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					Participant Information and Informed Consent The Tunnel of Oppression is designed to give participants a very direct and emotionally impacting learning experience around issues of diversity, differences, oppression, and discrimination. This experience may be upsetting and might leave you with strong feelings of sadness, anger, fear, or other intense emotions. Most who participate in this program find it beneficial in the long run and are able to manage any emotions that are evoked. Some may experience strong negative reactions that may feel unmanageable. If at any time you need to exit the Tunnel, please let your guide know and we will make the necessary arrangements to have you escorted out. If you have a history of direct experience with oppression, violence, or discrimination, this program may cause you to feel as though you are reliving those experiences, which can be uncomfortable for some. Participation in this program is not required. If a faculty member has sent you to the Tunnel, they should have told you this experience is optional. If you are receiving course credit for participation, you should have been given options of other activities or projects that will earn you the same credit. If this is the case, please notify the program staff of the course name/number and the name of your professor, and we will make the necessary arrangements for you to be allowed to participate in an alternative activity. You may be asked to go through part of the Tunnel impaired with a disability. If you do not want this, please let your guide know. You may also be exposed to explicit or graphic language. This is to create the oppression that many marginalized groups face and solely for the purpose of raising awareness. You should at no time feel you have to respond to any actors engaging you. There will be a debrief room available, with staff to help you talk about your reactions and feelings, however, if you are concerned that you will be strongly negatively impacted by participation, please leave now before the program gets underway. There will be no negative judgments of you by faculty or staff leading the program. If you decide to stay, please know that you will be given a chance to debrief with staff. Please turn off all cell phones!! If at any time after the event you need to discuss your reactions with someone, Boise state students may contact the staff at Counseling Services at 426-1601, or visit the office located in Taylor Hall, room B103. Non-students may call 211 and ask for a counselor referral or maybe referred by on-site counselors. I have read the information above and agree to participate in this activity.

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Signature of Parent (If participant is under 18) In order to improve the Tunnel of Oppression experience in the future, and to better understand how it may have impacted participants, please provide your email address in the spaces below. We will contact you by email within the next two weeks with a link for you to fill out a confidential survey. Please print clearly.

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