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Career Exploration Preparation and Achievement Frequently Asked by student19


									                      A+       Benefits for Students                                            An Exciting New Program for
+ Develop a competitive edge in the job market                                                    Career Exploration,
       Gain insight into career paths.
       Build a strong resume with the right mix of soft skills and                           Preparation, and Achievement
       technical skills.
   •   Master the work skills employers want.
   •   Bypass the entry level.
   •   Earn a certificate that documents the workplace skills
       needed in rewarding jobs.

+ Help finance your education
   •   Put newly acquired practical skills to work to earn while you
   •   Secure jobs that pay better than unskilled positions.

+ Transfer to a four-year university with more
   •   Learn practical knowledge that complements an
       academic major.
   •   Connect learning to real-world applications.
   •   Hedge against the uncertainties of college planning.
   •   Complete up to 64 credit hours toward a B.A. or B.S.

        For more information, or to become an A+ student contact:

                        Gwen Matthews
                        Director of Advising,

            Funds for printing this document were provided through a grant from the
 Fund for the Improvement of Postsecondary Education (FIPSE), U.S. Department of Education
                                       (Last Updated 4/06)
                                                                                             Frequently Asked Questions
Want a Good Education AND a Good Job?                                                   A+ How do I know if Associate’s Plus is right for me?
Associate’s Plus Is One Answer.                                                        If you want to know the answers to questions like these, you will be
                                                                                       interested in A+:
 A+ What is Associate’s Plus?                                                              •    How can I find out more information about potential career paths?
                                                                                           •    What jobs are available in today’s market and what do I need to
Associate's Plus (A+) is a new program for college transfer and high school                     know to land the best jobs?
students that combines college and career planning. If you are already in                  •    How can I get experience in my career field?
college transfer or considering it as a major, you should consider the A+                  •    How can I set myself apart from other college graduates?
Program, especially if you want to maximize your education and job prospects.
                                                                                           •    How can I afford a college education? How can I work and make
Associate’s Plus will enable you to complement college transfer studies with
                                                                                                good money while studying?
occupational, vocational, and technical training, earning a job-ready certificate in
                                                                                           •    How can I gain career experience through co-ops or internships in
high demand in the workplace while completing your Associate in Arts (A.A.) or
                                                                                                the college transfer program?
Associate in Science (A.S.) transferable degree.
                                                                                           •    What type of job can I get with an A.A. or A.S. degree?
(Wake Tech’s Associate’s Plus Program is funded in part by a $310,411 grant                •    What does the college transfer program qualify me to do?
from the Fund for the Improvement of Postsecondary Education [FIPSE] of the
U.S. Department of Education.)                                                          A+ How will this program affect my studies at Wake Tech?
  A+ Who can participate in the Associate’s Plus Program?                              As an A+ student, you will enroll each semester in college transferable
                                                                                       courses that meet the requirements of your Associate in Arts or Associate in
Current Wake Tech College Transfer Students: If you are a college transfer             Science degree. You will also take one course each semester in a business,
student who has also taken courses in one of the college’s certificate curricula,      computer, health care, technical, or vocational certificate program designed to
you may already be on your way to completing the Associate’s Plus Program. If          provide training in specific workplace skills in demand in the job market. In
you have considered supplementing your college transfer studies with practical         approximately two years (including fall, spring, and summer terms), you can
business, computer, health, technical, or vocational courses, you are a good           graduate with a transferable A.A. or A.S. plus a job-ready certificate.
candidate for Associate’s Plus.
                                                                                        A+ Which job-ready certificates are part of the Associate’s
New Wake Tech College Transfer Students: If you are a student newly
accepted to Wake Tech’s A.A. or A.S. program, you will want to get information             Plus Program?
about Associate’s Plus to decide if it is right for you. A+ is the answer for you
if you are committed to transferring to a four-year college or university but you      Architectural CAD          Linux/Red Hat Admin.         PC Hardware Troubleshooting
are also concerned about finding a good job while you are in college or soon           Bioinformatics Computing   Machining Technology         Pentium System Architecture
                                                                                       CISCO Networking           Mechanical Drafting          Pharmacy Technology
after you complete college. A+ is also a good fit for you if you want to combine       Customer Service           Medical Billing and Coding   Quality Assurance
theoretical studies and practical hands-on experience.                                 Engineering Materials      Nursing Assistant            Sales Development
                                                                                       Entrepreneurship           Open Source Programming      Substance Abuse Counseling
High School Students: If you are a high school student who wants to earn               Human Resources Mgmt.      Oracle Database Developer    Welding
college credit while still in high school, or you are considering Wake Tech as
the first step in your college plans, you will want to look into the Associate’s       (For more information about the participating certificates or to find out about
Plus Program. If you want to know what sets Wake Tech apart from other                 additional certificates being considered for inclusion in Associate’s Plus,
institutions, consider A+. Some colleges and technical schools lock you into           contact the A+ Recruiter/Advisor. Contact information is on the back.)
a liberal arts track or a technical track. Wake Tech’s A+ Program gives you
the best of both worlds. Associate’s Plus allows you to keep your options
open without sacrificing time and money.

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