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How to Make Money During the Recession By Misty Reese

I can't escape from it, I turn on the news it there, I open a paper and wham! Its there too! The recession. Another story of who's and how many are losing there jobs. Another headline about the car industries, banks and housing turmoil. In my opinion, greed helped us arrive at this point. Greed! We want bigger, better, faster and shinier. So there you sit reading this, questioning how to make money during the recession. Lets start with how you're not going to make money during the recession. You see if you can avoid the things that won't help, you will be closer to discovering the things that will. 1st... Avoid all things shiny. Seriously. If you are searching for a way to make money online, and typing your question in a search engine you will run across many shiny websites. Glamorizing the flashy lifestyle, cars and checks. Why? Because in the end, most of the people behind those sites need to make money. And how do they accomplish this? By making money off of you! So take time, research, ask questions then if you must go back to the shiny website and give it a shot. 2nd...You aren't going to make money by not taking action. Sitting there, yeah you.. On your couch, chair or floor... you're not going to make money during the recession because you aren't taking action! Now let's talk about how you can make money during the recession. 1st... Determine how you want to make money. Do you really want to go out and compete with the thousands of others who are now looking for jobs? Or do you want to make money online? How will you put together the puzzle pieces of your dreams? I make money online, and yes I am making money during the recession! The next 2 points will outline 2 free ways I make money online! You got it, Free! 2nd... Article Marketing. You see this, this page your reading.. It's article marketing. You see I find something I have a passion for and write an article around it. If you are reading this thinking I can't do
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that, let me ask you how many conversations do you have in a day? How many e-mails do you send a week? It's easier to complete those two tasks because you are making conversation with friends. Treat article marketing the same. Find something your passionate about and write about it. If you work hard, you will make money. 3rd... Blog. That's right!... This one is so easy, and there are plenty of sites that help you set up a blog that are free. Why is this one easy? Because the conversations that I convert into articles... well I just mash them up a bit more and put them on my blog. Now you have the meat and potatoes of what I do. So what are you going to do with it? Remember.. Stop buying into the shiny things online, start investing in something real! No one can promise you how much you will make, but in the right community with the right support many will help you get there! If you want to make real money online and you want to learn how to make money during the recession then check out ways you can make money by visiting Check out for free tips and tools that will help you!

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Recession Definition By Wayne Cooper

There Is No Simple Recession Definition If you don't know a lot about how the economy works, it may seem strange that all the experts disagree as to whether we are currently in a recession, or not. When you look at the recession definition, however, you will see that it is not as black-and-white as it appears. Many businesses use "two quarters of negative growth of growth domestic product" means we are in a recession. Definitions that explain in more detail include specifics areas where negative growth occurs, that which is visible in real personal income, payrolls, industrial production, and even sales from retail stores. Which one Is More Accurate? Although the first definition, which states that two quarters of negative growth signals recession is the one most often used, it doesn't take all the facts into consideration. This past year, the United States had one quarter of negative growth. During the next quarter, incentive checks were sent out to encourage spending. Due to these checks being sent out, growth improved marginally. According to the first recession definition, we were not in a recession. However, according to the second recession definition, we most likely would be. Jobs were lost, less money was being acquired through payrolls, and sales only improved in certain types of businesses, such as discount stores where money would go farther. How Can I Protect Myself From A Recession? From the second instance, it is easy to see that U.S. citizens are suffering from the symptoms of recession. The best way to secure your future is to find a business that will provide you with financial security no matter what happens to the economy. Since there are some needs that continue no matter what, there are always markets available for these products. If you start your own business that is guaranteed to make money, even during a recession, you can feel confident about providing for your family. Both recession definitions include a reference to a recession being nation or world wide. If you've kept your eye on the stock market, you know that several countries are being affected at the same time. Recession is a scary word, and one that we want to avoid. Although you may not be able to improve your odds in the stock market, you can improve your financial income. Not only can you rest assured that you won't be out of work tomorrow, but you can also make more money that you've ever made at your current job. A home-based business will give you the security to care for your family and guarantee that you have the financial future you need to retire when the time comes. You don't have to let your own financial circumstances reflect those in the recession. You can recession proof your business.

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