City of St. Paul B Property Information on the Web by jackl17


									                City of St. Paul B Property Information on the Web
                                           Updated September 26, 2006

Notes to Users of the Property Information System

To report a violation click on How to Make a Housing Complaint

Note 1: Information contained in these property reports include:
        (a)     Permits - Only permits issued since Jan. 1, 2000 are available online
        (b)     Complaints - As of Sept. 8, 2006 all department’s complaints show except for Police
        (c)     Truth In Sale of Housing (TISH) Reports
        (d)     Rental Registration - Only current and renewal pending records are available online
        (e)     Fire Prevention Certificate of Occupancy Inspections (since Jan. 1, 2000)
        (f)     Business Licenses (since Jan. 1, 2000)
        (g)     Restaurant, Food, and Lodging inspections (since Jan. 1, 2000)
        (h)     Zoning Case information
        (i)     Public Works Sidewalk, Sewer, and Right of Way Permits (added Sept. 25, 2006)

        Folder Types on the web (complete list)
        B       Building Permit
        BZ      Board of Zoning Appeals Cases
        CC      City Council Zoning Case Hearing
        CO      Certificate of Occupancy
        CS      Complaint / Request For Service
        DM      Demolition Permit
        E       Electrical Permit
        EG      Fire Engineering
        EV      Elevating Device Permit
        FB      Food Bakery
        FG      Food Grocery
        FN      Fence Permit
        FW      Fireworks Sales Permit
        LD      Lodging
        M       Mechanical Permit
        MV      Moving Permit
        PC      Planning Commission Zoning Cases
        PG      Plumbing / Gasfitting / Inside Water Piping Permit
        RF      Complaint referred to the Fire Department
        RR      Rental Registration
        RS      Restaurant
        RW      Public Works Right of Way Obstruction/Excavation Permit
        SK      Public Works Sidewalk Permit
        SP      Stucco/Plaster Permit
        SR      Site Plan Review
        SS      Public Works Sewer Permit
        TH      Truth In Sale of Housing (TISH) Reports
        VB      Vacant Building
        W       Warm Air, Ventilation & General Sheet Permit
        WU      Water Utility
        X*      Licenses

Note 2: If a complaint came to the attention of the City by way of a complainant, the complainant=s name is kept
Note 3: Just because you cannot find complaint information for a particular address, that does not necessarily mean
        a complaint has not been made. Information on a property will not appear if:

         (a)      The inspector has not been to the property yet. We do not put a complaint on the internet until
                  after an inspector visits the property and finds a violation.

         (b)      The inspector has visited the property and determined the complaint was Aunfounded@ (or abated
                  before arrival). We do not put complaints on the internet unless they are valid.

         (c)      The file has been closed for over 3 months. Three months after a complaint has been resolved, it
                  will no longer appear on this internet report.

Note 4: The ADescription@ column contains information as it was reported to the City by the complainant, and may
        or may not be totally accurate.

Note 5: The ADetails@ column contains the City=s response. There will be times when a complaint is partially
        Afounded@ and partially Aunfounded.@ In this situation the part that was unfounded will appear in the
        ADescription@ column, but noted as Aunfounded@ in the ADetails@ column. The AStatus@ column will say
        either Aunder review@ or Aclosed.@ Three months after closing a file, it will no longer appear on this internet.
         NHPI (code enforcement) closes its file either when the violation has been corrected/abated or when a
        work order was sent to the Parks Department to send an abatement crew to clean-up the property.

Note 6: In the ADetails@ column the following terms are used:

         Condemnation/Order to Vacate means the dwelling has been declared unfit to live-in.

         Correction Order/Correction Notice means a code deficiency has been ordered to be corrected.

         Excessive Consumption means the property owner has been sent a bill for excessive code visits which
         usually means failure to timely correct a deficiency.

         Extension means the original compliance deadline has been extended - see extension policy.

         Form 4 is a referral made to Fire Prevention from a fire or medic team.

         Garbage Service Order means the property owner has been cited for failure to have receptacles and/or
         regular pickup; and the city is providing that service with the costs assessed to the property owner.

         Referral means a complaint was referred to the Fire Department.

         Rental Registration Revocation means that the rental property owner has received a Notice of Intent to
         Revoke their Alicense@ to be a landlord - revocation is decided by the City Council.

         Revoked in Child Referral means the Certificate of Occupancy has been revoked following the
         investigation of a complaint.

         Summary Abatement means that the violation is Aabatable@ - if you don=t correct the violation within the
         timelines, then a work order goes to the Parks Dept. to clean-up the property, pick up the garbage, mow the
         lawn or shovel the walk, and assess the cost to the property owner=s property taxes.

         Tag means a criminal misdemeanor charge for the code violation was lodged with the court system.

         TRA means a Tenant Remedies Action law suit to correct the violations was filed with the court system.
        Unaddressed means the inspector was there for other issues with an earlier compliance date - the
        unaddressed issues have an extended compliance date and a recheck is pending.

        VB means the structure is a registered Vacant Building and all violations have to be corrected before re-

        Vehicle Abatement means that the vehicle is in violation of the code and the Police Department will come
        and tow if the violation isn=t corrected.

        Work Order means that a violation which is Aabatable@ (see Summary Abatement) has not been timely
        corrected and a city work crew was ordered to do the work with costs assessed to the property owner=s
        property taxes.
        '617.80 or '45.04 Notice means that a legal notice has been mailed with a deadline to abate nuisance
        behavior or face either criminal charges or a court order shutting down the property.

Note 7: For more information on housing code violations, go to the How to make a housing complaint page. If you
        scroll to How to get action and track progress on routine code enforcement cases, we discuss why progress
        on a complaint may sometimes be slow.
        For example: Snow complaints are held for 2 days to give the owner a chance to clear the walk once they
        receive the letter. So there will almost always be a 2 day lag time between the "Complaint Date" and the
        "Initial Inspection Date".
        Another example: Graffiti complaints are held for 10 days to give the owner a chance to remove the graffiti
        using instructions that are mailed to them.

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