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Search Engine Optimization Basics By Blake Evans

Most people put a website up on the internet, put their website address on all their promotional advertising like business cards, flyers, etc. and then sit back and wait while they fanaticize about all the money that will soon be rolling their way. The problem is that the money never comes. So what are they missing? The answer is search engine optimization or SEO. You see, your website has to rank high with the search engines in order for people to be able to find it among the thousands or hundreds of thousands of competitors you may have on the internet. The following basic terms may help you understand the need for and basics of search engine optimization. What is search engine optimization? There are certain techniques and tactics that can help your website get higher rankings on the search engines. Using these methods with that end in mind is known as search engine optimization or SEO. One of the most important parts of SEO is including high-quality content on your website. Your content or articles should be relevant to your topic, rich in the right keywords and informative to the reader. The search engine bots crawl your site and then complicated algorithms are used to rank your site. What are search bots? Search engine bots or spiders are computer programs that scan the content of your website and then relay important information about it back to the search engines. They look for consistency between your Meta tags, titles and keywords. They also check your keyword density, sitemap and other website features. What is an algorithm? An algorithm is a complicated mathematical formula that allows a variety of data (from your website) to be used in order to assign a particular value to something. So for your website, the algorithm is going to take a variety of seemingly unrelated factors and can combine them in just the right way to give your website its search engine ranking. The items mentioned above like keywords, keyword density, your sitemap, ease of use as well as other factors like how many backlinks to your site exist on the internet are all taken into consideration.

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What is a search engine "ranking"? Basically, this is what determines how much money your website is going to make. When a person puts a keyword or phrase into a search engine like Google, they get back a page of results. Where your website is in those results is your ranking. For instance, the top result in the search has the number one search engine ranking for that keyword. If your site is not on the first page of results the odds of anyone clicking on your site are dramatically reduced. Hopefully these definitions have given you some insight into the complicated world of search engine optimization. Sometimes it is best to simply hire an SEO expert, especially in the beginning and then you can kind of learn as you earn. SEO is a complicated game, but the rewards are great for those who break the code and remain persistent. Learn about SEO from the free tutorials at

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Search Engine Optimization - What Is Search Engine Optimization Actually? By Savant Consultants

All of us who have Internet businesses and own websites realize that our businesses will live or die according to the amount of people that are visiting our website. Although there certainly are a lot of different ways that you can pull traffic to your website, one way that tends to send you qualified traffic on a regular basis is search engine optimization, or SEO for short. This is something that almost all Internet marketers have dabbled in at some point, some with great success and others who get disappointed and give up on their search engine optimization efforts altogether. The simple fact of the matter is, there are really only a few basic principles that are behind search engine optimization. From those few basic principles, however, there are dozens if not hundreds of different ways that you can expand and grow your efforts. Understanding the basics of search engine optimization is not really that difficult to do but excelling at it may take a little bit of work on your part. Here are the two basics of search engine optimization and how you can use them in your marketing efforts. On Page Factors - Any good search engine optimization campaign starts out with factors that involve the webpage itself. If you're going after a specific keyword or perhaps a keyword phrase, you want to make sure that you include it in the title tag of the webpage and perhaps prominently toward the top of the webpage as well. Although there is some speculation on the exact percentage of saturation that should occur on the webpage, using it naturally is typically the best bet. You should also use related keywords in order to pick up on any latent semantic indexing that is happening within the search engines. Off Page Factors - These are generally more important to your search engine rankings than the on page factors. In order for you to rank well, you need to display to the search engines that your website is popular on the Internet when it comes to that particular keyword or keyword phrase. You would do this by getting links back to your website from a variety of different other sites. You can do this by commenting on blog posts, writing articles and distributing them or simply asking somebody for a link back to your site. The more links you have, the better your rankings will be, provided you don't try to game the system. Although it certainly is possible for you to take care of all of your search engine optimization efforts yourself, many people find that it becomes cumbersome to their business. There are plenty of good SEO companies out there that will take care of the entire process for you and allow you to concentrate on other areas of your business. This is one of the best ways for you to make sure that you're not only ranking well in the search engines, you're taking care of the traffic once they land on your webpage. Visit to learn more about search engine optimization. Savant Consultants is a professional seo company providing valuable information on search engine optimization strategies at

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