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					Tablet PC Sharing 5-17-07 Present: Choinski, Eidleman, Gomez Huff, Haataja, Jones, Manners, McCaffrey, Park, Saylor, Shelden, Vandenheede Took survey. Sharing of Successes Eleanor Jones LOVE IT – did not think would love it…especially helpful with challenging students. Availability of dedicated LCD in classroom is helpful. Love to use the Tablet PC with presentations. Dino Vandenheede Recognized the importance of the LCD projector with the Tablet PC. Alan Eidleman Tablet with LCD projector…greater versatility with a whiteboard. Cam McCaffrey In order for the entire class to see something – project on window shade. Kathy Shelden Cincinnati Country Day recommendation: If you have a limited budget: Tablet PC & LCD Projector instead of a SmartBoard and LCD Projector. Steve Park Instruct differently with Tablet PC & SmartBoard; the wireless on the portable LCD carts not user friendly. Cam McCaffrey Inking in 2nd Grade is still very novel. Also true with 3rd Grade. (Steve Park) Dino Vandenheede Experts argue for screen with LCD projectors. Although, using a whiteboard give you some flexibility to physically write on the screen. There is a hot spot on the whiteboard when you project on it. Alan Eidleman Tablet with LCD in the U.S. is limitless.

Challenges Eleanor Jones Issue…the stylus – on 3rd one. Dino Vandenheede—in terms of losing stylus – students are excellent. The issue we have had is the breaking of the pens. They are fragile. Eleanor Jones Sound with LCD Projectors is not great. Biggest Individual Success Eleanor Jones--OneNote course packs. Alan Eidleman--inking PowerPoints Cheryl Choinski--classroom presenter; shoot items in One Note Steve Park--ability to put the technology in the hands of the kids Angie Saylor--inking & e-mail Wilma Haajta--inking documents Peggy Manners--inking documents Cam McCaffrey--scan papers – inking on document – can enlarge Kathy Shelden  love classroom presenter vs the old overhead projector  better at inking documents and emailing them to students  having a digital Periodic Table is fabulous  can send handwritten notes to students  makes more sense now vs August Alan Eidleman—no students this year with a Tablet – hopes to learn formt he kids next year. Report of Kathy Shelden & Anne Gomez Huff on their trip to Cincinnati Country Day School  Why do Tablets?  Laptops in the hands of students for some times  5th grade and up plus teachers have Tablets

   

All rooms have LCD projectors – teachers share rooms All have a digital camera and are expected to use it The Tablet reduces the barrier between teachers and students Tablets integrated into art…not substituted – supplemental

Conference Gems  Adventures of Amelia Jackson - sharing of technology tools or safety info for younger students  Use of digital cameras  Electronic portfolios – end of the year burn CDs of work

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