Detach and send this form to:

Georgia Department of Natural Resources                                                                           POND STOCKING
Wildlife Resources Division, Fisheries Section                                                                   INSTRUCTIONS AND
360 Cedar Street                                                                                               STOCKING APPLICATION
Metter, Georgia 30439
Telephone: (912) 685-6424
                                                                                                           The Georgia Department of Natural Resources, Wildlife
                                                                                                           Resources Division (WRD) operates six warmwater fish
Please provide directions to your pond from the nearest                                                    hatcheries throughout the state. These hatcheries can
town (space provided below to draw map):                                                                   provide fingerling largemouth bass, bluegill, redear
_____________________________________________                                                              sunfish and channel catfish on a first-come, first-served
                                                                                                           basis at a modest fee for stocking sport fishing ponds
_____________________________________________                                                              and lakes.

                                                                                                            PREPARING POND FOR STOCKING

_____________________________________________                                                              Fish are provided from state hatcheries at stocking rates
                                                                                                           proven through research and practical experience to
_____________________________________________                                                              produce good fishing.
_____________________________________________                                                              Ensure that pond is free of fish:
                                                                                                           Bream (bluegill and redear sunfish) and bass are
_____________________________________________                                                              approximately one inch in length and channel catfish are
                                                                                                           approximately three inches in length when stocked.
                                                                                                           Therefore, it is especially important that ponds be free
Map Area:                                                                                                  of fish before stocking in order to prevent predation on
                                                          Wildlife Resources Division, Fisheries Section

                                                                                                           new fish.
                                                          Georgia Department of Natural Resources

                                                                                                           Determine pond acreage:
                                                                                                           Pond acreage can be determined from county Farm
                                                                                                           Service Agency aerial photos or by contacting your
                                                                                                           Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) agent
                                                                                                           for assistance. These agencies typically are listed under
                                                                                                           U.S. Government in your local phone book. Do not
                                                                                                           guess! Inaccuracy could cause you to stock too few or
                                                                                                           too many fish and result in poor fish population
                                                          Metter, Georgia 30439

                                                                                                           Ideally, ponds should be prepared for stocking in late
                                                                                                           summer, the stocking application form submitted by
                                                          360 Cedar Street

                                                                                                           September and the fish stocked as soon as they are

                                                                                                                                  Georgia Department
                                                                                                                                  of Natural Resources
                                                                                                                                Wildlife Resources Division
                                                                                                                               Fisheries Management Section
                                                                                                                                      (912) 685-6424
             STOCKING OPTIONS                                    COMMON STOCKING ERRORS                                              POND STOCKING APPLICATION
Option 1:                                                   Good pond management starts with proper stocking.                   1. Complete, separate and mail this form to the address
A bream, bass and catfish combination is recommended        Research by the WRD Fisheries Management Section                       on the reverse side.
for ponds one acre or larger. This option provides          has shown that major stocking errors to avoid are:                  2. Applications must be signed to be processed.
bream (80% bluegill and 20% redear sunfish) at the rate                                                                         3. Complete a separate application for each pond.
of 500 per acre, and bass and channel catfish at rates of   Providing an incorrect estimate of pond size.                       4. Give directions to your pond on the back of this form.
50 per acre. The cost for this option is $50 per acre of    Most persons believe their pond to be larger than it is.
pond.                                                                                                                           5. Do not send a check with the application - a check
                                                            Getting too many fish for your pond can actually be as                 must be presented when fish are picked up.
Option 2:                                                   bad as getting too few!                                              You will be contacted by WRD Fisheries personnel when fish
Pond owners can choose to receive only bream and                                                                                          are available for pickup and the exact cost.
bass (at the same stocking rate as Option 1) by selecting   Starting, but not continuing, a fertilization program.
                                                                                                                                PLEASE PRINT OR TYPE:
Option 2. Option 2 is also recommended for ponds one        In one study, 87 percent of the pond owners contacted
acre or larger. The cost for this option is $45 per acre.   did not fertilize properly even though they received fish           Name_______________________________________
                                                            at a rate that made fertilization necessary for good
Option 3:                                                   fishing. Unless you plan to fertilize your pond 5-10
The channel catfish only option is recommended for          times each season and also plan to lime your pond once              Address_____________________________________
ponds smaller than one acre. This option provides 500       every two-three years (1 ton/acre or more) do not begin
channel catfish per acre for ponds smaller than one acre.   a fertilization program.                                            City_________________ State ______Zip _________
For catfish-only ponds one acre or larger, state
hatcheries will provide a maximum of 500 catfish per                                                                            Home                    Day
                                                            Stocking ponds with fish already present.
pond. The cost is $15 per 100 catfish.                                                                                          Phone ____/____-_______ Phone____/____-_______
                                                            Stocking does not improve fishing in such ponds and is
                                                            a waste of the pond owner's time. If an existing pond is            County pond in _________________________
Option 4:
Channel catfish fingerlings are also provided to            not providing good fishing, visit our web site at
supplementally stock ponds that already contain bass        www.gofishgeorgia.com and click on "Stocking and                    Pond size (nearest 1/10 acre) _________
and bluegill at the rate of 100 per pond or 50 per acre,    Managing Ponds" for information on proper pond
                                                            management. If you decide to drain and chemically treat              CHECK ONLY ONE OPTION:
whichever is greater and up to 1,000 fish per applicant.
The cost for supplemental catfish is $15 per 100 catfish.   the pond to remove existing fish, contact your WRD                        Option 1:
The catfish must be reared in cages to 10 inches in order   Fisheries Section office for advice.                                      Bream, bass and catfish combination
to help them avoid predation after being released.                                                                                    $50 per acre of pond (unfertilized rate)
                                                                            FINAL CHECKLIST                                           Option 2:
Special Stockings:
                                                                                                                                      Bream and bass combination (no catfish)
The WRD Fisheries Section may approve other stocking
                                                                     Carefully read the information included with                     $45 per acre of pond (unfertilized rate)
options to help solve special management problems.
                                                                     this application so you can make an informed                     Option 3:
                                                                     decision about the proper stocking of your                       Channel catfish only
                                                                     pond.                                                            $15 per 100 fish at specified stocking rate
                                                                     Complete one application for each pond.                          Option 4:
      POND OWNERS MUST APPLY FOR                                                                                                      Channel catfish (supplemental stocking)
             FISH BY DECEMBER 31                                     Sign and date the application.                                   $15 per 100 fish at specified stocking rate
Applications received after December 31 will be filled                                                                          The pond owner must agree to and sign the following
 during the next year's fall fish distribution season.               Separate the application portion and mail it by
                                                                     December 31. Applications received after this              statement in order to receive fish: If my pond is open
Bream (bluegill and redear) and catfish are distributed              date will be filled during the next distribution season.   to the general public, I will contact the Fisheries Section
from approximately October until January. Bass are                                                                              and obtain a special nondiscrimination statement that I
provided the following spring (usually April or May) for                                                                        must sign before my application can be processed.
those that receive bream in the fall.

All fish must be picked up at state hatcheries. Hatchery    If you have questions about pond management, visit our                Signed ____________________________________
personnel will notify pond owners when the fish are                      web site at gofishgeorgia.com                                                 Pond Owner
available and the cost of the fish. A check for this
amount must be presented at the time of pickup.                                                                                   Date ______________________________________

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