Summary of Issues by jackl17


									                           Summary of Issues
                      Identified by the Community

The follow is a generalized summary of categories and subcategories that
the community identified and focused on as those characteristics that
contribute and have aspects that detract from the quality of life in
Riverview. This list is not all inclusive and is intended to give an overview
of issues identified to date. See the attached table for specific comments.

Main Topics:

Community Identity:

           Community Character
           Gateways/First Impressions/ Community Identity
           Youth Programs
           Civic Uses and Services
           Large Lot Development
           Agricultural Uses

Community Environmental /Cultural Resources:

           Alafia River
           Parks and Recreation
           Conservation and Open Space
           Historic Preservation
           Water Quality
           Air Quality

Community Land Use and Development:

           Liveable Communities/Mixed Use Development
           Walkable Communities
           Main Street Concept
           Densities and Zoning
           US Hwy. Corridor (Overlay Zone?)
           Commercial Use Design Standards and Landscaping
           Industrial Uses
           Residential/Subdivision Design Standards and Landscaping
           Types of Uses – Desirable and Undesirable
           Sidewalks, and Pedestrian and Bicycle Connectivity
           Eyesores/Dumping /Trash

Community Mobility and Growth Management Issues:

           Emergency Management
           Economic Development
           301 Corridor Development (Overlay Zone?)/ Access Management
           Transportation/Traffic Safety
           Highway Beautification
           Walkable Communities
           Sidewalks, and Pedestrian and Bicycle Facilities

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