A Summary of the Vision for High Wycombe by jackl17


									A Master Plan for High Wycombe                                                                             A Vision for High Wycombe
Wycombe District Council

A Summary of the Vision for High Wycombe
What sort of place - to live and to work and to spend leisure time - could
High Wycombe be? Let’s look at how different High Wycombe could be
by 2034. The main areas affected by change are highlighted in the plan                10

1. Rediscovery of the River Wye
    Reopening the river corridor through the heart of the town as its key
    distinctive feature.
2. Integrated Town Centre                                                                          9
    Redevelopment of sites to expand the town centre as a shopping
    destination, but as part of high quality mixed use development
    integrated into the town with new connections. Diversion of through
    traffic to a new route that will allow the elevated section of Abbey
    Way to be removed and new connections to be made.
3. New Places and Spaces
    Two beautiful public spaces to replace traffic dominated
4. Reinvestment in the Historic Core
    Improvements to the public space network that encourages                 8
    investment in buildings and changes of use.
5. A Cultural Focus at the Swan
    Building on the Swan as a cultural and entertainment hub
6. Easton Quarter                                                                              7
    A new mixed use area of homes and offices and places to shop, to
    eat and to drink.
7. Dovecote/Bellfield Road Redevelopment
    Redevelopment to create a new mixed use area based on a new                            2   3
    Sainsbury and to divert Archway
8. Regeneration of the Desborough Area
    Taking opportunities to redevelop sites to create mixed use
    development and to create new spaces around the rivers while                                            4
    protecting and reusing the industrial heritage.                                            1                       6
9. Buckinghamshire University Campus and “Spine                                                                 5
    Development of a new, high quality, consolidated campus to support                                      3
    the transition of the College into a fully fledged University.
10. Hillside Setting
    A strategy to ehnace and to manage the green setting of the town.

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September 2004
           September 2004

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