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Website traffic could mean the number of hits, the number of page views, the number of sessions or the number of unique visitors. It is one of the most important factors in SEO as well as in determining the overall website performance. Click here to know more

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Get Targeted Traffic and Maximize Profits By Elton Johnson

If you plan to build an internet empire, you need only one thing to succeed - website traffic. Web traffic corresponds to the number of unique people who visit your website - identifiable through the IP Address of the user visiting the website. The more traffic you have, the better profit you will gain. But you don't need just any other type of traffic. You need targeted demographic traffic - and this pertains to people from particular region who are genuinely interested in your products, services, or anything else that you offer over the Internet. Targeted Traffic - One must understand the type needed. In short, you need only visitors who are looking for what you sell. For example, if you have adult-related content on your website, be very specific that you want to buy adult traffic and nothing else. While adult traffic may be a little more expensive, getting younger audiences is not only foul - it's worthless. Demographic Traffic - One needs to very particular about the demographics, as visitors from Europe are unlikely to have much interest in items meant for sale in United States. Ask any webmaster and he'd tell you that the hardest part of setting up an internet business is not putting up a killer website - it's marketing and promoting the website. No hosting service, programming language, or web graphics can assure you of guaranteed website traffic. So when it comes to this critical matter, it's always best that you trust only the experts. There are companies whose principal business is to generate web traffic. And this is something that webmasters can take advantage of. Buying web traffic from reputable companies gives the business instant visitors and therefore popularity. Thus, you need not go through the pains of search engine optimization and massive back-link building exercise as you already have continuous web traffic. Bought traffic, when added to the power of viral marketing, the word-of-mouth strategy, and positive referrals can give you a dynamic edge over your direct competitors and enhance your search engine ranking manifold. Web traffic campaigns can deliver best results when you coupled with freebie offers or launch of new products. The company that you buy your website traffic needs to very competent and reliable. They have to deliver your traffic with full precision as per your requirements. Elton Johnson has been studying
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website advertising and marketing strategies for years and has finally discovered a traffic system that will send thousands of people to your website instantly as per your site's requirement. Elton's website not only allows' one to specify the country / region for visitors demographic location but also allows to choose targeted keywords that best describes the product.

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"Maximizing The True Value Of Your Traffic" By Ewen Chia

"Maximizing The True Value Of Your Traffic" by: Ewen Chia You may be shocked to hear this. You DON'T need a lot of traffic to make your website a screaming success. Many new marketers are led to believe the key to profits lies in throwing as much traffic as possible at their sites. Hence increasing the popularity of traffic blasting programs which are inevitably money-drainers for the honest marketers. If only it was that easy. The truth of the matter is, there're only two basic ways to increase the profitability of any website, and in turn maximize the true value of your traffic. One is by targeting the traffic you get, the other is by generating a call to action from that traffic. Lets look at each one in more detail: (1) Targeting your traffic What you need is the right kind of traffic. To put it another way - what you need to make more money right now is highly targeted traffic. As mentioned, the true value of traffic is in how you can maximize it to achieve certain positive outcomes you desire - be it higher sales or more quality subscribers. Such outcomes are only possible if the traffic is highly targeted to what you are offering. The question is in how you can receive such targeted visitors quickly and easily. You can do this by using certain proven traffic generation strategies such as writing articles, joint ventures with targeted marketers/e-zine publishers, search engines, your own affiliate programs, etc. Side note: "Autopilot Traffic Streams" reveals hidden ways to generate your own automatic streams of targeted traffic quickly and easily. You can download this $37 ebook here free, simply right click and choose 'save target as..' from this link: These highly effective methods attract pre-qualified visitors who are mostly 'pre-sold' before arriving at your site. (2) Generating positive responses

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The hands down easiest way to maximize any traffic is by increasing your website's conversion rates. You can achieve double, triple or even 10X more profits by converting more visitors into customers. Let us look at a very basic example: If your current website converts at 1% (meaning 1 sale for every 100 visitors), you would make 5 sales for every 500 targeted visitors you sent there. Lets say you managed to increase this conversion rate to 3%, the same 500 visitors will give you 15 sales, an addition of 10 sales from just a 2% increase in the conversion rate! While this sounds every ideal, how do you heighten your site's conversion rates and maximize each visitor's value? There are many ways to achieve this, some of which include: Faster loading time; Easier navigation; Easier reading; Flexible payment options; Packaging of unique offers; Increasing product value and of course creation of more effective copy, etc. In summary, generating highly targeted traffic and then motivating positive calls to action from it is the way to achieving more profits quicker and easier. It's a powerful and synergic strategy you can't afford to ignore as an internet marketer - so start maximizing the true value of your traffic today! (c) 2004 Ewen Chia Discover The Profit-Pulling Marketing Secrets Of The Gurus To Instantly Skyrocket Your Profits And Turn Your Website Into A 24/7 Cash Vault Quickly And Easily...Guaranteed! FREE eCourse worth $297:

Ewen is the editor of "Web Marketing Exposed" which reveals specific techniques you can use to get more traffic, subscribers and sales to your websites quickly and easily!

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