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Written by: Tamara Kelly Recently, I read the book You Inc by John McGrath. In it, he recounted a story about how the famous designer Giorgio Armani manages his time. I loved the story because it illustrates a practical yet unique way to prioritise your time. Armani only has 8 items on his to-do list at any time. He spends a maximum of one hour per day on each item, but always works on every item on his list. He carries forward any items that he does not complete onto tomorrow’s list. It sounds simple, so I thought I would give it a go—although I confess that I changed it somewhat. For my experiment, I chose to restrict half of each day to working on a 4hour to-do list (one hour per item). My first challenge was to decide on the first four things that should make it to my list and which items should not (I currently have six major projects on the go, plus the normal array of daily demands). I had a chat with my partners, and decided to step back and first ask myself a couple of basic questions: • What were the key results that I was being paid to deliver? • What tasks and projects contributed most to those results? In the end, I decided to include three longer term projects plus an hour for changing my list even if I had not finished a project. I’ve now been at it a month, and on the whole I’ve found it to be a quite surreal but worthwhile experience. I particularly loved the way it forced you to think about what matters most and then act with that focus in mind. I will continue using the strategy and making adaptations as I go. And, I’m not afraid not to use it on days when it just doesn’t make sense (such as when I am running a course). I’d be very interested to hear from anyone else who has used some version of this idea. Leadership Skills Australia
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