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Traffic Exchanges - No Budget Internet Marketing And List Building


									Presented by Daniel Toriola
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Traffic Exchanges - No Budget Internet Marketing And List Building By JT Martin

Most people who decide to try their hand at internet marketing are usually looking to make some extra money. This usually means that they have very little or no money to invest in advertising, web hosting, and the other basics needed to be a successful internet marketer. I think that is why so many "newbies" fall prey to all of the garbage programs out there that promise the moon and deliver nothing but heart ache. The lure of quick money with little or no investment of time or money is too much to resist. I'm getting off track here. (don't get me started!) Anyhow, just for the record. Internet marketing is a business just like any other. It takes hard work and dedication to succeed. With time you can automate a lot of things and the initial investment is not near the cost of a conventional business. Ok, with that said lets talk about Traffic Exchanges. Traffic exchanges are programs that let other people view your website in exchange for your viewing theirs'. Most of them are absolutely free to join. Since you have a small budget or none at all, your investment will be in time. When you view other peoples' pages to earn credits, there is a timer on the page. These timers vary from 5-30 seconds depending on the exchange. When the timer runs out, you are required to click somewhere on the page and you will be taken to the next site. The process is repeated over and over. That is how you earn credits for your site to be shown. Obviously, this can be very time consuming, but it is the trade off you make for not spending any money! Now, there are some things that you want to take into consideration. You need to remember that the people that are using the traffic exchanges are mostly people in the same position as you are. No advertising budget! Don't expect to make a lot of sales with an affiliate product or explode the down line in your network marketing program. Always keep your audience in mind. These people don't have a lot of money to spend. Granted, you will make the occasional sale or get someone to join your mlm, but this is pretty much luck.
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Presented by Daniel Toriola

Also, you will see a lot of the same affiliate pages over and over again. These are hundreds of people promoting web pages that look exactly alike. This is boring. After several days of surfing, you will find that you only pay attention to something new, something you haven't seen before. See where I'm going with this? If at all possible, you want to create something that is unique. I have found that the best use for traffic exchanges is for lead capture. Build your email list. I'm sure you have heard the importance of this preached over and over again. That is because it is true! From the minute you begin your career as an internet marketer, you want to continue to build your email list always. We will cover some very effective ways to do this in another issue, but for now, back to traffic exchanges. Build yourself a lead capture site. Give away something free to entice people to submit their information. This can be a free report, ebook, software, be creative! There are a lot of products that come with resale rights that you can buy and then give away. Do a search on "articles" and you will find lots of sites that allow you to give away other peoples articles (as long as you don't change them). Try to use things that pertain to your product or service that you wish to market to your list later on. Don't try to sell them on first contact. Design your site so that it grabs your prospects attention. You only have 5-30 seconds before they click on to the next site, so don't be long winded. It doesn't need to be fancy. Some of the best converting websites are simple text. You don't need audio or flash presentations. The power of your website is in the written word. Most of the free traffic exchanges don't trade traffic at a direct 1-1 ratio. They encourage you to upgrade for this to happen, don't worry about this. If you are going to commit to a monthly payment, your money is better spent else where. Stay with the freebies. You do want to keep an eye on your email box for specials. Almost all of the traffic exchanges that I have used, run specials from time to time, where you can earn double credits for a set time period on a specific day. You want to make sure you watch for these and take advantage of them. You also want to make sure that you participate in the little traffic games that they have while you are surfing. You can win extra credits this way. For instance, Traffic Swarm holds a daily lottery. I have seen the pots as big as 25,000 credits. Another way to earn extra credits is by referring others to the traffic site. When you join, you will be given a referral link that you can promoter to get people to join under you. When people join with your referral link, you get a set amount of credits, plus you get a percentage of all the credits that they earn. I have designed a system to help you get the most out to traffic exchanges. You will earn referrals while building your opt in list at the same time. I will show you how to surf 10-15 traffic exchanges simultaneously. It is totally free and my gift to you.
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Presented by Daniel Toriola Use it and you will save yourself a lot of time and you will learn a little lesson on the power of viral marketing. Just follow the directions and you will be amazed at how effective it can be. JT Martin is the editor of Marketers Mantras newsletter. He has over 4 years of internet marketing experience and uses affiliate marketing and PLR products to supplement his income. He also likes to use Web 2.0 and social bookmarking strategies. He has developed a free viral marketing system, called Traffic Hits Multiplier, that he uses to build his downlines and his opt in list.

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Presented by Daniel Toriola
How To Legally Steal Website Traffic And Get Away With It By Kevin T. Smith

Whenever you are engaged in a conversation about traffic, start spewing these facts. Your audience will be amazed. Promoting your Internet marketing business opportunity via traffic exchanges is a fantastic way to start. This type of advertising should always be in your toolbox. One thing to keep in mind is to leverage your time wisely and do not surf for hours striving to get your advertising credits. Try to find a traffic exchange that will not disrupt your regular surfing behavior. Finding such a traffic exchange will allow you to still advertise your business while maximizing your time. There are some traffic exchanges that will add a small bit of complexity to your surfing experience. These exchanges make you wait for a timer and view a website belonging to someone else while you earn credits. These measures were taken to eliminate cheating as some surfers would use automated surfing software that does handles that task for them while still earning credits. Most people that take part in these traffic exchange programs will surf on the Internet with a slight modification of how they regularly surf, in an effort to earn credits. More website owners will be willing to participate in traffic exchanges the more it resembles the normal Internet surfing experience. Also the less cumbersome the traffic exchange process, the more likely the chance to receive very targeted traffic. Here is a short list of traffic exchange benefits: 1. Great potential for recruiting affiliates 2. You can establish and build your list of prospects 3. Traffic exchanges are free 4. Receive targeted traffic If your advertising budget is low, traffic exchanges are a good place to expose your opportunity because most of them are free. But many of them give you the option to upgrade your membership to get additional benefits. In conclusion, there are different varieties of traffic exchanges available to utilize to gain exposure to your Internet marketing business opportunity. You can earn advertising credits in many ways. Credits can be earned by setting your Internet home page to their default advertising page or can earn them by clicking on links of other members. Earned credits can be used in exchange for visitors to your Internet marketing site. Traffic exchanges should not be your only tool in your advertising arsenal but are more than adequate when your budget is low. Kevin Smith is a leader in one of the fastest growing teams of successful home business entrepreneurs on the net. Find out how they are creating financial freedom all across the globe and how to get in on the action FREE ==>

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Presented by Daniel Toriola

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