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Increase Traffic to Your Blog by Crediting Your Sources By TJ Philpott

Would you like to increase traffic to your blog? Why not use the efforts and knowledge of other bloggers to help you do this. But first let me ask, are you still uncomfortable sending your visitors to another bloggers site? Do you still have that reluctance to reference others as your source of information? Do you feel that by crediting others for information you use on your own blog that you'll lose credibility with your own readers? Did you know that by referencing other blog posts as your source of information that you can enhance both your traffic generation efforts and your credibility? Let's take a look at how: Generates Additional Traffic Through the use of a blog trackback system when you reference a post from another blog you automatically notify that blog thru email that they've been referenced on your site. Much like leaving a comment with a link back to your site, the blog trackback linking from your site, creates the same awareness on the other blog. There now exist the opportunity for additional traffic to your blog from that link. Logically speaking most any blog you have referenced in one of your post probably blogs within a related niche. With this said the more you use trackbacks the greater the exposure your blog will receive within the community further boosting your traffic generation efforts. Increases Credibility with Readers Huh? How can referring your own readers to another site for information increase your credibility with them? Won't that lower their regard for you as an authority or prime source of the type of information
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they seek or you blog about? The answer here is no. By referring your subscribers elsewhere for good information only reinforces with them your familiarity with the field while also showing a willingness to share credit with others. Make no mistake that you'll still be considered the 'go to guy' for any information in this field. If you don't have it you'll know where to find it. It will also reinforce with them that you're providing unrestricted access for them to any information which may help or interest them. Putting your subscribers first is a key to maintaining their loyalty. Reciprocal Links from Other Blogs In time blogs that have been referenced by you will take notice and visit your blog. If your content is of interest or value to them, they may return the 'link love' by referencing your site in one of their own post. This can only lead to another increase in traffic for you. If this link sharing continues the opportunity may present itself to work with the other blog owner in some fashion that would be mutually beneficial in the future. As you see, crediting other's blog posts for their quality content is a great way to increase traffic to your blog. But the other invaluable benefits this technique offers you also can not be ignored or denied.

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10 Powerful Ways to Increase Blog Traffic to Your Blog By Cory Threlfall

If you have a blog, you undoubtedly want to draw as much traffic to it as possible. Whether you are trying to make a living by blogging or if you simply want to get a specific message out to the readers, a large amount of blog traffic is ideal. The following will list 10 powerful ways to increase blog traffic to your blog. Use Keywords to Increase Blog Traffic First, you want to use keywords throughout your blog. Doing so will not only draw readers to your blog but it will bring in individuals who are interested in the topic areas which your blog covers. Have a Main Point to Your Blog Most blog surfers do not want to read a blog which is circuitous in nature. They want to read a blog which has true depth and a main point to it. Therefore, make sure that your blog has a main point within it and gets to that point in each and every blog posting. This too will increase blog traffic for you. Sell Things via Your Blog Although some blog readers are just there to read the words and that's all, many others are interested in making purchases along the way. With that said, you want to provide them with the opportunity to buy something while reading your blog, whether it be your own items or ones provided by outside companies through affiliate programs and pay per click programs. Keep Your Blog Current to Increase Blog Traffic Keep in mind that individuals aren’t going to visit your blog if they come across the same, stale information time and time again. You have to be sure to update your blog on a regular basis so that readers have something new to come back to. Make It Interesting In addition, the blog content should be interesting and enticing. You want readers to make it a point to visit your blog everyday and tell their friends about it as well. Post Your Link throughout the Internet Another way to really increase the level of traffic to your blog site is to post your link in as many places online as possible. This is another way, in addition to search engines, to get people connected with your site. Offer Free E-books A good way to get individuals hooked on your blog is to offer them something for free such as free e-books. E-books are multiple page writings which offer information and solutions on a variety of

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topics. Try to write an e-book or hire someone to do so and then post it on your blog. Advertise the free e-book over the Internet and by doing so you will ultimately increase the amount of traffic to your blog, please the readers and get them to come back for more. Give Your Readers a Reason to Visit Your Blog In addition to offering free e-books via your blog, you want to find other ways to get readers to visit your blog. Try offering contests and valuable information which visitors will want to take advantage of. If they find that your blog is helpful they will keep reading it and tell their friends about it also which will increase blog traffic to your site. Focus on One Specific Topic You have to remember not to spread yourself too thin when writing a blog. You want the blog to focus on one specific area which will draw individuals to it by way of backlinks and search engines. By focusing on one area you will find that your blog traffic increases more than if you were to talk about various things on a random basis. Write Guest Posts on Other Blogs and Websites Lastly, you should try to write guest posts on other individual's blogs and websites to increase blog traffic to your own site. If you are putting out valuable information to the Internet surfers you are sure to find that people want to learn more about you and read other articles and posts which you have completed. Subscribe to The Web Development Central Blog and receive MORE expert articles and tips on How-To build and drive Traffic to your website. ==> | Plus... don't forget to claim your FREE blogging guide called Blog Profits Blueprint ==>

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