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What's the Deal With ShoeMoney Tools? By Matthew Bredel

Whether you are building your Internet business from scratch or already have several sites up and running, ShoeMoney tools may be the program you need to take your business to the next level. With categories of tools to help you set your business action plan in motion, the real benefit to ShoeMoney is having all of the tools in one convenient location. Jeremy Schoemaker is the creator of the Internet Marketing membership site and offers complete access to his program for $99.95 per month. Among the tools available on the site are the following categories: Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Link Building, Social Media, and Pay-Per-Click (PPC). On his website, Shoemaker provides video tutorials and guides to walk new members through the tools and how to use them. Next time, we’ll review the PPC tools, but for this review let’s take a look at the other tools available through ShoeMoney. What can ShoeMoney do for you? You can have the most amazing website and product in the world, but without the right incoming traffic, it does not mean a thing. The idea behind ShoeMoney tools is to offer a way for online entrepreneurs to have access to all of the tools they need to maximize their site traffic and pull in targeted buyers. It is essentially an all-in-one Internet marketing tool box. However, it makes sense that people new to ShoeMoney want to know the details of the product before signing up and paying the monthly fee. Schoemaker is offering a 3-Day Free Trial on the site for people who want to check it out before committing to a subscription. And below are some of the details of the program to help you make the most educated decision when it comes to ShoeMoney. • SEO Tools o This category includes the Backlink Analyzer and Find Backlinks tools, which allow you to analyze backlinks pointed to a specific domain as well as determine who is linking to a website and the keywords and links people are using. You can enter a keyword and get your hands on a top 10 Google list for the keyword and learn how each listing receives the backlinks.
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o With the Outbound Links tool you can identify the sites being linked from a domain. o Also part of the SEO Tools, the Domain MarketPlace helps to seek out available domains with active links, and the Keyword Density and Tracker tools provide a way to compare keywords and domains against competitors and keep track of how your personal keyword placement is working for you. oThe SEO Tool, Text Optimizer, allows you to take a look at any given article text or a specific webpage and determine the SEO metrics. • Link Building o In addition to the three tools that are already listed in the SEO Section (Backlink Analyzer, Find Backlinks and Most Linked), this section offers the Related Blog Posts tool, helping you to identify blog posts that relate to your niche. You can past blog links in your trackbacks field and ping the blogs to increase your site’s traffic. • Social Media o Want to use Twitter but aren’t sure how? ShoeMoney helps with this social media tool to help you create your own Twitter account and utilize it to the benefit of your IM business. While you may be able to find these tools in various places online, it is a great thing to have them all in one place. ShoeMoney takes a lot of the time and effort out of finding and learning the tools and gives you a step up in your IM action plan. Schoemaker’s site also offers access to a Forum to discuss the tools with other Internet marketing professionals, increasing the value and making ShoeMoney tools a great product to have in your online money-making arsenal or, rather, toolbox! Learn more about ShoeMoney Tools and ShoeMoney Reviews at http://www.thewebreviewer.com.

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Seo Profile: Shoemoney By Tyler Banfield

Jeremy Schoemaker, aka Shoemoney, is one of the most popular (and sometimes controversial) members of the search engine marketing community. While Shoemoney did “attend” college for three years, he never completed a degree because he spent the majority of his time expanding his company, Shoemoney Media Group. After the “dot com crash” took place, Shoemoney was forced to take a job with Wells Fargo and Commercial Federal Bank. Although he was temporarily a member of the “corporate” world, Shoemoney continued to manage his server and work on his web sites. He eventually quit those jobs and returned to the search engine marketing world. Shoemoney joined Digital Point in September 2004. According to several of his posts, he had spent many months reading through all of the valuable information on Digital Point before deciding to actually join himself. As time went on, Shoemoney’s popularity on Digital Point continued to grow. In May 2005, Shoemoney posted a thread which was simply titled “my tips.” This thread contained many of his money making philosophies during that time period, and can truly be identified as one of the reasons why Shoemoney is the popular icon that he is today. At some point in time, Shoemoney became known as the “King of Ring tones.” This was a reference to the massive amount of revenue he was generating as a result of his work in the ring tone affiliate industry. Although he has never disclosed specific details, Shoemoney has revealed in one of his many interviews that he makes “eight figures” a year. 2006 was a good year for Shoemoney. His blog, which has an Alexa ranking of 1,436, had over five hundred thousand visitors during 2006. Shoemoney also hosts his own radio show, which is appropriately titled “Net Income.” Each week, Shoemoney interviews a member of the internet marketing community and discusses different methods of making money from the internet. This article will show us if I can rank for http://tylerbanfield.com/blog dnfblaie, dlnifabe or eldfbnia

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