Golden Corral Pre-Employment Questionnaire by ypq25841


									                     Golden Corral
             Pre-Employment Questionnaire

1. ADDRESS:__________________________________________________
2. How long have you lived in Montgomery ________________________?
3. Home phone number?__________________Cell phone______________
4. Position appliying for?_________________________________________
5. Are you willing to work on Fri, Saturday and Sunday? Yes or No
6. Are you willing to work? A. Day Shift (between 8am-4pm)
                               B. Nite Shift (between 4pm-11pm)
                               C. Double Shifts (11am-9pm)
                               D. All of the above
7. Are you under the age of 18? Yes or No,
    If “Yes”, your age____________
8. Do you have reliable transportation to get to and from work?
    Yes or No
9. Do you have any vacation plans in the next 6 months?
    Yes or No If Yes, please provide details on back.
10. Are you involved in any after school activities? Yes or No
     If Yes, Please explain.
11.Are you willing to learn more than one job position? Yes or No
12.If called upon, are you willing to come to work on short notice to
    cover for another co-worker who cannot work his/her scheduled
    Shift? Yes or No
13. Are you currently employed? Yes or No
     If Yes, where ____________________How long?______________________
14. If No, last job worked at? _________________________________________
    How long did you work there? ____________________________________
    Name of Supervisor? _____________________________________________
    Phone Number? _________________________________________________
    Rate of Pay? _______________Hours worked per week? ______________
    Why did you leave? ______________________________________________
15.Do you know anyone that is presently working at a Golden Corral?
    Yes or No. If Yes, Who?__________________________________________
16. What wage rate are you looking to start work at?_________________

 I understand that this form is only a preliminary questionnaire, and
that MCWG Montgomery Inc./Golden Corral requires completion of
a detailed application and other requirements prior to hire.

Signature _________________________________________Date______________

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