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					BOOKS:       AS TRIBUTES . . . AS MEMORIALS . . . .

Here is your opportunity to give pleasure to others while helping to preserve the memory of a special
person or honoring someone you admire. Donate the cost or a portion of a single volume in the name
of the person to Black River Technical College Library !

A bookplate will be placed in each book giving the name of the person in whose honor or memory the
book is given and the name of the donor or donors. And if you like, you may suggest some subjects
for book choices that would be appropriate.

Honor books can
    salute a retiring club officer
    mark a birthday or anniversary
    thank a business or friend for a special favor.

A book is a fitting expression of sympathy and a lasting tribute that continues a person’s influence in

Give the library your check and this information:
    the name of the person to remembered as it should appear on the bookplate
    your name as it should appear on the bookplate
    name and address of person to be notified
    your address (for the card of acknowledgement)
    subject (s) of books that would be appropriate (if you like)
   OR if you wish, select the book from a bookstore and just bring the book to the library!

   An appropriate announcement will be sent to the person you wish to be informed of the gift. The
   amount is not mentioned.

   A BOOK IS USED . . . AND IT LASTS ! ! ! ! !

   I wish to donate a book to the library
   in honor of ____________________________________________________________________
   in memory of ____________________________________________________________________
   Title (or subject) of book: __________________________________________________________

   Enclosed is my check for $____________ made payable to BRTC Library.
   Please select a worthwhile book to be placed in the Black River Technical College Library.

   Send notification of donation to ______________________________________________________
   At this address ___________________________________________________________________
   Signed: _____________________________Address:_____________________________________
   Date _______________________________
   Black River Technical College, P.O. Box 468, Pocahontas, AR 72455