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Re-discover Alaska With Princess Cruises


									Re-discover Alaska With Princess Cruises
Written by: Alex Gander – Going for an Alaska cruise? You need to try Princess cruises. Basically you will find 2 different regions of Alaska available to cruise namely the Gulf of Alaska and within Passage. Let's have a look at what Princess Alaska cruises have to give. On board the Gulf of Alaska cruise, you may find great view of Alaska's wonderful glaciers. Cruise package usually comes in 7 day cruise options covering Vancouver, Brit Columbia and Whittier. If seven days is too long (which is rare) for you, sample the Alaska sampler cruise which only takes you 4 days cruising from Vancouver to Seattle. The Gulf of Alaska takes you to Skagway, Glacier Bay countrywide Park, Juneau and so on. The inside Passage cruise showcases the southeastern Alaskan coast, which typically packs a 10 to 11 days. There are many different cruise options in Alaska offered by Princess Cruises. 2 different regions of Alaska are available to cruise in, the interior Passage and the Gulf of Alaska. The inside Passage cruises show off the southeastern coast of Alaska as well as a part of English Columbia. The interior Passage cruise has a 10-11 day option that goes round trip from San Francisco, California or a 7 day cruise is available round trip from Seattle, Washington. Destinations on the Inside Passage cruise are Ketchikan, Alaska that has the largest collection of totem poles in the world, Alaska's capital Juneau, Tracy Arm Fjord which is totally full of waterfalls and provides dazzling view of glaciers and Victoria, UK Columbia, a little piece of Europe in the Pacific Northwest. The Gulf of Alaska cruises provide an amazing view of many glaciers in Alaska. There is a 7 day cruise option that travels from Vancouver, British Columbia to Whittier, Alaska or vice versa. You also have the choice of an Alaska Sampler cruise, which is a four day cruise from Vancouver, British Columbia to Seattle, Washington. On the Gulf of Alaska cruises, you will get to travel to Skagway, which was the site of Alaska's gold rush, Glacier Bay National Park, full of astounding glaciers and stunning islands, Juneau, Alaska, the capital of the States's largest state and varsity Fjord found in Prince William Sound and the location of 16 different glaciers. Plenty of Princess' fleet of cruise ships do tours in Alaska, so you have your pick of boats. You can travel on board the Coral Princess, Dawn Princess, Diamond Princess, Golden Princess, Island Princess, Pacific Princess, Regal Princess, Sapphire Princess, or Sun Princess ships. Every ship has different facilities and sizes. The smallest ship that travels to Alaska is the 670 passenger Pacific Princess. The largest ships available are the Sapphire Princess and the Diamond Princess that each hold 2,670 passengers. On board every ship, you can expect to find
Re-discover Alaska With Princess Cruises

many amenities, including pools, spas, cafes, theaters and on-board entertainment and shows. All the ships also provide activities and amenities geared specifically towards kids and teens. While traveling on a cruise to Alaska you are able to add many different things to your cruise to enhance your experience. There are many short tours and activities available at the different ports of call on the cruise. The excursions you choose may be fly-fishing, sea kayaking, attending a salmon bake, hiking, biking, going on a brewery tour, panning for gold, riding a tram, flying in a helicopter over a glacier or any other of many exciting adventures that are available. If you want to make your vacation to Alaska really unforgettable, you might take a Princess cruisetour. A cruisetour includes a seven day Voyage of the Glaciers cruise as well as a 3 to nine day stay on land. Princess has several land resorts available for the cruisetours. You could stay in Denali or Fairbanks or right underneath Mt. McKinley. All of the Princess Alaskan resorts are accessible by Princess rail, a luxury train with panoramic view cars. On cruisetour option even takes you to Prudhoe Bay in the Arctic Circle. There you will face the sun shining 24 hours a day.
Stand by for the Alaskan trip of your dreams when you choose a holiday from Princess Cruises.

Re-discover Alaska With Princess Cruises

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