN Card, etc.
                                               •    Residence Proof like copy of Ration Card,
                                                   Bank/Post      Office    Pass      Book/Electricity
                                                   Telephone Bills, etc.
                                               •   Parent’s (close blood relative’s, in case parents
                                                   are absent) Voter’s ID Card (copy).
                                               •   In case applicant is more than 22 years of age, a
                                                   declaration in plain paper stating the reasons for
                                                   non inclusion in the voter list
For transfer of name from one Form 6           •   Present residence proof document like copy of
assembly constituency to other                     Ration Card, Bank/Post Office Pass Book,
                                                   Electricity /Telephone Bills, etc.
                                               •   Copy of Voter’s ID Card.
For change of residence from        Form 8A    •   Present residence proof document.
one polling area to the other                  •   Copy of Voter’s ID Card.
within the same assembly
For correction of name/relation’s   Form 8     •   Official document in support of the correction
name, age, sex, EPIC No.
Photograph for some other           Form 8     •   Photo bearing identity document, if any.
person printed against the name
of the voter (applying for
removal     for    such   wrong
Deletion of name from the Voter     Form 7     •   Copy of Death Certificate in case the applicant is
List                                               dead.
                                               •   Documentary evidence, if any, to prove that the
                                                   voter is shifted from the place where he/she is

          Q. I have attained 18 years of age on 1.2.2008. Can I apply for
          enrollment now?

          Ans. No. At present only those who have attained 18 years of age on
          1.1.2008 are eligible.
Q. I have changed my residence. Am I to apply again for
registration in the Electoral Roll?

Ans. Yes. Electoral Roll is prepared area-wise. If you shift your residence
you have to apply again for registration in the electoral roll corresponding to
your present residential address. If you are shifted to other Constituency you
have to apply in Form-6. Full address of previous residence as well as details
of previous enrollment is to be noted in the specified space of Form 6. If you
are already having EPIC, also note down the EPIC Number in the
appropriate space. Attach proof of your present residence and copy of EPIC
along with Form 6.

If you change your residence within the same constituency but in the
different part, you have to submit application in Form 8A.

Application can be submitted in the Polling Booth pertaining to your present
place of residence.

Q. I am away from my native place for higher studies. Where
should I apply for enrollment?

Ans. You can apply either at your native place or at the place where you
reside at present for pursuing your studies. Wherever you apply, along with
the application you have to submit a declaration in prescribed format
countersigned by the Head of the Institution in which you are studying.

Q. I am at present staying away from my native place in
connection with service. Can I enroll my name at my native

Ans. No. You are eligible for enrollment only at the place where you
ordinarily reside. Relaxation given to the students in this regard is not
applicable for service holders or businessmen who reside away from their
native places to pursue their professions.

Q. Are Indian Citizens residing abroad in connection with
studies, service or business eligible for registration in the
electoral roll?

Ans. So long they are residing outside India they are not eligible, except for
a person who is employed under the Govt. of India, in a post outside India.

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